Macrame Flower Wall Hanging

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Macrame Flower Wall Hanging – Inspired by today’s Foggy Mountaintop Elopement featuring Macrame, we’re sharing a two-part project we did with Los Angeles floral designer Best Day Ever Floral Design and photographer Jesialex. The first in our series of DIY Easy Macramé Wall Hangings are the perfect addition to a bridal shower, home decor or even a nursery and children’s room. This DIY wall decoration with silk flowers from our partner Afloral is as pretty as it gets:

Step One: Once you have all the supplies, you’ll want to start tying the cord. Place each knot 3-4″ apart and double the cord so you can easily pass it over the branch and weave the rest of the cord through. Tie the cord to the bottom of each loop.

Macrame Flower Wall Hanging

Macrame Flower Wall Hanging

Step Two: Untie the strings and begin the knotting process. Take the two inner strands of the first basic knot on the left and tie another knot with them. I like to leave about 3-4″ from the base knot to the first row and then continue all the way through to create a nice diamond pattern. Continue this through the remaining strands of yarn until Repeat this until you have between 3-4 rows of knots or stitches that feel good! Riseon Handmade 32

Step Three: Trim the edge of the faux flowers to leave about 1/2″ so they can easily be attached to the string.

Step Four: Start by placing the flowers on the topmost branch for a strong accent, then let the flowers down the remaining hanging strings. Take any piece of string where you want to have a flower and tie a small knot. Place a dot of hot glue on the stem of each flower and place a knot on the stem and pull tight to dry the glue on the string to compliment it.

Thanks again to Los Angeles wedding experts Best Day Ever Floral Design and Jess Pelphrey for sharing + stay tuned for the next one coming soon! I guess I’m trying to inspire spring with this fun DIY wall hanging. It’s been a cold and hard three months here in New England and I’m a little over it. Bring flowers, pink and long walks outside. The meat of this blog was the perfect excuse to indulge in flowers, so sweet Christina at CG Home Interiors, thanks for joining me. I loved her IKEA hack. Since I don’t really have magical powers, this spring wall hanging with REAL pretty flowers will do.

My sweet friend Rachel from Gardener’s Life recently used preserved flowers in a floral arrangement and I was so excited. I didn’t know they even existed, but I love the idea of ​​using real flowers instead of silk ones, so I ordered from Afloral and Etsy to decorate this wall. They are very beautiful. I also ordered some dried ivory grass flowers to add. I love how the hanging turned out and I think it will end up in Aubrey’s nursery when it starts to take shape.

Multicolor Macrame Flower Wall Hanging

I’ve never actually done macrame before, so this couldn’t be easier if I could do it with a newborn with my hands. I picked up some cotton rope from Michaels, grabbed a stick from the ice, and did a quick internet search for instructions and inspiration. I used this blog post to start the design. I loved how they walked me through the steps to make the square knot you see.

I wrapped 24 pieces of cotton string around the branch. For each individual loop, you get two strands of rope hanging from it. To make a square knot, you will use four strands of yarn or two of these flat strands.

To make the double knot in the picture above, hold 4 strands of yarn in your hand, starting from the left. Take the cord from the left side and place it over the middle two cords and then under the right cord. Take the right strand and pull it under the middle two and then through the loop you created when you pulled the left strand first. Pull the two outer straps to secure it in place. Now repeat these steps again to get a square knot. Continue until you have joined all of the rings. Check out this blog post for pictures of almost every step to making a square knot. It took me a while to figure out what was supposed to happen, but after doing it a few times it went quickly and became easy.

Macrame Flower Wall Hanging

To make the second row of double knots, start from the left again, but skip the first two knots. See the picture above

Macrame Flower Wall Hanging

In this third row of double knots, start to the left with the two stitches you skipped when you made the second row. This gives a very nice diamond shape on this wall hanging.

I stopped at just three rows of double knots because I liked the diamond pattern on the top and the loose laces hanging down. You can continue or use any other knot to create a wall hanging. This is where the fun is in my opinion. Adding beautiful flowers. I hot glued the flowers to my rope. I mixed it up a bit and used some special flowers to add dimension to the sultan. It’s really just a matter of putting it in a style that works for you.

I ended up placing the flower heads between the two strands of string, see the photo above, but first I made sure the strings were facing forward. This helps to suggest that you can see the beautiful flower heads against the unsightly background.

I love the finished product. Perfect for spring and a very easy and beautiful DIY. And these preserved flowers are wonderful. They look like I cut them out of the bush. I hope you enjoyed this wonderful craft. Tag me if you make yours, I’d love to see yours. Now on to Janine from Happy Happy Nester. Janine is so creative, you’ll love her tissue paper flower tutorial. I am dying to have it. It no longer supports older versions of your browser to ensure the security of user data. Update to the latest version

Macrame Wall Hanging

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In our shop we make beautiful macrame wall hangings and other beautiful handmade items in different shapes, materials and colors. I hope this macrame flower wall hanging is what you are looking for in your bedroom, children’s room or living room, and will give you a sense of earthy nature in your home.

Macrame Flower Wall Hanging

This beautiful piece is called CANTIKA from the Indonesian language “Cantik” which means beauty. Below we have listed some details of beautiful boho wall decoration for you to know more details:

Green And White Macrame Flower Wall Hanging On Driftwood

We are really proud of our product, the floral macrame wall art is made from high quality cotton rope on a tea tree branch and is completely made from eco-friendly, hypoallergenic materials. The wooden pole for the macrame flower wall art can sometimes be as different as the natural color and pattern. IMPORTANT: The color of the product may vary, as it depends on the specific settings of your device.

If necessary, we are always happy to adjust the size and color. Please send us a message to discuss the details if you would like to make any changes to this macrame wall hanging. Production will take 3-5 days, but please note that the work from your order depends on the standard order quantity.

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