Long Leaf Wax Flower

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Long Leaf Wax Flower

Long Leaf Wax Flower

An attractive and hardy small tree that is well adapted to many environments. The small leaves have an apple-like appearance when crushed. A beautiful plant when it blooms in winter and spring, but is also attractive during the rest of the year. An excellent tree for the shrubbery or pot. Very good cut flowers too. Good in dappled shade but can take a sunny position as well.

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The information provided on the Gardening With Angus website is devoted to general education about many Australian plants. We recommend that you seek further advice from appropriate professionals regarding your individual situation.

Once you find the plant that is right for you, the next step is where to buy it.

Most nurseries have a variety of good plants, but due to space and equipment, they may not have the plants you are looking for in stock. If they don’t, they can order it for you if you ask.

Specialist nurseries can also provide good advice, and if they don’t have the plants you have planned, they can offer alternatives that will work well for you. do. Townsville, but mostly south of Maryborough in Queensland, down the NSW coast and highlands, extending west and south west (Dubbo and Griffith areas), and south field to Victoria and Tasmania (few records for this – end). ).

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It is often found in dry sclerophyll woodland and forest including heathland, often in sandy to loamy soils, often in sheltered moist.

In this species, the leaves are different, narrow-elliptic to oblong to wide-oval, up to 10 cm long and 2 cm wide, with wart glands on both sides.

Do spp. make flowers in the leaf axils or in the terminals, often reduced to a single flower with leaves in the middle or in cymose or racemose clusters. Flowers have 5 sepals (rarely 4) and 5 petals (rarely 4).

Long Leaf Wax Flower

In this type, flowers are arranged alone or in groups of up to 8, in leaf axils with white petals; about 15 mm across and can be produced in abundance, in autumn and spring.

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Is a schizocarp capsule – which divides into equal parts of growth that each part is called a cock (plural cocks). The capsule is approximately 7 mm long with a beak up to 3 mm long.

This type can be planted well. This particular type is one of the most reliable to grow of the genus.

This writer planted the tree more than 25 years ago in a residential garden, in the northern Sydney suburb of Westleigh and it is still growing and blooming well. Many plants have been installed as they are hardy and reliable and will happily grow in dappled light. When established, the plant can withstand a long dry period and tolerate minimum frosts. They are pruned after flowering. This species is generally pest free but can sometimes be affected by scale and sooty mold if grown in very shady areas.

Philothecas can be difficult to grow but are usually more successful than the related Boronias. They are very beautiful in flower and well worth the effort.

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In a garden situation, they grow best in well-drained soil in full sun. They can quickly succumb to poor water quality. Put in well-drained sandy soil, in partial shade for the whole day, preferably in a slope. Prune slowly after flowering to have a compact shape. Flowers attract bees and butterflies.

In most cases with members of the Rutaceae, seed propagation is difficult. Cuttings are often attacked easily because of the current season’s growth but some species can be slow to root. This species is propagated with success by cuttings

Is a genus of about fifty species, all of which are endemic to Australia with species in every state except the Northern Territory. Many plants are first in

Long Leaf Wax Flower

Was first described by Edward Rudge in 1812. As there is some indication of a change in meaning – Rudge’s Latin in his published work is written for the following information:

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All as in Eriostemone, but the character is very different from the ericoid branches; The terminal flower and the filaments below, large into the purple box, where the name.

Refers to “chest” or “case” in ancient Greek. Therefore, even the name means “bare-box” or “box-love” refers to the nature of the 10 (or 8) stamens that are fused at the base and form a good box as the standards. (Note: this is not the case in all species with some having white stamens).

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