Ice Flower Toner

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Ice Flower Toner – Hello everyone, today we’re going to talk about the latest hair tonic that we tried. If you used to be blonde You probably already know how important hair coloring is. If you want to reduce the golden tone of your hair

After a recent hair salon disaster (don’t start yet). That would ruin every other blog post!) I had to go to my local Price Attack store and ask the clerk who sold me the strongest toner available in the store, available. She knew immediately what I needed. And she suggested me to buy Schwarzkopf Igora Conditioning Color Gloss in the shade “Iceflower” (9.5 – 1). I was so desperate that I had no choice but to follow her advice and hope for the best.

Ice Flower Toner

Ice Flower Toner

It’s very difficult to be a consumer when you’re at the mercy of a salesperson who claims to be a hairdresser – I’m not a hairdresser. So I have no choice but to hope they know what they are talking about. The ever-increasing threat of hair makes me afraid to go to hair salons these days! All I need is a barber that doesn’t damage my hair. (If you can recommend a good restaurant in WA, I’d love to hear from you!)

Saussurea Ice Cream Lotion Tender Revitalizing Oil Control Moistening Brightening Skin Beauty Salon Equipment 1kg|facial Self Tanners & Bronzers|

To say that I was disappointed with this product would be an understatement. As soon as I took the small scoop in my hand, I was worried that the product wouldn’t be concentrated enough. Give it a try, it hardly turned purple at all. So how should I adjust my hair tone?

However, I follow the directions on the back of the bottle and apply it on my hair. I also left it on my hair for about 30 minutes (recommended time is 15-20 minutes on the bottle) and the results were awful. After all that effort This product did not make any difference to my hair!

I feel this product is a waste of money. And it’s not that it’s super cheap either, it cost me about $20.00 for a small can of 92g. The only thing that makes my hair a little softer, but that’s it, nothing else.

I have tried this product 2 times with no success. So I’ll throw the rest away I think this product is not for those who want extreme toning like me. And it might be better for women who have platinum blonde hair and are worried about toning too much. This product won’t cut it. I definitely don’t recommend it and should use my trusty purple shampoo to get the job done.

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Have you recently purchased a product that did not meet your expectations? I want to know about your experience. So please let us know below. “It provides an instant cooling effect for summer-tired skin. to reduce the temperature of our skin and our planet.”

Summer is in full bloom in Tokyo. and to beat the heat I thought I’d test one of the most interesting beauty products I’ve seen so far: Innisfree Eco Ice Cotton Toner.

With a slogan that not only makes you feel cool in the summer. but also environmentally friendly as well May I ask, what magic does using this toner actually help our planet to cool down?

Ice Flower Toner

Innisfree is proud to be an eco-friendly natural brand. It is hoped that the launch of these products will help reduce the use of air conditioners during the sweltering summer months. Though I’m a little pessimistic about the bold claim of staying cool on scorching humid 40-degree days without a fan or air conditioning, I’m a bit pessimistic. I can relate to the feeling of satisfaction of getting rid of the dirt on a daily basis. with cooling toner Let’s see how effective this product really is…

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Inside, the product is a spongy, sticky, string-like foam dipped in a foaming water-based toner for easy direct application.

After shaking the can well Spray a small amount on your hands to create a cotton ball and massage it into your skin. That’s right, it’s very hot for that.

The design of this silly string formula is also very clever as it doesn’t require a cotton swab when using it. The porous foam can be stretched and pulled without breaking, and a drop of good foam will help. Because there’s quite a bit of toner. Plus, it’s insanely fun to play with when you create it with your fingertips!

Innisfree Eco Ice Cotton Toner is designed to moisturize, smooth and tighten pores. while improving the appearance of tired looking skin caused by excessive heat with a cooling formula.

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Similar to the feeling of touching an ice cube The cold will subside and last about a minute. Unfortunately, do not expect a long cooling effect from this! It disappears quite quickly after use.

After some research I believe the logic behind this “cooling” element is like opening the pores with warm water and quickly closing them with cold water while cleansing to protect the skin from bacteria. Because this product also has pore-refining properties. The cooling effect increases the effectiveness of the product and is a great product for people with enlarged pores.

Small and portable, Innisfree Eco Ice Cotton Toner fits comfortably in your hand and is comfortable to hold. It’s also the perfect size to put in your bag.

Ice Flower Toner

Priced at around $15, Innisfree Eco Ice Cotton Toner is a fun and practical product that’s well worth the price.

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Unfortunately, these cooling products are only available in summer. So don’t expect these little ones to be available year-round.

If you’re in South Korea during the festival or watching them online. I recommend giving it a try.

TL;DR Although I don’t think it will reduce the use of air conditioning in the summer if you have large pores, Innisfree Eco Ice Cotton Toner is your go-to skin care routine! We do our best to match the images to the products we have in stock. In some cases, brands may update their packaging without prior notice. or the language may differ from that shown.

Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse Semi-Permanent Mousse Color is a semi-permanent painting solution that delivers a beautifying effect without the commitment. with the softness of the bubbles This unique formula is therefore ideal to enjoy a firming effect that remains invisible during regeneration. Provides a pure shine to intensify the base color. It can also act as a color corrector. Provides effective neutralization to blonde or gray hair. Last but not least, Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse Semi-Permanent. Also perfect for refreshing color service.

Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

As mentioned This product is suitable for non-binding treatment. Easy to spray and apply It lasts up to 8 times and covers up to 20% of white fibers. Therefore, Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse Semi-Permanent. It is ideal to meet your technical and creative needs in terms of color and gloss.

Hair dye can cause severe allergic reactions. Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse Semi-Permanent Mousse Color can only be used on the scalp.

This product is intended for professional use only. Therefore, it should not be used at home. Shake before use. Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse Semi-permanent Color 3-0 Natural Dark Brown 100 ml. Apply on wet and clean hair. Spread the recipe evenly and set aside. To refresh the color, wait 3 to 5 minutes. For more intense results, wait 15 to 20 minutes after the exposure time. Rinse thoroughly until the water is clear. No need to wash your hair with shampoo.

Ice Flower Toner

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