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How To Print Sticky Notes – I recently came across a great idea on Do It On A Dime’s YouTube channel. I don’t know where I went, but I didn’t think to print it on a post it note. I tried it and it worked amazingly. I’m going to show you exactly how to print on sticky notes.

I first used Word to create a template with black boxes around where the notes would go:

How To Print Sticky Notes

How To Print Sticky Notes

Next I added the content I wanted to print to the sticky note in the document. Then I removed the black boxes and ran the sticky note paper through the printer. Voila:

Diy Secret: How To Print On Post It Notes For Organizing Or A Chore Chart

Then I can stick my daily morning reminder somewhere (on my mirror, in the kitchen, in my planner):

If you prefer to use the standard square (3 by 3), you can post notes using these PDF templates and print what I’ve shown here:

I’ve also created a video tutorial to show you how to create your own templates in Word, so you can print whatever you want on sticky notes of any size:

So that’s how I do it. If you try it, let me know how it goes and what you print on your sticky notes.

How To Print On Post It Notes

We teach you the wash-wash-again style, step-by-step method to completely organize anything. Get our free guide to get started… get organized today! Post-Its and other sticky note brands are well used by teachers and students every day. The Post-it website has a page full of resources for teachers and they have a great iOS app for digitizing, sorting and sharing square sticky notes.

Smaller pieces of paper that can be glued, easily removed and repositioned can be more effective when you print on them. There is a printer designed to print sticky notes, and you can send sticky notes through the printer you already have. You’ll need a template to print, and I’ve got one for you. Continue to see more ideas for printed sticky notes.

The template is available on Google Slides. Why Google Slides? It’s one of my favorite design tools, and doesn’t have to be limited to slideshows. The template has a custom page layout of 8.5 x 11 inches to fit standard printing paper. I’m sharing the file to force you to make your own copy You can edit your copy and use Google Slides’ design tools to print your personalized design

How To Print Sticky Notes

Below are some examples of what you can print on sticky notes with Google Slides. Print them, modify them or use them for inspiration

Amazon Hot Sale Sticky Note Pad 10 Colors Sticky Notes Custom Logo Print Sticky Note Custom Size 3×3 Inches

Design a sticky note with a speech bubble, your name and a picture. Print and keep handy when you need to write a note to a student, parent, or colleague. It’s a personal stand of sticky!

Get a copy of my personalized note template for 3 x 3 inch sticky notes. Change the name and picture to make it your own.

Keep some printed reminder notes to use when you need to write a friendly reminder to yourself or someone else. You can change the title text to anything, maybe don’t forget, advice, notification or warning.

Print a lined note to write down the tasks. Check the box when the task is complete. You can change the “to do” heading to be more specific. Additionally, you can replace lines with text and print a ready-to-do list—such as a list of tasks students must complete before launching into a project.

Ways To Use Math Sticky Note Templates

Check in with students to see how they feel before, during, or after a lesson. Students can paste it before pasting it into the assignment.

A student can write a goal and stick it on his desk, notebook, folder, etc. You can change the title “Today’s Goal” to your liking. Maybe “this week’s goal,” “reading goal,” or “project goal.”

Put cartoons with your customized avatar on sticky notes! You can create your own Bitmoji avatar using the Bitmoji Chrome extension. With the extension, you simply drag and drop cartoons into a Google Slides document Read more about extensions. They look best when printed in color on white sticky notes. White glue is not very common, but you can order them on Amazon.

How To Print Sticky Notes

Grab a copy of my Bitmoji template for 3 x 3 inch sticky notes. Replace my cartoon with yours.

First Grade Fairytales: Printable Sticky Notes For Writing: Say What?!

Print a note that you can fill out like a Twitter message. There is a place for avatar drawing, username, time and message. It can be an interesting way to interact with students and colleagues.

Print a sticky with the roles you want students to take during group work. Teams can write names next to each role to remind them as they work. The note can be pasted into an assignment or kept in a learning journal for reference. You can change the group introduction text to match the labels you use in your classroom.

The student may not remember what each edit symbol means. Attach this sticky note to an edited paper as a reminder.

Print a reference for students to use when writing. This list of transition words and phrases can be pasted to the computer, desk, or notebook for easy reference when writing. They look best when printed in color on white sticky notes. White glue is not very common, but you can order them on Amazon.

Diy: Free Printable Sticky Love Notes

So you’ve got a student who finished his work before everyone else. Return their work with the option of a sticky note list for what the student can do next. You can change the text to customize the list.

Students can stick this sticky note before assigning. This can help them reflect on their work, and serve as a reminder to keep trying even when things get tough.

Get a copy of the ratio of how hard you worked on a 3-inch by 3-inch sticky note.

How To Print Sticky Notes

Ask students to print out sticky notes before they go over them while they think. As they make connections to the text, they can check the type of connection and write it on a sticky note. Links can be added to linked pages.

Cute Sticky Notes Template Graphic By Semu Creative · Creative Fabrica

Students can circle emojis to indicate how they feel after a lesson. Students can paste their entered papers. Or can be attached to the door when leaving the room. These notes look best when printed in color on white sticky notes. White glue is not very common, but you can order them on Amazon.

Students can keep these notes handy for sentence starters when sharing their ideas with others. These phrases are useful whether students are communicating in person or online.

Print a QR code on a sticky note. Students can scan the code with an app or website, so they don’t have to type in a web address. You can generate QR codes individually on (or through various other apps and extensions), or you can generate QR codes in batches on

The fraction column helps students find equivalent fractions. Print fraction column sticky notes for students to use as needed. Students can attach foil shadows and sticky notes to their paper to show their work.

Kids’ Printable Sticky Notes

An example is giving students a small version of a liquid measurement reference sticky note poster or anchor note. References can be attached to textbooks, notebooks, desks or computers so that they are readily available when needed. Liquid measurement reference notes look best when printed in color on white sticky notes. White glue is not very common, but you can order them on Amazon.

Print a stack of encouraging sticky notes. You can tape their student work or students’ desks to promote a growth mindset. This template uses small sticky notes to fit 18 on a printed paper. I printed my encouraging notes from Amazon on these colorful sticky notes.

Get a copy of the motivational note template for 2 x 1.5 inch sticky notes. (Also works with 1 3/8-inch x 1 7/8-inch sticky notes.)

How To Print Sticky Notes

The free Post-it iOS app is pretty amazing. You point your camera at a set of square papers. Post-It identifies each post. Notes are cut, sharpened, enhanced, straightened and placed on a digital whiteboard. You can move and rotate notes on that whiteboard. You can tap a note to bring it into full-screen view, turning a set of notes into an instant slideshow.

Pink Leopard Print Sticky Notes

Amazon links on this page are affiliate links There is no cost to you to purchase through these links and you can support this site by shopping through those links I get asked this question at least once a week… How do you print on a sticky note?

I want to answer in one word. Magic Let’s be real, one of God’s greatest gifts is a magical way to approach your teachers – sticky notes.

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