How To Make Sugar Flower Roses

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How To Make Sugar Flower Roses – Hello dear friends! I know, all has been quiet on the sweet art front lately! That’s because I’m crazy in the middle of wedding cake season, and it’s dumb! I might as well lock myself in the cake studio and throw away the key. I still have two months until I can walk on air. *gasp*

But I’m in the middle of making giant sugar roses right now and thought I’d shoot a quick tutorial for you! Yes, I can blog for a minute! I have a short tutorial video for you at the end of this post 🙂

How To Make Sugar Flower Roses

How To Make Sugar Flower Roses

So this is my process when I need to make a ton of sugar roses in a short amount of time. They are also a great option when you have a client on a budget. These are a faster and more basic version of my regular sugar roses.

Roses? For Me? {how To Make Ribbon Roses}

I use a 1 inch styrofoam ball that I buy in bulk on Amazon for the centers. They are much cheaper than buying styrofoam cones to make a cake and no rectangular cones and waiting for them to dry. Styrofoam centers are also very light and help keep your roses from weighing down too much, which is always the case with bubblegum flowers. I color my entire batch of gum paste as I make it so it saves time as well. I use the Nicholas Lodge gum paste method. You can get it for free on Craftsy here. It’s super economical compared to buying pre-made gum paste and it’s super quick to make. These are the rose petal cutters I love here for this project.

Here are some other time and money saving tricks I use. 1. Roll my gum paste thinly so that I use less gum paste and the roses dry quickly (and are lighter). 2. I don’t pick leaves. 3. I make fewer layers of leaves and more “open” roses. 4. I don’t dust the flowers. 5. I don’t put trophies on them.

When I’m in production mode I’ll finish each step on all roses before moving on to the next step. That is, you glaze all the centers at once, prepare all the leaves of the central cone at once, etc., this definitely speeds up the process.

Check out my video where I take you through the process and let me know how you like it!!

Global Sugar Art Shrub Rose Sugar Cake Flowers Pink, Small, 16 Count By Chef Alan Tetreault Roses

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I will only recommend products that I use and like. If you purchase an item through one of these links, it will not cost you more. I will receive a small payment to help me continue to share great information with you all. Thank you for your support!! These sugar paste roses are really easy using an inexpensive cutter available online. They are very beautiful and you can use them to decorate all kinds of cakes.

If you thought that making sugar paste roses to decorate a cake requires a lot of skill, think again. All the ingredients needed to make these roses are cheap and available online. I have seen people who have never decorated a cake before use these easy rose cutters and be very impressed with the results.

Although regular sugar can be used to make fondant roses, it is a bit soft and takes a long time to dry. You will get a more delicate result by using flower or leaf paste, which keeps its shape easily and quickly after drying. Make sure that the paste you are working with is not covered, otherwise it will dry very quickly.

How To Make Sugar Flower Roses

Roll a small piece of sugar paste on a smooth surface dusted with cornflour. Use a rose cutter to cut the sugar paste.

How To Make A Rose Calyx From Fondant Or Gum Paste

Place our sugar paste cut on the foam leaf pad and use a ball tool to gently rub the edges of the sugar paste along the edges to create a curled edge.

Continue rolling to form a rosette. Now you can skip to step 9 to continue building your rose to make the perfect rose bud.

To make a complete rose, take another piece of sugar paste and repeat steps 1-5. Attach another piece of sugar paste to the rose seed and continue rolling to make a rose.

Jacqueline is a member of the Food Writers Guild and has been a cooking writer and food stylist for 25 years. He has written more than 15 cookbooks besides writing for several major magazines. She loves good basic home cooking, and as the daughter of a master baker, she loves baking at home. I know some of you wanted me to blog about how to make the blush roses that I used on my traditional cake on the Great British Wedding Cake, so here it is…how to make sugar roses. Beespring Sugar And Spice Kitchens Rose Fondant Cutters Edible Decorations 3 Piece Set Pro Cake Decorating Gum Paste Flowers Easiest Rose Ever 3 Steps Cookie Cutters Supplies Set Of 3: Home

Sugar Flour Paste (SFP) is the key to really great sugar reduction. It is extremely strong when dry, dries quickly and can be rolled extremely thin without breaking. Of course you can make roses out of regular sugar paste, but they have to be very thick and because it takes ages to dry, it’s hard to keep the shape of the rose petals.

When working with SFP I like to work on a glass worktop protector because the glass surface is super smooth, and I can also sit at a table and work bent over a kitchen worktop! This is completely optional, but you can pick them up very cheaply from most supermarkets – just make sure it’s smooth and unblemished!

Instead of using powdered sugar, I always use Trex with SFP, it helps it stay moist when you work with it and makes it shiny.

How To Make Sugar Flower Roses

Take a small amount of SFP and rub it in your hand until it is soft and ready to work.

How To Make Diy Rose Sugar Scrub

Make a small ball and then pull one side to make a cone. This will become the base of the rose.

Working with only one petal at a time, cut one petal using the cutter. If you are investing, it is better to buy a set of graduated sizes. The bigger the cutting, the bigger the rose.

Transfer the leaves to your foam pad. Take the large end of the hair tool and rub it on the very top edge of the hair. This minimizes the stickiness of the petals and creates the appearance of natural movement in the rose petals.

Add a little water with a brush on the back of the leaves. Place the cone on top of the petals and bring the edges together to make a point for the inside of the rose.

How To Make Cake Decorating Gum Paste From Scratch

Now repeat the process of cutting the leaves and creating them on the foam pad with the ball tool. A small drop of water at the base of the leaves before sticking to the stomach. The second leaf should go on the opposite side of the first.

Encourage the tip of the paw to turn outward. Don’t worry about the base of the rose being dirty now, the larger petals cover it. If they are not, you can easily close the excess at the base and smooth it with your fingers.

Repeat this, adding overlapping leaves as they move around the rose until you get the look you want. Remember to encourage the leaves to stick out or the rose will look too tight.

How To Make Sugar Flower Roses

The average number of petals per rose is 10-12 but you can do more if you want! If you want to make a bud stop after the first three or four leaves.

Juliet Garden Rose Sugar Flowers With Winifred Kristé

Now place the rose in the empty egg carton and let it dry. It will take a few hours.

Roses can of course be made in any color you like, but I love white roses. To add blush, add a small amount of blush powder in the color of your choice to a small bowl.

Use a large dusting brush. I use a powder brush, brand new and clean and not taken straight from my makeup bag!

Mix the brush with rose powder and rub lightly on the now dry rose. The edges of the leaves absorb the color very well and you can make the color as intense as you want.

Large Classic Garden Rose White Sugar Flower

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