How To Make Origami Flower Stem

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How To Make Origami Flower Stem – Learn how to make a beautiful lotus flower. This traditional flower is easy to make from a square of paper.

In our opinion, this is the most beautiful traditional flower. Once you fold this lotus flower you will forever remember how to do it.

How To Make Origami Flower Stem

How To Make Origami Flower Stem

This flower works with crisp thin paper. When using thicker paper, be sure to use as much paper as possible to avoid tearing the paper.

Origami Lotus Flower Tutorial

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Learn how to make an easy origami tulip with a stem. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to making your own beautiful paper tulips. They can be used on their own or laid flat and used as a decoration for a greeting card, gift or collage. All you need is some colored origami paper and a pair of scissors. Make them a rainbow of colors and patterns and decorate your home with a whole range.

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How To Make Origami Tulip Table Settings. — Gathering Beauty

I’m back with another easy origami craft, this time featuring an easy origami tulip. I’ve made origami flowers before (like this origami kusudama flower) but never an origami tulip.

If you’ve never done an origami project before, I think these tulips are a great place to start. They’re a fun project and perfect for spring or summer celebrations.

Once you make one you will see why they are one of the easiest and most popular origami flowers to make. They can be folded up in just a few minutes and are ideal for working with children. Although younger children may need a little help with the handle.

How To Make Origami Flower Stem

The clear thing about these tulips is that they can be used both standing and lying down. You can stick them on the card base for a cute origami card. They look great as a gift or bookmark. They could be used as decorations for scrapbooking or to create collages with children.

How To Make A Paper Flower

You can open the base and line them up in rows along the fireplace or windowsill for a pretty springtime display. Pat them on a table or write your guest’s name on the sheet and use them as place cards.

To make these origami tulips you will need two squares of colored origami paper. One of the colors for the flower head (I chose classic red) and one for the stem green.

The flower head is separated from the stem and attached later. You will need scissors to cut a small hole and some glue to hold it in place. You may have to play with this to get the best fit.

Tulips come in a beautiful variety of colors with bright colors. I love making a bouquet of rainbow tulips to display in a window. They would look great in any home.

How To Fold A Paper Rose (with Pictures)

I recommend using origami paper for any paper folding project, but any type of flimsy paper will work. Here are some alternatives you probably have on hand.

I also have some printable origami papers that you can download and use for FREE. Simply download, print and cut into 7″ x 7″ squares.

Be sure to save the rest of the paper. don’t throw. You can use it to make 3 more tulip heads.

How To Make Origami Flower Stem

7. Take the triangle and fold the corners at an angle away from the center to form the side petals of the tulip.

How To Make An Origami Tulip Flower & Stem

Your tulip is now ready for display. You can choose to open the base and lift the tulip, or leave it flat and use it in a card or collage.

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Now don’t have time to make these easy origami tulips? Pin the image below so you can come back to it later!

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