How To Make Logo Stickers At Home

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How To Make Logo Stickers At Home – If you own a small business or ship to customers, you know how important it is to create a unique brand. Promotional, marketing, and mailing items such as postcards, stickers, and mailing labels are important products to have on hand, but they can also be expensive and can sometimes eat into your margins if you’re not careful. you.

First of all, custom decals can be expensive, and sometimes the decals you can buy online just don’t cut it. Most companies want a design that is more consistent with their brand, even if it’s just a simple “Thank you” line on the outside of the package.

How To Make Logo Stickers At Home

How To Make Logo Stickers At Home

I’m going to show you a very useful hack to create custom stickers WITHOUT INK and unlimited customization.

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You’ll need a few supplies to get started, but trust me when I say that these items are well worth the investment because they will change the way you work.

The first is thermal label printing for shipping. If you ship products and print shipping labels, a hot stamp printer is a MUST. I’ve been doing business without it for too long and looking back I can’t believe I didn’t get it sooner.

Thermal printers do not use ink. Instead, they use heat to “burn” the image or text into a special (thermal) mark. The standard size of the label is the 4×6 shipping label that you often see on Amazon packaging or on packaging when you shop online at Zara. Because this type of label does not use ink, the text cannot spread or run when wet. They are also very fast, and save a lot of time.

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For this tutorial I will be using this beautiful thermal transfer printer that Munbyn sent me. This is my second printer and probably my favorite.

Instead of the standard 4×6 labels, I’m going to use the pink circle 2×2 heat stamps to create custom stickers in under a minute.

The process is very simple. Munbyn printers are easy to install and connect to any computer. First, you want to load the label paper and check the machine. This allows you to automatically set the mark size before printing.

How To Make Logo Stickers At Home

Next, you’ll want to adjust the black marker holder to match the size of your marker. Insert the label and push the tabs with your fingers until they align with the edge of the label.

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Pull the text paper slightly, then press and hold the feed button until you hear a sound. The printer will calibrate and be ready to print! Tip: If it’s glowing red, open the top again and pull a bunch of labeled paper forward before closing it. Then press and hold the button again.

The only thing you need to remember when choosing a print format is that the size of the image must fit the 2×2 inch area of ​​the sticker. I like to shrink my images a bit to leave room in the border.

The image must also be black, as thermal printers can print in black (no ink, remember!). For best results, create a 2×2″ image at 300 dpi and increase the black intensity in an image editing program (you can use Photoshop or something like Canva). Save as a JPG or PNG.

When you’re ready to print, simply open the saved image and select Print. Note for Photoshop users: Depending on your print settings, the image may not be completely centered or the mark may not be visible when printing. I find it easiest to print directly from my native image viewer instead of jumping into Photoshop’s print edits.

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Make sure you select the correct printer from the drop down menu. In this case, Munbyn. Also, choose the appropriate paper size for these round labels, which are 2 x 2 inches. Choose the size you want to print and you’re good to go! Try a test print first to make sure everything is to your liking.

I printed some of my logos as stickers on shipping packages, but they would also be great for labeling your products (for example, if you make candles, you can use them as candle labels!). You can also try some of these packaging ideas:

Try creating cute little pictures. I think the simpler the better! Remember that the photo must be black, so using a photo or a colorful photo will not make you look your best.

How To Make Logo Stickers At Home

Now you can print as many stickers as you want! No need to worry about running out of ink or needing a quick refill. You will save on packaging costs by printing yourself instead of buying from another company.

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These labels come in a variety of colors! You can also get a small rectangle if the circle doesn’t work for you.

Founder of the blog Wonder Forest and brand and author of the Watercolor With Me book series.

Welcome to the Wonder Forest blog, a place to inspire creativity of all kinds. If you love DIY projects, home decor, or need help starting a creative business, click and stop by. Be sure to follow Pinterest for more creative inspo. As the new and unexpected school year approaches, parents start organizing their children’s equipment. Not only are stickers great for labeling your school supplies, but they’re also great for things your teacher or school gives you that you might not bring home.

You can even send the stickers to school with your child so that the teacher can keep them handy. Get the kids involved in designing and creating your own stickers. They will be so excited to use them when they are done!

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Insert a selected design or printable image and adjust the size. I made it 1.5 inches wide.

Then, after selecting the format, change the fill to Print and select the desired format or formats.

After creating, make sure each padding is set to Print. Then select the entire shape and click Align.

How To Make Logo Stickers At Home

Once I brought the images on my canvas into the design space, I added a title using the text tool.

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Then I duplicated the pencil drawing six times and lined it up six times. I left this sticker blank so that all the names can be written easily after it is done.

You can copy your image on the canvas to increase the number of copies or change the number of copies by clicking Make. Since two of the decals are smaller than the others, I decided to duplicate my design to match the maximum number of designs on each of the two printable vinyl sheets (12 each that I made and 15 each that I made in Design Space).

Be sure to load the media according to your printer so that the ink does not get on the substrate when you take it to print.

Select the printer, open the System Usage dialog box, and click Print. When you do this, a separate dialog will appear – usually outside of the design space window.

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Appearance may vary depending on your device and printer configuration. For example, my window looks like below.

Material and pressure specification; place the printed paper on the LightGrip mat; put it in your car; and cut it off.

School supplies, mini sinks, water bottles, and anything else that needs labeling – let’s put stickers on it! Let’s make stickers? Can you print stickers at home? How do you make quality stickers? What is the best printing paper? How do you make waterproof stickers? How to make a cricket sticker or silhouette? Or what makes all the printable stickers different….

How To Make Logo Stickers At Home

My friend… you have come to the right place! If you’re wondering if it’s possible to print your own quality, homemade stickers, don’t forget all the important words in the guide we created. Soon you will be able to print high quality stickers, waterproof stickers/stickers or promotional stickers with confidence.

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As an added bonus, we’re giving you a FREE printable sticker file to try at home! We provide you with FREE printable stickers that you can instantly download, print and cut out at home. They are FREE to use for personal, non-commercial use! In this article, we will show you step by step how to make an easy sticker.

Have you been to the craft store lately… the first step is slapping it in the face with some cute doodles and washi tape. So stickers really have a moment.

I mean, who among us doesn’t love stickers? Did we all grow up collecting stickers from one of Lisa Frank’s unicorn wax pages?

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