How To Make Flower With Balloons

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How To Make Flower With Balloons

How To Make Flower With Balloons

Turning balloons into flowers is a simple yet original way to create the perfect decoration for a little princess party or garden themed afternoon tea. Or maybe you want to find a way to brighten your best friend’s day with a small token of appreciation; a bunch of balloon flowers will make them smile. If you want to know how to make decorative balloon flowers that are guaranteed to be the highlight of your party or day, follow these steps.

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To create decorative balloon flowers, first cut two holes out of cardboard, 4 and 6 inches in diameter. Next, pop five of the colored balloons to match the big hole and two different colors to match the small hole. Then tie the ends of the five balloons with string or mechanical wire. Finally, tie the two smaller balloons together and tuck the ends between the two larger balloons to finish. For more tips, like how to display your balloon flowers, read on. We just celebrated a birthday at our house, as you might have guessed from the Awesome Birthday Party Ideas I posted the other day. And while I was doing that, I decided, at the last minute of course, that I wanted to make a floral spray. If I had planned ahead, I could have just ordered one like everyone else, but I lost track of the day, so I had to quickly learn how to make a simple spray flower.

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If you are making a simple flower spray, ideally you want to choose one color to resemble the flower, but you can do any color if you like. For simplicity, I used one color for the outer tiles and the opposite color for the center.

Flower Candy Cup

This is where a spray pump really comes in handy. When pumping the balloons, I count the number of pumps to make the first balloon the size I want, in this case 10 pumps. Then when filling the remaining balloons, I only had to fill them 10 times each and they were all the same size.

This is where patience comes in… If you try to grab the stem of all 5 balloons to hold them together, they won’t make a flower. Some go up, some go down, and generally, you have a bunch of bubbles in a random pattern. This is no ordinary spray.

Tie a piece of ribbon to the end of each balloon. Do this so that the tape is even on each side of the knot.

How To Make Flower With Balloons

Once you have all the balloons, using one side of the 2 balloon ribbon (so you have 2 pieces of ribbon, not 4), tie a ribbon knot. However, you want the knot to be about 1 inch from the stem of the balloon.

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Tie the last balloon ribbon to the first balloon ribbon. Tie another knot about 1 inch from the stem of the balloon.

When you tie all the balloons together, you have to tie all the knots together. As you can see in my picture, I pull the balloons a bit more so that the balloons almost look like petals, but not close enough to make a bunch of balloons. Here we will tie another knot on all the threads. This is roughly the same place where all the previous nodes were connected.

Bake the pastry in the middle. Before tying the knot, check the size of your flower. The first bubble I activated wasn’t strong enough, so it couldn’t be used.

I tied it again with ribbon and tied it to the other balloons. Optional – Install the bullets

Awesome Blossom Flower Pot

When I was collecting this simple balloon flower, I didn’t know where to put it in the house. So I quickly cut a 3″ cardboard frame from an old cereal box and attached it to the ribbon. This was just to help the balloon flower keep its shape.

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Be sure to check your junk and spam just in case the first email goes there. This is a common type of flower made by kites, but it is not always easy to fall.

How To Make Flower With Balloons

Indeed, all the basic techniques for making this flower have been taught in previous lessons, but the hand movements responsible for creating 6 petals in just 1 step may require some getting used to and a few initial attempts. To simplify, it would be better to spray a little less than a little more. 100 Pieces Flower Balloon Clips Balloon Holder Balloon Flower Clips For Balloon Arch For Baby Shower Wedding Event Decorations Birthday Party Supplies (flower Style)

This is a dual tutorial starting with a detailed video tutorial followed by a step-by-step tutorial. There is also a new comments section that you can use if you need help with this tutorial.

Video in French with English subtitles (if the subtitles don’t appear automatically in your preferred language, you just need to change the YouTube settings on the right side of the video screen).

To make the flower leaves, start spraying to the tip, leaving no space at the end. However, once the balloon is fully inflated, we will need to let the air out a little to reduce the pressure and soften the balloon. Then by pinching the end of the balloon, we can give ourselves a small wide margin that we will attach to the knot of the balloon to make one big circle. Make sure the air pressure is evenly balanced in the main circuit.

Then, extending the balloon in this way, find the half-mark of the circle, which must be exactly opposite the knot, so as to obtain two equal parts. Then take the two sections together in your hands, making sure to divide their length into three parts as much as possible.

Easy Ways To Make Flower Balloons

Well, now comes the tricky part. With each of your hands, alternating each time, you should press and roll both parts of the mixture as if you were making a regular bubble, except here you are making 2 parts of the mixture and your hands on it. they are able to move freely because they work in two different parts of the balloon more or less simultaneously.

Feel free to stop the video, try it a few times, eventually you should stop it. Once you have made 6 pieces of balloons, place them in a zigzag pattern like this. Press, join the 6 pieces together, separating them with your thumb and forefinger like this:

Then take 3 sheets from the same side in a zigzag pattern and twist them on the base so that all the sheets are in one place. Then remove the thumb and forefinger and carefully arrange the young leaves. There… the hard part is over.

How To Make Flower With Balloons

Now let’s take another balloon, preferably green, to make the stem. Strain it leaving about three inches of space, close the lid and spread evenly under air pressure.

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We start with a tulip twist. As a reminder, it’s about using your index finger to push the knot back inside the balloon, slowly pull your finger out, and finally, push and twist to keep the tulip in place.

Let’s go back to the tulip, spacing each two randomly to give us enough space to fit the base of the tulip to the center of the leaves. To reduce the pressure and prevent one of the two balloons from bursting, you need to push the nozzle slowly, not all at once.

When the core of the flower is firmly seated in the center of the leaves, make a small bubble, then a second one of the same, which we will make a bubble. The idea is that the petals of the flower should be the same as the stem.

Control the air one last time… so there is no room for the rest of the balloon and Daisy Flower Balloons Diy Kit Rainbow

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