How To Make Flower Wall Backdrop

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How To Make Flower Wall Backdrop – Believe it or not, reusable floral backdrops are very easy to make. If you have it on hand, you probably don’t even need this item.

But if you’ve never built anything before and the idea is overwhelming, don’t run for the hills just yet – you’ll be fine with it!

How To Make Flower Wall Backdrop

How To Make Flower Wall Backdrop

To create a professional flower wall and floral backdrop that can easily be folded in half for storage, you only need the materials and tools listed here.

Flower Walls For Events

Here are some basic materials you will need to make a flower wall. They are easily found at your local hardware store, while boxwood panels can be purchased online.

These are the tools I recommend for building your flower wall, but you may have other items on hand that will do the job.

First, order the faux boxwood panels (available on Amazon, usually about $45 per 40″ x 40″ square panel; the ones I use have a plastic grid on the back and an incredibly lifelike mat of tiny leaves on the front) .

While you wait for them to arrive, buy the plywood, hinges, screws, and some clips for the base weapon if needed.

Crepe Paper Peony Wall

For help deciding which type of plywood to buy, read the next section. If not, jump down!

Plywood comes in many grades and usually comes in 4-foot by 8-foot sheets, which can cost anywhere from $18 to more than $50. You should determine the quality of wood you need based on the following:

Large hardware stores in your area, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, can custom cut your wood on site, which is great if you don’t have or don’t have access to a proper saw. There is usually no charge for this service, so take a minute at the store and cut your boards to 80 x 40 (or whatever works best for your boxwood panels).

How To Make Flower Wall Backdrop

Place the two plywood boards side by side (long sides next to each other) on the floor so that they are almost level with each other. Line up one hinge in the middle, one a few inches from the top, and the other a few inches from the bottom.

Create Your Own Pinterest Worthy Backdrop With This Flower Wall Diy

Use the drill and screws to attach each hinge. You should then be able to fold both boards towards you as if closing a giant book.

Once you’re sure the backdrop folds properly, turn it over so the hinges are facing the ground and you’re looking at the back. If the plywood is only half an inch thick and the screws are a bit longer, you may see the tenons sticking out a little at the back of the board. This is fine because the boxwood foam board will cover it. However, if they stick out more than half an inch, it’s best to cut them off with scissors to avoid accidental contact. Safety first!

Next, roll out the scene of the boxwood squares and arrange them to cover the back of the structure. Each board must fit two panels perfectly, and the panels will hide the gap that runs down the center of the hinges used to attach the boards. Magic!

Use the base gun to attach all the panels to the boards. Stand everything upright to check for sagging or peeling spots, and use scissors to carefully cut away any areas where the boxwood board protrudes more than an inch from the plywood.

Elsie’s Wedding Day Diy Flower Wall

If your flower wall backdrop seems too overwhelming, or if you need something that will hold the Oasis foam (wet or dry), you can purchase a pre-made structure.

The last step is to attach the flowers! There are as many ways to do this as your creative mind can come up with, but I’ll share some tactics to get you started.

One tactic is to leave the stem long when working the flowers, then take advantage of the mesh structure of the boxwood panel design and drill loose flowers into the boxwood holder as if stringing the stem into a frame. a jar! It’s an extremely safe mechanic, although it takes some work to get all the flowers out at the end of the event, so be prepared.

How To Make Flower Wall Backdrop

Another option is to create separate flower garlands or chicken wire structures that are filled with flowers and then stapled or tied to the background after they are finished. You just have to make sure you figure out a way to attach the floral elements all the way to the tree (also essential weapons for victory). This way, it will not be the case that a heavy floral structure pulls the boxwood net off the wooden stand.

Paper Flower Wedding Reception Wall Ideas

If you want to display your flower wall against a wedding backdrop (or any event!), simply prop the two-panel frame against the wall. If you need it to stand on its own, you can build some basic triangular grids that attach to the back outer edge of each board with a nut-and-bolt system.

You will need to drill some holes in the plywood to add the trellis, but these are easily covered by the layer of boxwood and still easy to put on/off when you need to pack everything up. and we flatten the pieces after an event.

Whatever price you set should reflect the cost and quality of the building materials, the time and labor involved in construction, and the sophistication of the final product. Your client must be willing to pay a fair price for a large piece – large installations like this require more resources (and therefore cost more) than a floral pattern you would provide for an existing structure.

Since you are creating the structure from scratch, be sure to recognize and communicate that you will pay a higher price if you remain honest with your clients and fair with yourself!

Diy Hanging Flower Wall

For a structure like this, $350 is a reasonable starting cost (before floral arrangements), but use your discretion and knowledge of your market to charge a higher or lower base value.

Of course, you should price the backdrops regardless of the structural costs, based on what you paid the wholesaler for the flowers you used.

These pictures show about $100 worth of flowers at cost (note that we used roses, which of course are more expensive than other options), so I would personally charge $300 for these decorations, so the final price for the total finished product is about $650. a richer version or a version using special blooms, the price would keep going up. Consequently, a less complete version would have a lower price.

How To Make Flower Wall Backdrop

Go beyond building a flower wall. Learn even more advanced floral techniques with our Arbors & Ceremony online floral design course. And if you need help with pricing, our online floral pricing course will teach you how to be profitable in the long run. What if you could rent the flower wall or use silk flowers?

Diy Flower Wall For Any Occasion

When it comes to renting out the facility for subsequent events (if you didn’t sell it directly to the original client), it’s perfectly respectable to charge the original construction fee and the cost of the new flowers every time you rent it out.

Since you’ll obviously need to replace the flowers at every event if you’re using live, you’ll be constantly putting labor and TLC into this piece you’ve created (not to mention the factors of shipping, setting up, and teardown).

Even if you only use silk flowers, you will most likely vary the colors and textures. Don’t be afraid to let that base $350 (or whatever you decide on) be the rent for your flower wall. It’s always a smart business move to make something “pay off”, and it’s even more brilliant when you do it repeatedly. That’s money you can reinvest in your business! (For example, maybe it’s time to buy that basic weapon instead of always borrowing it…).

That said, if a client simply doesn’t have the budget of at least $300-$500 to invest in such a backdrop, consider suggesting a less expensive alternative, such as hanging some garlands in such a way that they frame the space next to a blank wall.

A Bride On A Budget: How To Create A Diy Floral Garden Boxwood Backdrop

This flower wall is an endlessly customizable prop, so if you’re inspired to create a variation, go for it! An alternative tactic could be to forego the boxwood covering in order to varnish the boards, perhaps adding texture with plaster or partially foiling them with gold. In this scenario, you can place some hooks or nails around the perimeter of the boards to attach floral swacks or wreaths.

If you need a larger, free-standing option, you can also choose a three-panel construction that can independently support its own weight by tilting the outer two panels.

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