How To Make Flower String Bracelet

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How To Make Flower String Bracelet – Learn how to make a flower friendship bracelet with this video tutorial. Teens, tweens and adults love to make this type of bracelets. Give them as gifts or keep them for yourself!

This flower bracelet pattern is a unique friendship bracelet craft. Watch the video or follow the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make it.

How To Make Flower String Bracelet

How To Make Flower String Bracelet

Flower bracelets are a more advanced craft. If you’re a beginner, you might want to try an easier mode first. Try this classic candy stripe bracelet!

Flower Embellished Friendship Bracelets For Mom!

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If you’re in planning mode right now, that’s okay! Pin this to your favorite Pinterest board. That way you can get directions when you’re ready!

This bracelet requires 3 colors. In our example, we’re using green as the base color, pink as the petals, and yellow as the center of the flower.

For really good results, you need to make sure the bracelet is secure when you tie the knot. Here are some ideas to protect your threads.

Diy Friendship Bracelet Ideas

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Is there a friend looking for flower friend bracelet patterns? Please share this tutorial on Facebook or save it to your favorite board on Pinterest. Honestly, is there anything happier than a daisy? ! In desperate need of a dose of happiness over the weekend, I got some colorful bracelets to soothe the soul. Seed beads can make daisy chains

How To Make Flower String Bracelet

Complicated but honestly, not difficult at all! This is easy as long as you have the right materials. I think you stopped at one and it was

Friends Are Like Flowers Friendship Bracelet Sunflower

Addictive Be sure to pay attention to the size of beads and threading string before buying supplies. have fun!

It is important to use the correct line or rope. My favorite daisy chain wire is griffin twist wire. It comes with a connecting needle that will thread the tiny seed beads seamlessly, especially since you will need to double thread through some of the seed beads. Unwrap the entire card and tie a double knot at the end. You’ll want to leave about 3-4″ of tail.

NOTE: You definitely don’t want to use elastic here. It’s hard to find a strong weft on a daisy.

Put on some seed beads. Next, you’ll add the daisy petal color and make the top half of the flower. Since I’m using gold beads here and not a little more, I put 5 beads here. I would add 4 if you are going to use a smaller center bead like an 8/0 seed bead.

Diy Friendship Bracelet Tutorials And Patterns * Moms And Crafters

Add the middle bead. Again, I’m using 3mm gold beads here, but you can use any medium sized bead. Take the needle and thread it through the first colored bead, towards the knot/end of the bracelet.

NOTE: How important is it to see a cord or thread that can go through the seed bead twice? Size and content matter!

Add three more colored beads. Then, take the needle through the last colored bead, before your middle bead. This should be the opposite direction to where the bracelet started.

How To Make Flower String Bracelet

Pull the cord all the way to form a daisy. You may need to adjust the beads while sharpening to pop them out and make sure they are evenly distributed.

Assorted Peruvian String Friendship Bracelets Flower (12bc004025)

When everything feels tight, add a few more spacer beads before starting the next daisy. Place the next row of colors (5) and the middle bead.

Pass the needle through the first colored bead, add three more beads, then pass the needle through the 5th bead, which is the last bead before the middle bead.

For closure, I like to use a sliding lace closure. It’s more work, and I find it easier to loosen and tighten my wrist than a clasp. If you decide to go with a slide closure, allow about an inch of space. If you’re just adding a button, you can allow about 1/4-1/3″ of space.

Note: I’m using Chinese knotted knots here for the closure as I have very little silk thread and wanted a contrasting color to help explain it better visually. I prefer Chinese knotted knots for sliders. But if you don’t want to bother buying it, you can use silk thread – preferably one size up.

How To Make A Friendship Bracelet—25 Diy Friendship Bracelet Ideas

Cut an 8-10 inch piece of rope or string. Lay the two ends of the bracelet parallel and facing each other. Close the middle of the string under the end of the bracelet. Fold the right cord over the strands, then wrap the left cord over the right cord, pointing down. Pull the left cord under the right and middle threads, and through the right loop.

Now do the same on the other side to complete the square knot. Complete the second half of the square knot by wrapping the left rope over the middle strand and under the right rope. Pull the right cord under the left and center threads and through the left loop.

To complete the closure, thread one of the strands onto the needle, then center stitch 2-3 knots along the back. Pliers will help push the needle through the tight knot.

How To Make Flower String Bracelet

Pull the second end through, then trim the ends as close to the knot as possible. Now, tighten your bracelet by pulling it apart to pull or loosen the ends. Measure to fit, then thread two seed beads onto each end and tie the tip into a knot. prune.

How To Make A Flower Bracelet Using Just Beads And String

Note the simple beaded bracelet tied on elastic and then tied in a triple knot. Happy beading! !

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