How To Make Flower Pens With Paper

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How To Make Flower Pens With Paper – Make these simple design paper flower pens for a teacher’s back to school gift! Your child’s teachers will love this practical gift!

After a summer full of fun, sun and ice cream – going back to school can be difficult for many children. Since school is just around the corner, I am greeted every morning by my children, who announce exactly how many days are left until summer vacation. I try my best to help them enjoy every day they have left instead of the days that pass quickly in their minds.

How To Make Flower Pens With Paper

How To Make Flower Pens With Paper

I remind them of all the fun and exciting parts of going back to school. They meet their new teachers, new class and all the friends they missed during the summer!

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To ease the stress of school, I thought it would be cool if my kids helped me create something special for their new teachers. I knew their teachers would love the flower bouquet pens. How to make easy flower pens using paper

Step 1: Cut four 4-by-4-inch squares from construction paper. Place one on top of the other and draw a simple flower shape.

Step 2: Using the tip of your sharp scissors, make a small hole in the center of one of the flower shapes.

Step 3: Pull a chenille stem through each hole and tie a small knot at the top. Complete the flower arrangement.

Diy Duct Tape Flower Pen {perfect Teacher Valentine!}

Step 4: Wrap the chenille stem around the cap of the Pilot Pen FriXionLight Pastel Erasable Highlighters and FriXion Fineliner Erasable Marker Pen.

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How To Make Flower Pens With Paper

Two weeks ago I went to a girls camp. One thing I was hoping for was the inclusion of a few crafts. My friend Judy found a tutorial on pom pom pens at Sew Sara. I tried to put them together like Sarah did, but it was hard for me to make them look good. I decided to come up with a simple no-sew method. I used green fabric for the first one and thought it looked more like a flower than a pompom. Flower feathers were born.

How To Make A Spider Mum Paper Flower

I painted all my flower feathers the same color to match my art room. If you use different colors on the pens, they will look like pompoms. So call them flower feathers or pom poms, whatever floats your boat. 🙂 These are easy crafts that are perfect for older kids.

Fabric scraps – one is about 1″x12″, the other is about 4″x14″. They don’t want it to be real

The fabric can be cut, but I like to tear pieces of fabric because I think it leaves a nice hem. Just cut off the edge of the fabric and tear the rest. Fold a large piece in half and iron.

Now you need to wrap the pen. I thought it would be best to start at the bottom. Use a small drop of hot glue to attach the 1-inch strip to the pen. Then start wrapping it diagonally around the pen, securing it with hot glue every inch. Once you get to the top, join the ends with hot glue and remove any excess material.

Artsy Albums Scrapbook Album And Page Layout Kits By Traci Penrod: Layered Washi Tape Flowers: A Tutorial

To create the top flower, cut slits about 1/4-1/2″ from the bottom of the raw edge of the folded fabric. Make sure you don’t cut all the way to the crease! I cropped a little closer to it in this photo. I find it best to stay 1/4 inch away from the fold.

To create a fabric flower, hot glue the edge of the fabric over the pen, about 1/4-1/2″ down.

Now simply wrap the cut fabric, securing it with a bit of hot glue. When you get to the end, securely glue the edge.

How To Make Flower Pens With Paper

Now is the time to fix it. It will look good when you just roll it in your hands and shake it, but for maximum fluffiness, pull the pieces of fabric apart twice at a time. I think they look really cute! These DIY flower pens are easy to make and look great in a simple vase or mason jar to make a pen bouquet. They’ll make you smile, whether you’re writing a love letter or paying a (terrible) homage!

Luckeyfrog’s Lilypad: Petal To The Metal!

My daughter really likes high quality pens. I have to admit – they make me smile too! I have spent quite a bit of money on many styles, from flowery pens to matte pens. They all end up the same way – LOST or DAMAGED! So I thought it was time to bring to life the skills I learned as a kid in Girl Scouts and create my own! This way they are much cheaper, and we can make any flowers you want! Besides, they put us in a summer mood!!!

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Does anyone have a bunch of pens at home that they don’t really want? I have one type of pen that I like (note: not the best choice for this project) – RSVP Fine Point pens by Pentel. They have been my favorites for over ten years. But somehow, for every 1 penny I like, we have another 5 pennies in circulation. They come from my husband’s pocket, from the depths of my wallet, from hotels we’ve stayed at over the years.

I hate throwing them away. They work perfectly, and I don’t want to litter the trash with a pile of good pens and then spend a lot of money on pens I like better. Because, let’s face it, they’re just pens. But then again, life is too short to keep using a pen you don’t need. So I’m very happy that I liked these used pens and turned them into flower pens!

Poppy Flower Tutorial With Mono Drawing Pens

The best pens for DIY flower pens are those with caps (although having said cap is not necessary – lost caps are not a problem). However, I also decided to swap some of the clip pens (with a little button at the top) for flower pens as we had a lot of them at home for some reason. I am all for creativity and working with what you have if possible. If you’re looking for something specific for this project, a pen with an overlay is the best choice.

Almost any flower will do. You will cut the trunk to size, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. Just make sure they have a few inches of stem and that the flower isn’t so big that it will be difficult when you’re on top of the pen you’re using to write on.

You will need something to trim the flower stalks to maturity. I prefer to use wire cutters, but you really don’t need to buy one if you don’t already have one. Strong scissors and a lot of pressure will usually do the trick. Please watch your fingers.

How To Make Flower Pens With Paper

You only need a hot glue gun if you decide to put the flowers in the pens. If you want to put it on the side of the pen, you can skip this thing.

Turkey Pen Pail


This method perfectly places the flower on the pen. It takes a lot of work though (but is still really easy). A pen with a top latch cannot be used with this method.


These DIY hairpin holders organize and display all your bows and bobs. Ah, girls. All the bows, dresses and cute little things are fun! I LOVE dressing my kids in girly clothes. But man, man, is it hard to keep those little bits and ends of their hair! come in

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