How To Make Flower Kandi Cuff

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How To Make Flower Kandi Cuff – A: an artist who enjoys using a variety of media. I hope to do much more in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ More about pinyets ยป

Perfect for going to your next EDM Fest, I’ll show you how to make a 3D Kandi Cuff! Most of them are repeating patterns so once you get them you’ll be fine.

How To Make Flower Kandi Cuff

How To Make Flower Kandi Cuff

This cuff is made from pony beads – you can find them for cheap at your local craft store. For this project we will use five colors. Pink (or red), orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

I Made My First Flower Bracelet!!

You will also need an elastic band. You can also use 20lb fishing line, but it has less slack and is much stiffer. Both are good.

The first row will be a pattern of white, purple, purple. Repeat this eleven times. The string length will be 33 beads.

If you want to make the bracelet smaller, add 3 more beads or more (however, this will change the rest of the design, so only do this if you are confident about the process).

The next sequence of rows is Blue, Green, Blue. Take the switch and slide from white bead to white bead, skipping the purple ones.

Pony Bead Flower Multi Cuff. By Shannonnicole

Once you’ve gone all the way through your bracelet and come to the last white pattern where you started, take the blue and green cord. The string will appear in the top row. This will allow you to move on to the next part of the beads.

The order will be Green, Yellow, Green. Skip the blue beads and anchor only in green. Once you’ve done this, make sure you’ve gone through two beads and come to the next row.

The order will be yellow, orange, yellow. Skip the green garland and just anchor the yellow ones. At this point your cuff should be standing on its own.

How To Make Flower Kandi Cuff

The last line. Use only two beads this time! I use pink. Red would be nice too. The bracelet is now complete. Now we can add the details.

Custom Color Kandi Flower Cuff

Now to make this interesting, we’re going to start expanding! Starting with the white bead, add 5 beads. The pattern will be 2-purple, 1 white, 2 purple. Continue like this along the cuff, but change the color with each white bead. Next will be 2 pink, 1 white, 2 pink. Then 2 orange, 1 white, 2 orange, etc. The general pattern is purple, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue. Do this around the entire bracelet.

Now that you have these little triangles, we’re going to make them bigger. Start with the white bead at the top of the triangle. Add five balls, in the same pattern as before. 2 yellow, 1 white, 2 purple. Switch from white beads to white beads. Once you’ve done that, attach the elastic. You are done in this part!

Now you have a small ice cream sandwich bracelet, but while it’s pretty, we want to make it bigger. So, let’s put some beads in the middle. Just tie a rubber band to one of the center beads, wherever it’s convenient for you, and go from center bead to center bead. Use pattern 3. I used odd stars. 1 bead, 1 star, 1 bead. Once you go around the bracelet, it is ready to wear. If you want to start your bracelet with one, take a rope that is as big as your wrist or more (note that you may need to add more rope in the process because this project requires a lot of rope.) Once you have your rope, you will tie two beads of the same color, then one bead of a different color than mine, I chose white for my two threads. between pink and green for my link cards.

Once you have finished your bracelet you want to hold the string and cut the shorter end of the string, as you will need a long piece to start the cuff, then put your string on the closest connecting string (green) and add one white, black and one white. (use photo as reference) continue like this all the way around the bracelet.

How To Make Kandi (with Pictures)

Once you have added your beads, tie them to the thread and sew your string to the nearest black mark and add one white, one bead the same color as your binding wire and another white. Skip two beads and attach the thread to the nearest black bead. Repeat the whole process in the bracelet and soon you will see an X forming.

Once you’ve completed the last step, sew the string to the nearest bead link and add two whites to mark the bottom of the cuff, once you’ve finished stringing and attaching the bracelet. Just like we did the first time, just shorten your wire and make it long because you’ll need to make a really 3D part. You can leave it here if you want, but I’ll teach you how to make a 3D cuff as I go (at this point I suggest you add another thread as you may need it)

Now to make the 3D part more complicated, but all you have to do is wrap your bracelet through the closest connecting string (known as the pink bead) and add two beads of the same color as the clear bead connector. or any interesting bead in the color you choose) and repeat with two beads on the level, there will be a total of 5 beads in your string, you take the specified string and insert two beads into the third (green) through which you pass the string, that. should speak. Repeat this process on all sides.

How To Make Flower Kandi Cuff

Once you are done with the dots, from the last bead you left on the string to the middle of the clear and from there add two pink beads and go diagonally to the bottom line of the bracelet, continue zigzag. -even all patterns by adding two beads of the appropriate height. (This is what you want to do (///)

Rainbow 3d Kandi Cuff

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