How To Make Flower Balloon Twisting

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How To Make Flower Balloon Twisting – We are going to roll three bubbles of the same size. Fold the balloon in thirds to find the size of one third of the balloon (Pic 2).

Lock each end of the first bubble in one twist twist (Pic 4). This step is indicated by arrows between points A and B on the diagram.

How To Make Flower Balloon Twisting

How To Make Flower Balloon Twisting

Lock both ends of the second bubble in one twist twist (Pic 6). This step is indicated by arrows between points B and C on the diagram.

Instructions For Creating A Flower Balloon

Lock both ends of the third bubble in one twist twist (Pic 8). This step is shown by arrows between

There are other ways to make the same flower. For example, you can make a simple triple hat (see instructions for hat 1 or hat 2). Then you just need to glue the two ends of any large bubble to make a flower. There are several ideas on how to make flowers using only flowers with three petals. Turn over two flowers (Pic 12).

Connect the two flowers together by closing their bubbles in one locking turn. If you have two flowers of different colors, you can arrange the petals symmetrically (Pic 13).

You can place one color mark inside another color mark (fig. 14) etc. Have fun and happy turn 🙂 This is the regular version of the flower that most balloonists make, but it is not necessarily easy to fly.

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Of course, all the basic techniques used to make this flower have been learned in previous lessons, but the hand movement that creates 6 petals in 1 may take some getting used to and a few initial tries. To make the task easier, it is better to insert the balloon a little less than too much.

This guide is in two parts, starting with a detailed video tutorial followed by a step by step guide. There is also a new comments section that you can use if you need help with this guide.

French video with English subtitles (If the subtitles don’t appear automatically in your preferred language, just change the YouTube options in the bottom right corner of the video screen).

How To Make Flower Balloon Twisting

To make the flower petals, we’ll start by inflating the balloon all the way to the top, leaving no room at the end. However, once the balloon is fully inflated, we must allow the air to escape a little to release the pressure and deflate the balloon. Then, by pressing on the tip of the balloon, we can make ourselves a slightly wider edge, which we will tie to the knot of the balloon to make one big loop. Make sure the air pressure is evenly balanced throughout the large loop.

Balloon Twisting Basic Class Hands On

Then, stretching the ball in this way, find the middle of the loop, which must be exactly opposite the knot so that two sections of the same length are obtained. Then take the two sections together in your hands, being sure to divide the length into three parts as evenly as possible.

Okay, now the next thing is going to be a bit tricky! With your hands, changing each time, you have to squeeze and twist the two parts together as if you were making a normal bubble, only here you are making 2 bubbles together, and in addition, so that your hands can move completely freely, because they are working. more or less simultaneously on two different parts of the balloon.

You can pause the video, try a couple of times, in the end you should succeed. Once your 6 sections of balloons are done, place them in a zigzag pattern as shown. Squeeze, connect 6 parts, taking them between your thumb and forefinger, like this.

Then take 3 petals from one side of the zigzag and twist them around the base so that all the petals stay in place. Then move your thumb and forefinger aside and position the marks better. Here… the hardest part is over!

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Now take another ball, preferably green, to make a leg. Insert it, leaving a margin of about three fingers, tie a knot and evenly distribute air pressure.

Let’s start with the tulip. As a reminder, it’s all about using your index finger to push the knot back inside the balloon, gently pull the finger out, and finally pinch and twist to hold the tulip in place.

Let’s go back to the petals, arbitrarily stretching any two so that we have enough room for the base of the twist tulip to the middle of the petals. To relieve the pressure and avoid one of the balloons, you should gently push the Tulip Twist, twisting it a bit, instead of tensing it at the same time.

How To Make Flower Balloon Twisting

As soon as the core of the flower sits firmly in the middle of the petals, make a small bubble, and then a second one of the same size, which we twist into a tuck. The idea is that the petals of the flower should be the same length as the stem.

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Check the air for the last time… that there is no space left in the rest of the balloon and that the air pressure in it is evenly distributed. Now we are going to zigzag the rest of the balloon and place our hand in the middle of the zigzag. The last part of the balloon and the part that supports the leaves should protrude slightly from the zigzag. Press and lock the center of the zigzag by turning each side of the zigzag against each other with your thumb and forefinger.

Thus, in one movement, we created two loops of the same size, which will create the leaves of the flower. Make sure the bottom and top of the stem are in the center of the leaves. Give the leg a slight curve to make it look a little more natural…

1-Inflate one balloon completely, then release some air before tying the knot to make the balloon more flexible and functional.

10- You should get this format. The next part is going to be a bit tricky; you may have to try a few times before you get comfortable.

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11- Take the big bubbles together in your hands, dividing the length into three equal parts. Turning each hand in turn, you must press and rotate the two sections around their base, as if you were making ordinary bubbles.

12- Only here you are making two bubbles at the same time, and on top of that your hands don’t move all the way because they are working more or less simultaneously on two different parts of the balloon.

16. The idea here is to combine the vibrations of the bubbles, so stack 6 bubbles to make them into small loops (these will be flower petals).

How To Make Flower Balloon Twisting

17- In the end, the supporting hand should grab all the gaps between the thumb and forefinger and be able to hold 6 bubbles on its own. It’s a little physical, but it’s doable after a few tries.

Diy Balloon Flowers

18- With twisted hand, take 3 loops from one end and twist them together at the bottom of the fold, which is held by the supporting hand.

21- To make a foot, put on a balloon, you can green, leaving a margin of about 3 fingers wide.

24. To relieve pressure and avoid bursting the balloon, you need to gently, in a few circular motions, make the tulip-twist forward, and not immediately forcefully.

25- Turn the flower over and do the same with the rest of the green balloon so that the base of the stem is also in the middle of the petals.

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28. The idea is that the stem should be roughly in the same position as the petals of the flower.

29- Push the air back to the tip of the remaining part of the balloon and make sure that the air pressure is evenly distributed along its length.

30- Bend the rest of the balloon in a zigzag pattern. The tip may stick out a little beyond the zigzag.

How To Make Flower Balloon Twisting

31- Press and lock the center of the zigzag in place and turn the two sides of the zigzag in the opposite direction. This gives us, in one motion, two loops of the same length, which will create the leaves of the flower.

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