How To Make Beaded Flower Necklace

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How To Make Beaded Flower Necklace – I have written many tutorials on how to make flowers with polymer clay. But did you know that you can make flowers using just wire and beads? Such techniques have long been used for wedding decorations and hairstyles. They are very easy to learn but can create great effects.

In this lesson I will show you three ways to make beaded flowers based on different types of beads. Jewelry designs are kept simple for educational purposes. You can create your own version using those basic techniques.

How To Make Beaded Flower Necklace

How To Make Beaded Flower Necklace

Take a piece of 28 gauge wire and fold it in half. Hold the folded part with round nose pliers and pull the thread together as shown in picture 1. This will create a loop for you to connect other elements later.

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Slide five seed beads (I used 2mm moon beads) to one end of the wire. Then tie the wire until the beads resemble the shape of the flower (photo 3). Bend the wire tightly as shown in picture 4. When it meets the other end of the wire, continue to bend 1-2 cm (0.4-0.8 inch).

Now take the thread opposite the first flower and slip five seed beads onto it (I used Miyuki gold). As before, twist and turn the thread so that the beads form a flower shape (pictures 5 and 6).

Continue the same process. Always make a fence with the end of the wire so that the final product looks like a tree branch.

You can complete the project by turning the twisted wire into a closed loop as shown in photo 9.

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Now you finish a piece that has two loops on both sides. If you want to make a ring, just attach an ear hook to one end and a large bead to the other. If you want to create a piece of hair, make both large loops so that the hair can pass through. In addition, you can connect all ends with chains for a necklace. The possibilities are endless.

This technique is used for all top drilled teardrop beads. For a more suitable piece for a wedding, you can use white pearls as seen in the picture. For a casual look, you can choose colored crystals strung on top.

**If you choose pearls, I recommend using fake pearls instead of freshwater pearls. Later ones have irregular bloom shapes that look different.

How To Make Beaded Flower Necklace

Slide five faux pearl beads up onto the 28 gauge wire. Then slide the right side of the wire through the leftmost bead as shown in photo 2. Tighten the wire until the beads look like a flower shape (photo 3).

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Unlike the seed bead project we discussed earlier, one wrap is not enough for the top drilled beads to hold together properly. We need to tie more flowers to strengthen the beads.

Therefore, the closing method is the key to the success of this project. Each flower needs five wraps and the final shape looks like a star as shown in picture 8.

In the picture above, I have put arrows in the direction of each casing. Remember for each wrap the wire goes through two adjacent beads, front and back.

Once the flower is finished, twist the thread well as shown in picture 9 and we can continue with the next flower.

Blue Daisy Necklace Beaded Flower Necklace Seed Bead

Twist one end of the wire and slide five drilled beads over it. Repeat the tying process described in step 2. Once the second flower is completed, twist the thread slightly and then form the third flower.

Make a leaf by adding one bead to both sides of the flower as shown in pictures 6-8.

Finish the piece by making a closed loop at the end as in photo 9. If you don’t know how to make a closed loop, read it here.

How To Make Beaded Flower Necklace

Our last project was created with circular beads. Those raised beads are perfect for flower arrangements. We can wrap each one and add a small bead in the middle as the center of the flower.

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Slide a round bead onto the wire and stop in the middle. Taking one end of the thread, twist tightly around the bead until it meets the other end. Then twist the yarn together 2 or 3 times as shown in picture 2.

Bend one end of the wire outwards and slide the other bead over it. Repeat the process of closing and turning until all five petals are completed.

Bend one end of the string upwards and slide a small round bead over it. Wrap half of the bead and thread the wire through the center of the flower as shown in pictures 8 and 9.

Once the flowers are finished, we can continue to add leaves on both sides. The technique is similar to covering individual petals.

Flower Bead Necklace

You can continue to add flowers and leaves if needed. To finish the piece, make a closed loop at the end with a round nose needle (pictures 4 and 5).

The finished piece can be used as part of many jewelry designs. In the picture above, I connected two pearls at the top and made it into a ring.

If you like today’s tutorial, please share it with your friends by pinning the complete picture guide below. Thank you. Honestly, is there anything more fun than daisies? In need of a dose of cheer this weekend, I hit up some colorful bracelets to cheer the spirits up. Maybe make daisy chains from seed beads

How To Make Beaded Flower Necklace

Hard, but honestly, not hard at all! It’s easy as long as you have the right equipment. I dare you to stop at one, that is

Beading Tutorial Pattern Earrings

Addicted Just be sure to pay attention to the size of the beads and string before buying the accessories. Have fun!

Using the right wire or rope is important here. My favorite thread for the daisy chain is Griffin’s twisted silk thread. It comes with an attached needle that makes threading through small seed beads seamless, especially since you have to double thread through some seed beads. Untie the entire map with two knots at the end. You will want to leave like a 3-4 tail.

Note: You definitely don’t want to use bungee cords here. It is very difficult to get a tight weave on the daisy.

Place the seed beads. Then you will add the colors of the daisy leaf and create the top half of the flower. Because I’m using a larger gold medium bead here, I’m adding 5 beads here. If you were using a smaller center bead (like an 8/0 seed bead) then I would add 4.

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Add a bead in the middle. Again, I’m using a 3mm gold bead here, but you can insert any size bead. Take the needle and thread it through the bead of color 1, towards the knot/end of the bracelet.

Note: Notice how important it is to have a string or wire that can go through your seed bead twice? Size and material matter!

Add three more colored beads. Then take the needle and thread it through the last colored bead, before your middle bead. It should go opposite from the beginning of the bracelet.

How To Make Beaded Flower Necklace

Pull the rope all the way and form a daisy. You may want to adjust the beads as you tighten to pin them in place and make sure they are evenly distributed.

Festival Beaded Flower Necklace

After it all feels tight, add a few more beads before starting the next daisy. Add the next set of colors (5) and the middle bead.

Thread the needle through the first colored bead, add three more beads and then thread the needle through the 5th bead, the last one before the middle bead.

To fasten, I like to use a sliding macrame clasp. It is more functional and I find it easier to loosen and tighten around your hand against the clasp. If you decide to close the slide, leave about an inch of space. If you’re just adding a clasp, you can leave about 1/4-1/3″ of space.

Note: I’m using a Chinese knot to tie here because I had a little silk thread and wanted a different color for more visual clarity. I actually prefer the Chinese knot cord for the slide closure. But if you don’t want to go to the trouble of buying, you can use a silk thread – preferably a large size.

Tutorial On Beaded Flower Earrings

Cut 8-10 pieces of string or wire. Place the ends of the bracelet parallel and face each other. Place the center of the tie string under the ends of your bracelet. Fold the right cord over the thread, then fold the left cord over. right cord, pointing down Pull the left cord under the right and middle strands and then through the right side loop.

Now do the same on the other side and complete the square knot. Complete the 2nd half of the square knot by folding the left strand over the middle strands and under the right strand. Pass the right string under the left and middle strings and through the loop on the left.

To finish the closure, thread one string onto the needle and sew

How To Make Beaded Flower Necklace

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