How To Make Arch With Balloons

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How To Make Arch With Balloons – I have a post on how to make a balloon garland, but how about a balloon arch? From my original post there are some new products on the market to help you out! Find out how to make a balloon arch for any occasion with this tutorial!

It seems like decades ago that I made a balloon garland for my daughter’s first birthday. It was pretty easy too – I just used balloons and string! Now this is the old fashioned way, although you can certainly still use the method if you don’t want to buy special supplies.

How To Make Arch With Balloons

How To Make Arch With Balloons

But now, years later, there are some useful products on the market that allow you to make professional looking balloon arches without all of the tying and cutting of string that my string method involved. You can even get ready-made kits!

Rainbow Balloon Garland Diy Kitunicorn Party Balloonsrainbow

I got the balloons that I used for the garland below from this shop. I loved the bold metal balloons and the marble balloons that stayed pretty dull even after I inflated them.

But if you want to make your own – which I think is still the best method because you can decide exactly how big you want the balloon to be – this post is for you! This tutorial uses plastic tape designed specifically for making balloon arches.

A note on balloon shopping: Since we did this as a last minute indoor activity, we picked up some balloons at our local Party City. We ended up spending about $25 on balloons and got way more than we needed. (More tips on figuring out how much you’ll need below.)

Once you know how many you’ll need, round up to be safe and buy a variety of balloons online. It is MUCH cheaper to buy online once you know what colors you will need. Etsy also has a huge selection of gorgeous frosted and metallic balloons!

How To Make An Arch Of Balloons

I wanted a big enough balloon arch, so I decided to inflate 12 of each color. That meant 96 balloons. Lots of balloons! I took a large pack of 12″ balloons and then topped it off with several packs of 9″ balloons.

The size of your balloon arch also depends on a few other factors: how big your balloon is and how tightly you pack them to each other on the plastic strips, for example. Mine are packed quite tight and blown up to different sizes.

So keep that in mind when deciding how many balloons you’ll need for your arch. Buy more than you think you need!

How To Make Arch With Balloons

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How To Make A Balloon Arch » Lovely Indeed

I inflated the balloons myself but you may want to use a hand pump to inflate depending on your personal circumstances. I blew all 12 of a flush, took a break, and then came back to it.

I also recommend inflating the balloons of different sizes. I used both 12″ and 9″ balloons, but still blew them up in different sizes: large, medium, and small. I then separated two balloons of each color to use as filler when I was done.

This bubble wrap is SUPER easy to use. It’s just a strip of hard plastic with holes in it. You don’t have to use all the holes, and the space between the balloons depends on the size of the balloons and how full you want the arch to be.

You don’t have to worry about the bow staying straight. As you insert the balloons, you will find that the ribbon twists as it is inserted. This actually makes the arch quite stable – my arch shape created itself as I threaded the balloons.

How To Make A Balloon Wreath

If you want your bow to be more flexible, don’t wrap the balloons so tightly together on the ribbon. This will all make more sense once the balloons are in place. I promise it’s THAT easy!

I also don’t recommend cutting the plastic strip until you’re ready. That way, you won’t go broke if your project turns out to be larger than you originally planned.

This is how the arch will look from the inside. When you have finished stringing all the balloons, you can move them around a bit to cover any gaps and hide the inside area. The balloons remained stable even in the holes!

How To Make Arch With Balloons

You can see I didn’t have an actual pattern for using the holes. I tried to keep the balloons as close together as possible for a super complete look, but had to miss a hole or two depending on the size of the balloon.

Easy Steps To Make Your Own Balloon Arch

The next step is to fill in any gaps in the bubble that give you an idea of ​​the not-so-cool interior. You can do this before installing the balloon arch, but I recommend doing it after the arch is in place.

How come? Because you can manipulate the balloons a bit to fill some of those gaps. Putting the bow in place will show you exactly where the eye sores are. I put mine against the wall in my daughter’s room.

I used balloon glue. To keep everything in place, I just watched which balloons hit the wall. Then I added a few pieces of super strong balloon glue to stick the balloons to the wall.

This stuff is super tacky and strong, but comes off super easy. I haven’t had any damage to the wall. But if you’re concerned about that possibility, definitely do a field test first.

Dollar Tree Balloon Arch Diy Tutorial

Then use the balloon glue and smaller loose balloons you set aside to fill in any remaining gaps! For these, don’t push the balloons through the holes in the tape. Just glue them in place on the bow using glue.

This step will also help smooth out any warped areas or spots that could use a little more fullness. This final step will take your balloon arch from homemade to professional!

And here is my finished bow. Isn’t that wonderful? I wanted a rainbow pattern for mine, but there are so many color and pattern options!

How To Make Arch With Balloons

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I kept seeing balloon arches on Pinterest, so I did a little research and decided the day before Elle’s Winter ONEderland party to make one.

Start by blowing up and tying all of your balloons. My mother and mother in law helped me suck them. A hand pump or electric pump might have been faster, but we honestly blew them up in ten minutes.

Your balloon tape will have holes along the entire length. I started by gluing a balloon knot into every other hole and filling in other holes as needed. I suggest not using all of your balloons and keeping some aside in case you need them later.

How To Make A Balloon Garland (that’s Gorgeous)!!!

We randomly placed balloons of different color next to each other. The ribbon twists a bit when they’re all there, so it will look very random once it’s done.

I used about 12 feet of decorative ribbon for my bow. After placing the balloons in the tape, we recommend that you stick the center of the arch to the wall first.

Using about 20 inches of string, I twisted a small piece of decorative ribbon and secured it to the wall using command tape. I found it a much stronger adhesive than packing tape and it didn’t peel the paint off the wall!

How To Make Arch With Balloons

Once you’ve secured the center of the bow, do the same on both sides. You don’t have to attach the ends of your bow yourself. Consider a quarter from the middle to the end. The ends of my bow aren’t actually attached at all – they hang down.

How To Make A Balloon Arch

You may find that when you step back, you can see part of the stripe between the balloons. If so, use the balloons you’ve set aside and insert them to fill all the holes. The Lars Balloon Arch is by far your favorite project of all time! And many of you have done it for your own events. So, for our new YouTube channel (video every Thursday!), I thought it would be nice to show exactly how

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