How To Make An Easy Rubber Band Bracelet

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Here’s an easy way to make cool rubber bands without a stapler! These are the bracelets I make. Although you can make these rubber bands on the Rainbow Loom, you can also use your fingers. It’s very simple!

How To Make An Easy Rubber Band Bracelet

How To Make An Easy Rubber Band Bracelet

All you need to make these bracelets are: 40 rubber bands, (20 of each color), an S or C hook, and your fingers.

A Frugal Way To Make A Rainbow Loom Bracelets (diy)

Add a strip to the index finger, turn it over, put the other side on the middle finger.

Place another strip of a different color on top of the first strip. Don’t twist it. Then, using the first color, put the third on top of the second.

When you have three strips on your fingers, take the bottom strip and move the side that is on your index finger to the middle. Then repeat on the other side. Continue adding strips and moving them in the middle until you have used all your strips.

After you have used all the bars, move the bottom bar to the middle. Once you’ve done this, slide both sides of the remaining strip over one finger. Then put the hook and connect it to the other side. And there you have it, a great bracelet to wear and show off to your friends! Thanks for checking out this guide! Please comment! If you have any questions or problems, please let me know! Thanks again! This post may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission to support this site at no additional cost to you.

Unicorn Neon Assortment Rubber Band Bracelet

When it’s long enough, put on the last rubber band to finish it off! very cute! We made a Christmas wreath and put it on each gift!

Separate your colors… do it with your fingers…and you can’t stop until you’re done…and your fingers hurt, so speed is of the essence! 1. Make the first figure 8 rubber pattern

5. Whatever color you slide your finger on… you add it to the top of your finger

How To Make An Easy Rubber Band Bracelet

When you feel it is long enough (and remember to stretch), you add a hook (comes in elastic bands!)  where you started…. Mudo Nest 11,860+ Rubber Bands Refill Loom Set: 11,000 Diy Loom Bands 500 Clips, 210 Beads, 46 Charms, Loom Bracelet Making Kit For Kids,rubber Band Bracelet Kit

Then you continue to use the rubber band on your fingers until only one color remains

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Rubber Band Bracelets: The Latest Kids Craze

Have you seen your friends wearing these really cute fish bracelets? Well, now you can make your own in just a few easy steps! Although you can go to the store and buy a rubber band, it is much cheaper to make your own. Whether you have a loom – the tool used to weave strips – or just want to use your hands, all you need to do is learn the process and you’re good to go!

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To make a rubber band with your fingers, first place an orange band around your middle finger. Then, roll it into a figure 8 and put 1 ring on your ring finger. Wrap 2 purple bands around the thumb and middle fingers, on top of the orange band. Now move the rings of the orange strip over your fingers so that they are in the middle of the purple strips. Wrap another purple band around your 2 fingers. Next, lift the bottom purple stripe up with your fingers so that it is in the middle with the orange stripe. Continue this process until your bracelet is the way you want it to be. Just make sure you always have 3 elastics on your toes! Read on to learn how to make a rubber bracelet with bracelets! Want to learn how to make wooden rubber bands? We have a step by step beaded rubber bracelet tutorial that is very easy to follow. Learn this technique and make your own bracelets in less than 10 minutes.

How To Make An Easy Rubber Band Bracelet

This easy DIY bracelet is a great craft idea for preschoolers, teens, tweens, and adults!

How To Make Loom Bands For Beginners

My 5 year old recently picked up this technique and it’s great for him to be able to make his own bracelets. He is very excited to try different patterns. He still needs help from me to attach the hook at the end. I feel this is a fantastic boredom buster for kids and works to improve their fine motor skills and concentration.

This is a fun craft to do at home or at summer camps! For more summer craft ideas, be sure to check out our great collection of summer crafts for kids.

This bracelet only requires a few basic items that I’m sure you have around the house or at your local craft store. Just learn the trick of making this bracelet and try it with your favorite beads and you will love it.

2. Bullets with large holes. (Make sure the beads have large holes, otherwise it will be difficult to pull the rubber bands through)

How To Make Rubber Band Bracelets Without A Loom!

Take a rubber band and a stick. Now, put the rubber band through the hole of the band. Do the same for all the rubber bands and beads.

Grab two pencils to start making the chain. You don’t really need to use a pen for this. You can even use your fingers. But I recommend using pencils because it’s easier.

Next, put a rubber band. From now on you don’t need to twist rubber bands. Draw the lower rubber, transfer it to the pencil and put it on both sides of the upper rubber.

How To Make An Easy Rubber Band Bracelet

Repeat the process of installing the studded rubber strips and pull the bottom rubber strip from the top. Soon you will see a beautiful pattern created.

Rainbow Looms Are Making A Comeback And It Makes Me So Happy

When you reach the desired chain length, stop this process. Now place another blank rubber on the pencils. Make sure not to twist it.

Place the hook between the hollow rubber bands on both ends and remove the pins. He is! Your personalized wooden rubber bracelet is ready! Wasn’t it fun? 🙂

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Easy Bracelets For Rainbow Loom Beginners

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Take one of the “S” shaped clips and pull the Loom Band through it. It should look like the number “8”.

How To Make An Easy Rubber Band Bracelet


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