How To Make A Flower With Sticky Notes

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How To Make A Flower With Sticky Notes – In October I cosplayed as Chihiro from the Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away. Since the cosplay is pretty basic, I thought I’d add a little “more”. I did it by making a bouquet of flowers that Chihiro is holding at the beginning of the movie.

I learned how to make these flowers while helping out at an annual Japanese bazaar. It’s a very easy way to get started as we teach at origami booths held for young children to learn origami!

How To Make A Flower With Sticky Notes

How To Make A Flower With Sticky Notes

I bought a three pack of cords for $1 at the local dollar store and a pack of sheets for $1. These flowers use very little of these materials and you can make about 70 flowers for only $2!

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You have completed two petals! We’ll call this a “fragment”. Each side of the piece is a petal. A total of 3 pieces are needed to complete the flower. So, we fold two more sheets.

When folding, make sure the side with the color you want to show is on the inside. For post-it notes, this means the sticky side should come out. Your wrinkles cover unwanted color/stickiness.

Make sure the creases are crisp and clear. If the folds are uneven, the edges of the petals can look unsightly and the flower can look lopsided.

Do not twist the wire too tightly or too loosely. Petals may fall or move if not secured. If the wire is too tight, it can easily cut the paper and ruin the flower. So you want to make it tight (but not tight) to the wire.

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When everything is together, you can cut the wire. We chose 8 inches for the stem length, but you can choose any length you like.

Pinch the petals with your thumb and forefinger. In this way spread the ends of the three parts to make a total of six petals. You can give the petals a little curve by pinching them out and down. Some parts may be too far to one side. Here you can adjust how much the pieces stick out. Pull the short end to make it even. Introduction: I love all art in general, but some of my favorites are photography, making practical things with duct tape, and sewing burlesque. Before I buy something, I think twice and usually… More about Jessie Marie ยป

This is a fun craft that is super easy to make! Have you ever made anything with sticky notes? Well, maybe this is your first time doing something like this. Everyone has sticky notes somewhere, so these crafts are also very cheap to make.

How To Make A Flower With Sticky Notes

First make 4 petals from sticky notes. Fold 1 pink sticky note twice and then bend it to make a crease (look at the picture if it looks confusing). Then cut around it to give it a round, familiar petal shape.

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Glue all four petals together, then take a small piece of tape and stick one in the center of the front and one in the center of the back. You have your flowers!

Take a piece of green sticky note and roll it up and put a small piece of tape on it. Then glue it to the center of the back of the flower.

Your sticky note flower is ready! Display it on your desk, around the house or give it to a friend!

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