How To Make A Flower Out Of A Strawberry

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How To Make A Flower Out Of A Strawberry – While designing our latest decor pack – Red and Blue Owl (available for purchase now in our TeachersPayTeachers store), we came across this wonderful craft project that we just had to share with you. We needed some flowers in tones that matched our red and blue colors to add interest to our classroom decor and with this easy technique, we were able to make our own flowers in a variety of colors – and quickly too!!

They are so easy that you can make them with the students too – great to use as decorations anywhere in your classroom or lecture hall. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to make some of these great decorations:

How To Make A Flower Out Of A Strawberry

How To Make A Flower Out Of A Strawberry

The blue flower is the largest size of 10 inches. We also made some reds in the smaller 7″ size like this:

How To Make Rolled Paper Flowers With Cricut

To create the flower arrangement featured in our photos to pack the red and blue owl decorations, I used a blue jug to hold them and some branches coated with white spray paint to fill it in – we’re really happy with how they added up. There is more color and style in our photos! Click to read more about my Red and Blue Owl Room Decor Pack.

If you like what you see in our Red and Blue Owl Decoration Pack, why not head over to our TeachersPayTeachers store and get your copy today. With over 120 pages of printable decorations, it’s sure to add color and cuteness to your classroom decor!

Filed Under: Accessories, Decorations, Decoration Ideas, Inspiration, Printable Decorations, Classroom Themes Tagged With: Blue, Classroom Decorations, DIY Decorations, Editable Decorations, Owl Decorations, Owls, Red Who Loves Flowers?? I love them. However, my budget does not feel the same. At least he disagrees with how much I love flowers! If I could, I would have them in every room of our house every day. Not in the budget.

When it comes to parties, I love flowers more surfaces. Flowers can really add a lot to a party but that’s it

Cardstock Paper Flowers

, so here’s a fun project that will allow you to have your flowers and keep your money too.

6. Do the same thing a few times (or twice, if you use two plates at a time) but make the “hearts” smaller. I made two bigger ones for the base and curled them down (not curled, I mean just bent them down). Then I made two medium and two small sizes. Once I cut them, I tried to alternate the petals to each other. Fluff petals do not curl some up and some down. Once you place them as you would like, staple them in the middle.

7. For the center of the flower, take one of the scraps from your previous cut and cut a scalloped edge around the bushes in the plate.

How To Make A Flower Out Of A Strawberry

9. Fold the bottom of the shells so that they have a way to sit on the flower. To fold them into a circle, cut small slits at the bottom. Use a glue gun to secure the center of the flower.

How To Make Beautiful Crepe Paper Flowers Out Of Streamers

Now you have a gorgeous blooming white flower that only cost you the price of a few paper plates.

I think my budget will be okay with this kind of flowers…and your party budget too. I can’t wait to show you how I used these at a baby shower I threw last weekend. I will be back with all the pictures this Friday. We use cookies to make great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy

Is a “wikipedia,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to modify and improve it over time.

When making ribbon flowers, it is important to take care when creating the petals. Choose yarn that matches your ribbons to make unobtrusive stitches. Whether creating for clothes, pins or a DIY project, creating flowers from ribbon is a fun and easy project.

How To Craft Flowers With Cardboard

Is a “wikipedia,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to modify and improve it over time. This article was viewed 45,520 times.

To make a ribbon flower, start by tying a knot at one end of a wide, edged ribbon thread. Then pinch the edges with your fingers to give them a ruffled look. Next, twist the ribbon around a pencil, starting just after the knot. Continue rolling the ribbon so that it resembles the layers of a rose. Finally, use your fingers to flatten and shape the edges of the ribbon to make the rose petals. To learn how to make a flower with thin ribbon, read on! Learn how to make paper flowers step by step (with photos or videos!) today. There are many different ways to make paper flowers easily.. and today we show you the “Paper Flower Accordion Technique”. You may also like our easy 3D paper flowers, as well as our paper flowers and patterns! But for today’s paper flowers, you do not need a model! Just a square piece of origami paper and scrap paper/buttons for decoration! This combines our love of easy paper crafts for kids, along with cute DIY flower crafts – perfect for Mother’s Day or spring!

We love paper flowers and have another fantastic set of 3D paper flowers in our new paper projects book for kids:

How To Make A Flower Out Of A Strawberry

Take your square piece of paper and prepare to fold it into 8 equal folds. The easiest way to get the creases neatly spaced out is to fold your paper in half and unfold it so you have some guide creases (see the two pictures above).

Jumble Tree: Easy Paper Flowers

Cut the paper into 4 equal parts (or if you want a larger flower, cut in half and repeat with a second piece of paper).

Then the end goes back to the first piece of paper so you have a concertina ring like in the top right photo.

Take a craft stick or coffee stirrer, paint green and secure to the back of your flower with glue or tape!

I hope you enjoyed this flower tutorial. The method really is pretty straight forward and so much fun! These construction paper flowers are so simple to make. They are made entirely of cut out heart shapes! And best of all, you only need really simple craft materials to make them – construction paper, a pompom stick and a pom pom.

Classroom Decor: Make Your Own Paper Flowers

You can make this cute paper heart craft in less than 10 minutes with really simple craft supplies. If you know how to cut a heart shape, you’re all set!

These easy construction paper flowers are great for spring, summer or anytime. Wouldn’t these heart flowers be great to give as a homemade gift on Mother’s Day?

All instructions are printed below. Here is a list of affiliate links that will take you to products on Amazon similar to the supplies we used to make this craft:

How To Make A Flower Out Of A Strawberry

We used green popsicle sticks from the dollar store, but if you just have plain people, you can use a marker to color them green, or even paint them green.

Paper Flowers 1.0

If you don’t have popsicle sticks, try using a wooden skewer, pipe cleaner, drinking straw – or anything else you can find around the house!

Have only white paper at home? There are no problems! Use markers to draw beautiful shapes and patterns on the petals to make them colorful and even more personalized.

Or if you prefer, you can cut a circle or heart from yellow paper for the middle. You can even draw a face on it for the middle of your flower.

This was the first time my 7 year old made a heart shape, so I drew the shape on the folded paper and passed it to him to cut out. He knew the rest of the paper heart craft all by himself.

Satin Ribbon Flower Tutorial

These construction paper flowers are a great craft for spring and summer and a great craft for kids for Mother’s Day. Hang them on the wall or refrigerator or use them as decorations in the dollhouse. This paper heart craft is quick and easy for kids of all ages.

Check out our book Mess-Free Crafts for Kids for 72 fun and easy craft ideas for kids! Projects are fun, easy and most importantly low mess so clean up is simple!

I’m Debbie Chapman, founder of One Little Project and author of Low-Cost Crafts for Kids. I love creating fun and easy crafts and cooking delicious recipes for my husband and 3 kids.

How To Make A Flower Out Of A Strawberry

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