How To Make A Flower Lei With Money

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How To Make A Flower Lei With Money – In Hawaii, graduation is very important. There are many beautiful traditions on the islands, but it’s safe to say that graduation and the frenzy that comes with it are my favorites. If you’ve never seen the piles and piles of poop on Graduates of Hawaii, it’s truly amazing. It’s a great show of love and support.

Money lace makes a great gift for graduations and other celebrations. They’re not hard to make and each one can be completely unique to match your school colors, the recipient’s favorite colors, or anything else you think would look good. Today I’m sharing an easy way to make money!

How To Make A Flower Lei With Money

How To Make A Flower Lei With Money

For this particular lion, I used pom poms that I made myself to add a unique color to mine. My pom pom tutorial is a good place to start if you want to make your own. For this you need yarn and a pom pom machine set.

Money Garland Lei As Perfect Graduation Gift

If you don’t want to use pom poms, you can add fresh flowers and bows or add more $1 bill flowers. How you want your finished product to look is of course up to you!

The first step is to take each $1 bill (or more if you’re a big spender!) and fold it in half.

Now fold it like an accordion, going back and forth in opposite directions, using the folds as a guide.

Now, it’s time to string your lei! Take the tape and very carefully tape the touching sides and fold.

Make A Money Lei For Graduation

You will see a small hole created in each $1 bill; this is where you can chain it!

If you are using pom poms, you can decide how big you want your pom poms to be and create a design with your beaded flowers and yarn pom poms.

For this leis, I used three different sizes of pom poms. The larger size is my “anchor” on the leeward bottom, then I put a bell flower on each side. From there, I placed the next smaller size knob in alternating colors, followed by a bell flower on each side.

How To Make A Flower Lei With Money

After that, I put the next smaller size pom pom in a different color and then put the same amount of money flowers (eight) on both sides.

May Day Is Lei Day In Hawai’i

To complete the lei, I placed medium sized mixed colored pom poms to match the anchor pom poms on either side and tried it on for size with my trusty assistant.

If you want to make your lei bigger, you can add more pom poms or bells. You can use a larger bill amount and create less money flowers and more pom poms (or whatever you want). The great thing about Money Leas is that you can create them to fit your celebration!

Next Post: Why I Started Taking an Online Group Fitness Class + My Thoughts on Pure Barre ยป DIY Graduation Gift Idea: Simple Fun Money by Lina Lee | DIY/Recipe Content Creator April 21, 2022 at 12:15 PM MDT As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission for purchases that qualify for this post. Read our full disclosure policy here.

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Diy Graduation Money Leis

Do not miss it! Join our huge community of insiders – it’s completely free! Once you join, you can save and share your favorite deals, rate posts and recipes, and add items to your fashion list and cookbook! What are you waiting for?! I grew up in Hawaii where graduation means lace and lots of lace. There are many different types of laws offered for graduation, but a money law is the iconic law of graduation. The traditional money lei consists of $50 or more bills, and money flowers are arranged to create a complete look. A lei made of $50 or more bills is interesting to look at, but not very comfortable to wear. This ribbon money lei tutorial starts with a basic ribbon lei and is more comfortable to wear. And it’s fast

A traditional mani lei uses more folded mani flowers strung on a ribbon as beads.

While receiving a money lei is always fun, wearing a traditional money lei is awkward. Especially since graduates often have several laces piled on top of each other.

How To Make A Flower Lei With Money

The bell lei I make has the bell flowers folded in and you can leave the back of the lei (the part that hangs around the neck) without the bell flowers. This is what makes this money more convenient to carry.

Diy Paper Lei For Gradution (or Diy Money Lei)

By adding bellflowers to a ribbon lei, the graduate can keep the ribbon lei as a keepsake after the money is withdrawn.

As you fold the bills, carefully line up the edges of the bill and use your thumb nail or a bone folder folding tool to crimp each fold tightly. It is important to line up the edges when making each new fold so that your final flower is not symmetrical.

Determine the position of the flowers along the lei ribbon. When determining placement, place a bell flower in the front center of the lei (it will hang over the center of the lei). Leave 10 to 12 inches open

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