How To Make A Flower Costume

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How To Make A Flower Costume – This Halloween, why not throw an easy online garden party? Do you love vegetables but suffer from black fingers? do not worry! Cardboard and cardboard don’t really get wet, as far as Halloween costumes go.

We’ve teamed up with Amazon Prime to show you how to make your own houseplant outfit from an Amazon Smile cardboard box and some new accessories. I’ve had a lot of Amazon Smile boxes delivered to my door, so it’s easy to use cardboard.

How To Make A Flower Costume

How To Make A Flower Costume

Laura turned a cardboard box into a usable car for Lola! It’s a great way to express your creativity and spend time with friends and family, so give it a try this year!

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A vegetarian outfit made from a cardboard box? This dress is stylish, unique and creative! Here’s what you need to do yourself:

Two-tone green crepe paper (I used two rolls of dark green and two rolls of dark green).

Acrylic terracotta paint (I used this paint and this paint to mimic the texture of a real clay pot)

Step 1: Use another thick paper to cut circles. If you don’t have another thick paper bag, you can glue 2 pieces of regular cardboard. These rings should be stronger because they provide more physical strength to the pot.

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To cut the sprouts, I first dipped them in a round laundry basket*. I found parts of the basket where my legs could only move very narrowly. Then I draw the second circle 2 inches inside the first circle. I used an X-ACTO knife to cut the lines.

You need to make at least two passes with the knife to get a clean cut. Change the surface of your knife after each cut, otherwise the edge will be completely cut to give you a good cut.

After cutting out the first large circle, I used the bottom of the laundry basket to draw a smaller circle. Again, I draw the second circle to the first circle by hand and cut the circle with a new blade.

How To Make A Flower Costume

*If you don’t have a large circular object like a laundry basket, you can draw a large circle using a homemade compass with pins/nails and string, as Laura did in this chandelier project.

Diy Flower Costume

Step 2: Open a large container. I cut the top pieces of my box to make the box the size I wanted. I left the lower leaves because I wanted the height.

Now you need to work with the corrugation of the box to bend and flex your box. This will help it cut the side of your boxes.

After replacing my box, I split the box in two so I could connect them at an angle like the picture on the left. This angular connection gives the vase its compact shape.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be close. Masking tape* can cover small spaces, but not large spaces.

Pointsetta Flower Costume Flower Headband

* The use of masking tape is important for exposed joints. Acrylic paint does not adhere well to plastic packing tape or tape. If you want to use duct tape, you can use it on the inside of the pot where it won’t be seen.

Step 3: Make the corner joints of the box longer than the distance between them. Use the circular saw as a guide to cut the pieces that are sticking up.

Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it also shouldn’t be sloppy or uneven. See above for guidance.

How To Make A Flower Costume

Step 4: Use small pieces or tape to attach the rings as shown above. I used water-reinforced paper tape, so before I applied the tape to the cardboard, I cleaned it with a brush.

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Step 5: Roll out a 4-inch piece of paper to cover the edges of the upper lip. To make these parts, I used the flaps that I removed from my box in step two. I used a straight edge and a sharp X-ACTO knife to make clean cuts.

I had to add a few pieces of cardboard to get the full length I needed to wrap the pot. I attached them to the pot with glue

Step 6: Use acrylic craft paint to paint the vase. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to paint the whole inside of the pot, but you have to do a little of the top and bottom that is visible.

I started by painting a layer of burnt orange acrylic paint. Then I mixed honey red and fire orange and painted it over the first layer of paint. This gives my box pot the look of a real clay pot.

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Step 7: Cut the shape of the leaves. To make a leaf you need two identical dark greens and one light green.

Start by cutting each roll of crepe paper into three equal parts. Place them on top of each other and make long, flat leaves as shown in the picture above. You can place the crepe paper strips however you like—save time cutting out the leaves when wrapping the paper.

However, remember that you need black leaves to join them in stage 9. So make sure you make equal amounts of whatever green and black you make.

How To Make A Flower Costume

For each leafy green you make, you’ll need a light green that’s wider. I used a dark green leaf as an example to cut a light green leaf.

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I was able to fit five dark green leaves across each large piece of crepe paper. This gives me 15 black leaves per roll. However, you only need two dark green leaves and one light green to make a full leaf.

So a roll of dark green paper is 7 1/2 sheets. Two rolls gives me a variety of black leaves to make 15 leaves. (Although I made 12 full sheets and two smaller sheets to cover my threads.)

The bright green crepe paper roll was not enough, so I used a second roll. Make sure you have enough crepe paper to cover the threads of step 11!

Step 8: Cut the length of your wire to the size of your crepe paper. Align them in straight lines.

Party Stage Show Opening Ceremony Dance Guest Performance Costumes Flower Birld Fairy Costume|ballroom|

Step 9: Gather your crepe sheets. I did this by placing a green leaf on the bottom and placing the wire over it and then gluing it like the picture above. Before you apply a dark green leaf to the wire and glue, do small batches so your glue doesn’t dry.

After the dark green leaf is on top, flip the new wire leaf over and add the same dark green leaf pattern to the other side.

Step 11: Use scotch tape to make a strap for your vase. Cover them with crepe paper before gluing the tape.

How To Make A Flower Costume

Separate the straps so they slide off your shoulders less. I used hot glue to attach the straps, but I really like to secure them with some sort of staple, stitch, or strap for security. You can hide the connection point behind the top edge of the pot.

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This time I used hot glue to stick the leaves to the pot. When the hot glue is applied 4 inches under each leaf, it is strong enough to hold it in place.

I twisted the tips of the leaves higher than the rest. Remember that the leaves stick to your body when used.

Be careful not to put too many things in front of me, or where your hand goes. Save the two small leaves to attach to the front of your straps.

My main tip for this box is to make sure your straps are tight! In the picture above, you can see that because the hot glue was on the wires, I had to use tape and it didn’t feel strong.

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I didn’t use gorilla glue when attaching my straps, so maybe that helped? However, I highly recommend using some type of glue other than glue or glue to secure your strings to the pot.

It is not difficult to sew, sew or tie a strap by hand. Fasteners can be hidden behind the upper edge of the pot.

As a bonus, this dress comes with its own handle! (Another good reason to make sure the straps are tight!). To top it all off, do the herbal trick of bringing your own water bottle – grab a water bottle!

How To Make A Flower Costume

Do you like plants that go together for Halloween? Maybe a normal life with less and less sunlight

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