How To Make A Calla Lily Out Of Fondant

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How To Make A Calla Lily Out Of Fondant – Learn how to make a free printable patterned paper calla lily! These gorgeous watercolor paper flowers can be made with other paper flower patterns. Thanks to OOLY for sponsoring this post!

Flowers are probably the most popular watercolor painting subjects and if you ask me (or read this blog…) paper flower bouquets are the cutest thing to make.

How To Make A Calla Lily Out Of Fondant

How To Make A Calla Lily Out Of Fondant

In this post, you’ll not only learn how to make a paper calla lily, but you’ll learn a cool new watercolor trick that you can use with any paper flower design!

The Craftinomicon: Paper Calla Lilies

Instead of using paper, simply paint with watercolors to get a nice texture. And the best part?

These paper calla lilies are a sweet Mother’s Day gift that mixes art with craft and is full of fun.

Want to know how to make a paper calla lily? Use the template to assemble your own. But the first step, the drawing stage, is the stage you enjoy the most because there is no pressure, just do what you want.

To make these, I experimented with the OOLY Chroma Blends line. His new neon watercolors were my first stop. I made a calla lily using the classic pale green and yellow colors you’ll find in most tutorials. Colors are vibrant and bright.

Amazing Meaning And Symbolism Of Calla Lily Flower And Tattoo

And after I got the black paper, I also tried the Chroma Blends Pearlescent watercolors. Instead of cutting out my pattern with it first, I had the pleasure of tracing it onto a piece of black paper.

I picked up the Chroma Blends travel watercolor palette. And my GOD, it’s the best. Inside are two water brushes, a full palette of watercolor paints, and an artist’s palette inside! I guarantee I’ll be taking it on my big family vacation this summer. Sorry family, but I checked.

And finally, I tried the Chroma Blends watercolor paper. To be honest, I’ve never tried it because it’s so hard. However, I decided to give it a try and it became my favorite because:

How To Make A Calla Lily Out Of Fondant

This one I painted in deep indigo and purple tones. It is my favorite flower out of all the bouquets I have created.

Calla Lily (zantedeschia): Plant, Grow And Care For Calla Lilies

I’ve also been playing with mechanical watercolor pencils and watercolor brush markers. They are a great option if you want to use paper or make less of a real mess like I did. But I like to make a mess (I get it from my boys) so I use more paints. The markers are great – they have actual brush tips, not hard felt tips!

Calla lilies are popularly white with some pale yellow and green, but they actually come in many beautiful and bright shades. You can choose whether you want to paint your calla lilies more realistically or use your imagination to be inspired by their grand scale and minimalist silhouette.

Whichever way you choose to explain how to make paper calla lilies, your mom will be so impressed that you created these from scratch!

I used many different techniques and experimented for days to learn how to make a paper calla lily. You can see the different flowers in the picture below, because in this tutorial I present the best way from each experience.

Calla Lily Paper Craft

1. Use the template to cut out the basic flower shape. Like the stems on the last page, the leaf is optional.

3. Wrap your manhood. There are two ways to do this. You can use a paper template and wrap it around the end of your dowel. Glue the end and round it.

If you’re using watercolor paper, you’ll want to cut it to the exact size to fit your dowel (a little overlap in the pattern). Glue the base around the end of your dowel.

How To Make A Calla Lily Out Of Fondant

5. Glue the lower square end of your petal around the dowel. Place it so that your manhood comes out as much as you want.

How To Make A Calla Lily Centerpiece Video

My favorite way to attach the front of the lily was to use a mountain of dimensional foam. It held it in place, but it appeared “casually closed” and wasn’t too stiff.

6. If you want, you can cover your luggage with watercolor paper (as shown in the model). Or use paper tape as shown.

7. If you are going to make a leaf, simply glue the paper-wrapped flower stem to the center and hold until set. When it is completely dry, you can twist it into a more natural shape.

I hope you enjoy learning how to make a paper calla lily! Now try painting other paper flower patterns with watercolors!

Paper Calla Lilies Lily

It would be great if I could print out the instructions and put them in a folder. The website does not provide print options

Hi Joyce – I added a “recipe card” below the post for you to print out the written instructions. Let me know if you have any problems with this! Hello to everybody! I’m really excited about this tutorial because I’ve been playing with these flowers for over a week trying to get them just right. Although I’ve seen lots of great varieties on image searches, I couldn’t actually find another tutorial online for making paper calla lilies. I hope I could do justice to these beautiful flowers 🙂

Sculpey clay in the color of your choice (or another male, if you have a better idea, please share!)

How To Make A Calla Lily Out Of Fondant

You want to print the template below in the size you want. The best thing about making paper flowers is that you can make them any size you want, big or small, no matter what size they are naturally. Cn Knight Artificial Calla Lily 12pcs 20 Inch Long Stem Arum Lily For Home Décor Centerpieces Wedding Bridal Diy Bouquet(white)

After deciding on the size of the flowers I’m making, I start the whole blooming process on them first to make a bunch of stamens for my lilies. To do this, I twist the floral wire to give it a little thread, then use Sculpey clay (available at most arts and crafts stores) to create my men on one end of my string. Calla lilies are really easy stamens because they are a long cylinder that lies flat on a flat surface after you insert your wire. I usually make a short, fat cylinder, then insert my yarn, then roll it to the desired length. From one package of Sculpey clay, I can get about 8 stamens that are about 4″ long and 1/4″ to 1/2″ wide. Follow the baking instructions on your clay package to bake and set your clay.

When you’ve finished your stamens, it’s time for the flower petals. Draw your pattern on the paper of your choice. A thinner paper works pretty well for these as there are a lot of folds and these are a little better without hard folds and creases. Crepe paper works best if you can find it in sheets as opposed to streams. Cut out your petal, being careful to cut your lines lightly to avoid any penciling in your final flower.

Now you need to start shaping your petals. I use my fingers to gently bend the paper into the desired shape, for example:

If you have a harder paper, you may want to use the back of a spoon to rub it against the surface of your paper to soften it a bit. I have a glitter tool from a college printing class that I use for this, but you can also rub it with your fingers to soften your paper fiber and make it a little more mobile. Once you have your basic shape, you will want to cone the bottom of your flower and glue it in place.

How To Grow Calla Lilies Indoors Or Outdoors

As shown above, I tend to put a perfect point on one end. Inserting the male, I cut it slightly to make a hole for the string to pass through.

After your glue dries, you’ll have a petal and stamen ready for this shape, the final shape:

To create my petal, I again used my fingers to gently bend and fold the petals into the final shape I wanted:

How To Make A Calla Lily Out Of Fondant

Now I insert the male, glue it in place and wrap the floral wire with floral tape. You can also add a longer stem and some leaves if you want 🙂

Calla Lily (zantedeschia Aethiopica) — Uic Heritage Garden

I’d love to hear what you think of how they turned out, I’m so excited for them!

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At the same time, they are very easy for paper flower makers to assemble and are a great paper flower for beginners.

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