How To Make A Boutonniere Out Of Silk Flowers

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How To Make A Boutonniere Out Of Silk Flowers – Today we’ve teamed up with our favorite silk flower company,  Afloral, to create a DIY flower boutonniere for your men (or groomsmen)! We love that silk flowers will never fade or flatten, and you can choose any flower no matter the season! This is what we did…

• Silk flowers from AFloral. We’ve selected focal ranunculus and fillers like jasmine and berry sprays from this curated site at

How To Make A Boutonniere Out Of Silk Flowers

How To Make A Boutonniere Out Of Silk Flowers

Step 1: Start by cutting your silk flowers to boutonniere size. The stalks were about 2 to 4 inches long. Combine some of your favorite flowers (a statement flower, a filler flower, and a lush green). Grab your floral ribbon and wrap it tightly around you until it’s secure. For this we used XX, XX, XX and XX.

Wrist Corsage — Order Silk Wedding Flowers Online

Step 2: Complete your boutonniere by tying or wrapping your chosen ribbon around it. You can securely attach or lock the gun – your choice!

If you make your own Afloral Boutonnieres with AFloral using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram with the hashtag #DIY. Reprogramming our favorites!

*This post is sponsored by All content, opinions and words are from Green Wedding Shoes. Thank you for supporting our sponsors! Planning a wedding is complicated. There’s a lot to organize! But in the midst of your wedding plans, one detail can be simplified: the boutonniere.

Boutonnieres for groomsmen or celebrants, parents and wedding officiants are easy to make with silk flowers. A charming silk flower boutonniere is often cheaper than a new one – and it won’t fade or turn brown before the dance starts.

Diy: Silk Flower Boutonnieres

Step 1: Choose the flowers you want to use for the boutonniere. We suggest a white silk rose or rosebud with green leaves; a smaller flower in the color theme of the wedding, like this purple wax flower, and a little spray of baby’s breath.

Depending on your taste, your boutonniere can be as minimalistic as Image 1 or a little bolder as Image 2.

Step 2: Gather the flowers one by one, arrange the fabric as desired. It often looks best with tall, thin flowers in the back, a large flower in the middle (like a lily or lily), and smaller pieces in the front. Try adding trailing leaves so that they hug the outside of the arrangement and mimic a natural bouquet.

How To Make A Boutonniere Out Of Silk Flowers

Step 3: Tighten all the threads together. Wrap the assembled stems with floral tape starting from the base of the flowers to the tips. You can either leave the ends open or tape the entire length of the shaft.

Prince Charming Boutonniere

Step 4: decorate with ribbon. From the bottom of the boutonniere, wrap your ribbon up under the flowers in an overlapping spiral. Cut the ribbon, leaving a few centimeters of extra length. Take the loose end and tuck it under the top ribbon loop, under your flowers.

Finish off by cutting the end of the loose ribbon with an angle or dovetail. If you want, you can add a small bow made of the same ribbon.

For a more polished look and to help secure the ribbon, bend the tip of your boutonniere about ¼ to ½ inch up and behind your twisted threads.

With a little knowledge and a few simple materials, you can make boutonnieres for your bridal party ahead of time, leaving plenty of time to focus on other wedding details. Wondering how to make a boutonniere and corsage? Many of our own DIY wedding couples come to us for advice on this and of course we’re more than happy to help! These two types of flower arrangements are important because they honor the most important people of the day. From the mother of the bride to the ring bearers, key families and members of the wedding party wear these small arrangements to express their BIG role in the couple’s life. (Click here to read more about who should buy flowers on your wedding day.)

Blush Silk Boutonniere

Learning how to make a corsage and boutonniere is a great skill because it will help you save on wedding flowers, but it will also be useful for other events. You may need these floral arrangements for future proms, galas, date nights, and more! Adding flowers to your formal wear will help take your look to the next level while highlighting your personal style.

Fortunately, DIY these flower arrangements can be simple and easy. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you master the art of designing these special items. Keep scrolling to learn the process!

Start by gathering all the floral materials you need to create your arrangement. We recommend the following tools for your project:

How To Make A Boutonniere Out Of Silk Flowers

When researching how to make a boutonniere, you may want to consider ordering flowers in bulk to save time and money. If you’re not sure what specific flowers you want in your arrangements, you can start shopping by color or try a DIY Flower Combo that comes with different types of flowers to match your color palette or style!

Yellow And White Boutonniere

When your flowers arrive, be sure to cut the stems, soak them in cold water and store them in a dry, dark, cool place. (Read more about flower care.)

Remove the leaves and stems from the lower half of each stem to make room for the floral ribbon.

Place a filler stem between the greenery and your focal flower to add dimension. Secure this addition with more floral ribbon.

Add another type of filler flower to your arrangement, then add another focal flower if you like. Continue layering greenery, focal flowers, and fillers until you achieve the desired look. Glue all the stems together, leaving some threads open at the bottom. If necessary, trim and smooth the bottom of the threads.

Ivory Blush Double Rose Eucalyptus Boutonniere

Finally, wrap the taped stems in whatever tape you choose. Start the ribbon below the taped part and wrap around until you reach the base of the flowers. Tie a ribbon, sew with a needle, and enjoy knowing that you now know how to make a boutonniere!

Creating your DIY corsage will initially look like creating a boutonniere. The first step is to gather the accessories you will use for your arrangement. For corsages, we recommend having these tools on hand:

Next, you want to collect your greenery and flowers. In this example, we used a slightly larger amount of the same flowers to match the boutonniere. If you are creating matching boutonnieres and corsages, you may want to use the same flowers for each. Plus, it makes it easy to buy your flowers in bulk, saving you money and effort! On the other hand, if you want your corsages and boutonnieres to have different flowers, that’s totally fine too. Regardless, be sure to order these types of flowers for your corsage:

How To Make A Boutonniere Out Of Silk Flowers

Learning how to make a corsage can be a little more familiar after you’ve practiced making a boutonniere. Similar to the How to Make a Boutonniere tutorial above, your design process will begin by cutting the stems of your flowers and greenery to 1.5 inches long.

Red Prom Flowers

Again, you want to remove the leaves from the base of both your flowers and your greenery. This makes it easier to wrap your bodice with ribbon and ribbon later.

Place a sprig or two of herbs behind your focal flower and tie them together with floral tape.

Then add filler between the greenery and the flower. Add more tape to tie the strands together. Then add your second, larger filler flower and secure it as well.

If desired, tie a bow with the ribbon used on your boutonniere and tape to the stems of your flowers so far. As you add more flowers to your arrangement, the bow will be placed in the center of your arrangement, so place it accordingly!

White Rose Silk Wedding Boutonniere

Then place greenery, focal flowers and fillers until you have your perfect design. You will need about three layers of stems with about two focal flowers in your arrangement. Continue taping after every other spindle.

Finally, wrap your floral ribbon in the ribbon of your choice, starting at the bottom of the taped stems and wrapping it all the way to the bottom of the flowers. Tie a knot.

Add your arrangement to the bracelet when creating a wrist corsage. If your bracelet comes with extra strings, tie them to the center of the flower arrangement and then to the bottom.

How To Make A Boutonniere Out Of Silk Flowers

These steps are the foundation of any personalized flower design and can easily be adapted for new and different looks. As you can see below, using the same basic design steps, we were able to get really creative and create these other boutonnieres.

The Aisle Guide

Corsages and boutonnieres will make you or anyone who wears them feel important,

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