How To Make A Bead Necklace

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How To Make A Bead Necklace – Summer has officially begun, and with it comes a heavy rotation of playful, summery ā€” and best of all ā€” jewelry. I have collected African trade beads, pearls and shells for almost ten years, so when I came across the beautiful beaded necklaces label Eliou’s, I knew I finally had a reason to put my collection to good use. I enjoyed experimenting with acrylic alphabet letters, glass fruit beads, and perler beads left over from last summer’s DIY. My only advice here is to prepare all the ingredients before you start rolling the necklaces. I like to put different things in small bowls, to make the assembly process very easy. This is a great team effort by the way. Enjoy!

I like to start by fixing all the pendants and pendants. The easiest way to attach cowrie shells to a necklace is to link the links. You’ll want to check the 5-8mm jump rings to see which one fits the top of the cowrie shell. Use hook nose pliers to open the jump rings by pushing one end back and pulling the other end forward.

How To Make A Bead Necklace

How To Make A Bead Necklace

Use hook nose pliers to pull the open loop of the ring at the top of the cowrie shell. Use hook nose pliers to close the jump ring.

Easy Gemstone Beaded Necklace Tutorial With Step By Step Photos

Set aside the cowrie shells and baroque pearls you made earlier. Then it’s on the rope. I like to use the fine gold Softflex, which is very strong and flexible for stringing. It holds well and can withstand the weight of the necklace.

Cut the required length of neck and 6 inches. Place the crimp tube and then close. Pull the twine wire to the back of the crimp tube and pull to tighten, leaving a small tail.

You can crimp the tube with chain nose pliers, but a crimp tool is more effective and useful for crimping beads. They cost about $8 and are a great tool to have in your crafting toolbox! Place the removed box and cable in the second oval of the pliers (the one with the dip) and close the pliers around the metal. You will see how it bends. Then, open the crimped box on its side, place it on the first oval, and close the pliers around the crimped box again to combine the rounded ball into a round shape.

Pull gently to make sure the cable wire is secure. Then cut off the excess wire. The edges of the crimp tube can be sharp, so I recommend using a crimp cap to hide the crimp tube, making the closure smooth and seamless.

Initial Beaded Necklace

Insert the crimp tube into the open crimp cover. Use hook nose pliers to slowly and carefully close the crimp lid.

Anything goes here. Once everything is in order, this is definitely the easiest and most fun!

When you get to the end of your neck, put on another crimp box and then a closed jump ring.

How To Make A Bead Necklace

Pull the twine wire behind the crimp bead and pull tight, leaving enough space on both ends of the crimp bead to cover.

Here Are All The Steps To Make A Bead Chain Lariat With A Mixture Of Beads

Enjoy this one! Play with different lengths of beads, pearls, gold bars and shells. And a layer away! I recently visited one of my first hobbies, jewelry making. It’s very addictive! I have what Emma and I call “teacher necklaces,” which are really big funky necklaces. This style compares to the meeting of Mrs. Frizzle (from the Magic School Bus) and our mom, who was an art teacher when we were growing up.

I buy accessories like crazy and it sounds HUGE. His hobbies are refreshing, as you know; they come and go and after years come back. I like it.

But before I go crazy, I thought it might be helpful to share some bare bones for jewelry making. Here’s what you need to get started and make your first simple necklace!

Materials needed: Beads, beads, wire, needle nose plates, rough beads, rough beads, chains and bracelets (knots and hoops to complete necklaces). You may find more colors in the future, but this is all you need to get started!

How To Make An Easy Beaded Necklace

First, use your metal wire to make as many beads as you want. I made three, but you can start with one for one necklace.

Then use crimp beads to attach the three ends of the wire to the jump ring on the other side. It’s very easy – just pull the wire back through the two beads (as you can see above) and use the crimping pliers to pry the beads, flattening them until they hold the two wires permanently. Then use wire cutters to cut the excess wire. Repeat this with each end of the wire until all ends are attached to the jump rings.

Finally, using the needle nose plates, attach the chains and attach your beads to the wire. Be sure to measure and make sure your necklace is the length you like.

How To Make A Bead Necklace

You can wear your new necklace under a collar like this or with a cut, or a dress like Emma’s.

Pink Purple And Green Lola Magnetic Clasp Glass Beads 19

Once you learn these basics and master them, you’ll be able to make most of the jewelry you see in stores in no time! My home ec teacher in high school always said, “Why buy it when you can make it?” I still think about his words when I go shopping today.

I think with jewelry it’s worth investing in basic tools and learning how to make them because the possibilities are endless. Plus, it’s really fun. Jewelry making is a big girl’s night out with a bottle of wine and friends.

For more DIY jewelry tutorials, click here, here, here, here or here. šŸ™‚ Let us know if you have any DIY jewelry requests. We love making these projects! xx. Elsie

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Basic Beaded Necklace

We love making jewelry, and making bracelets is one of our favorite crafts. If you haven’t done this before, cut the beads off the string and finish the ends with a clasp.

1. Place beads on a metal board or towel to create a design. The finished necklace is 18.5 inches long including the clasp, so you will need to make a 16 inch bead arrangement. Start with focus beads and larger beads. Fill the spaces between them with medium beads. Finally, finish by adding small beads to any exposed areas.

2. Cut a 23-inch length of ball string wire. To keep the beads from slipping as you work, cut one end to the bead or cut a 2-inch piece of masking tape and wrap it around the end of the wire. Start at the other end of the set beads and slide them onto the wire one eye at a time in the same manner.

How To Make A Bead Necklace

3. To finish the tip, screw a crimp bead onto the end of the wire, followed by a wire protector. Slide one end of the key over the wire and place it inside the wire shield. Crimp the end of the wire back with a crimp iron. Using hook nose pliers, slide the crimp bead onto the wire guard and press it flat. Slide the end of the wire into the first bell, then trim the end with the flush cutters. Cover the crimp with the crimp ball cover and press it closed with the nose of the chain.

Free Pattern For Beautiful Beaded Necklace Diane

4. To finish the other end, remove the beads or masking tape. Slide on the crimp, the wire guard, and the other end of the switch. Push the end of the wire back into the corrugation. Pull the threaded wire to remove the loose space between the beads before pressing the crimp beads flat with a nose ring. Slide the end of the wire into the first bell and twist the end. Cover the crimp with a crimp bead cover.

We hope you enjoy the jewelry. Remember, if you have any questions while beading, just leave us a note in the comments. We are here to help! Learn how to make a simple beaded necklace at home with this step-by-step guide. We will discuss:

Find a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make your first necklace.

We will share what you need to ensure your success. This will boost your confidence as you progress through each project. But first we need to introduceā€¦

How To Make A Big Statement Beaded Necklace To Match Your Dress

Jewelry Anatomy 101 is a different way to learn to make jewelry. First we start here to help you understand

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