How To Make A Balloon Flower

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How To Make A Balloon Flower – We just celebrated a birthday at our house, as you probably guessed from the pandemic birthday tips I posted the other day. And while doing this, I decided, at the last minute, of course, that I wanted to make a flower balloon. If I had planned ahead, I would have ordered one like everyone else, but I lost track of the day, so I had to quickly learn how to make simple balloon flowers.

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How To Make A Balloon Flower

How To Make A Balloon Flower

If you are making a simple flower balloon, of course, you want to choose a color so that it looks like a flower, but you can paint any color if you want. For simplicity, I used a single color for the outer edges and a different color for the center.

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This is where a balloon pump comes in handy. When pumping the balloons, I counted the number of pumps to make the first balloon the size I wanted, in this case, 10 pumps, then, when pumping the other balloons, I only needed to pump 10 times, and They all left. be about the same size.

This is where patience comes into play… if you try to stack all 5 balloons to match them, they won’t bloom. Some go up, and some go down, and generally, you have a bunch of balloons in a random shape. This is not a simple balloon flower.

Tie a piece of ribbon to the end of each balloon. Do this in such a way that the ribbon is the same on each side of the knot.

Once you have tied all the balloons, using one side of the 2-balloon ribbon (so you only have 2 pieces of ribbon on hand, not 4), tie a knot in the ribbon. However, you want the knot to be about 1 inch from the stem of the balloon.

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Attach the last balloon ribbon to the first balloon ribbon. Again, tie a knot 1 inch from the stem of the balloon.

Once you have tied all the balloons together, you need to tie all the knots together. As you can see in my photo, I pull the balloons together a bit more so that the balloons are close to the flower stands, but not so close that they form a bunch of balloons. This is where I will tie another knot for all the ribbons. This is almost the same place where all the previous knots were tied.

Insert the center balloon. Before tying the knot on it, check the size of your flower. The first balloon I inserted wasn’t big enough, so it didn’t work.

How To Make A Balloon Flower

Again, I tied the ribbon to it, and attached it to the other balloons. Optional – insert cardboard.

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When assembling this simple balloon flower, I wasn’t sure where to put it indoors. So, I quickly cut a 3 inch cardboard ring from an old cereal box and tied it with ribbons. This was just to keep the balloon flower in shape.

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Be sure to check your junk mail and spam folders in case the first email was sent there. One of my artistic skills is balloon jumping. Children and adults alike are amazed by the process and end product of the balloon step. But how does the sword come out of the balloon?! Through a series of easy step-by-step instructions, we’ll show you how to make three adorable balloon animals!

Balloon shooting is a fun way for kids to work on hand-eye coordination as well as muscle memory skills. Of course, they probably don’t know that because they’ll be having a lot of fun blowing and blowing balloons. Also, if you’re looking for more fun activities to keep your kids busy, check out these amazing Easter flower crafts.

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There is no way to make a balloon animal. You will find that one twister makes a different animal than the next twister. Have fun using your creativity to add your own twist to each animal. There is no conspiracy!

If you love to have fun, enjoy using your hands, and aren’t afraid of a few popping balloons (they happen), then balloon toting will be a fun activity for you! I can also make sure there won’t be a huge mess to clean up later.

Learning and identifying balloon animals is a great way to get started. Dog balloons are one of the most common balloon animals for beginners. It does not include any hard curves or irregular folds. Let’s get started!

How To Make A Balloon Flower

Place the opening of the balloon over the pump nozzle. Hold on while pressing so the balloon doesn’t pop. Give it three or four good pumps. You’ll want to leave a little more than an arm’s width apart without squeezing the balloon.

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One mistake that beginners make is to completely inflate the balloon. You don’t want to do this because when you spin, the air needs somewhere to go. That’s why you leave about six inches at the end of the balloon uninflated.

From the end where you tied the knot, make a loop that is about three inches. And what is this link?! It is from the common word sausage. I would use the word ‘link’ when you just take part of the balloon and twist it so it looks like a sausage link.

Note: When spinning, don’t be afraid to go overboard with the balloons. It is made of rubber and durable so have fun with it!

Once you have your three-inch joint, hold it in your left hand. As you swallow, one of your hands will be your “handler,” holding a partial balloon while the other hand manipulates the rest of the balloon.

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Make a six-inch joint with the first three-inch joint, then move the second six-inch joint to match the first.

Place two six-inch pairs side by side. Because they are the same size, you can easily run two six-inch pairs with a three-inch joint. When you roll six inches by three inches the ears will look like they are creating a balloon dog nose and ears. .

From the ears, you make the neck. It can be as long or as short as you want. In my example, I placed it about two inches on the short end. Hold this link, then move two four-inch links. It will be the same as the nose and ears, except not as long.

How To Make A Balloon Flower

Take two four-inch pieces and sew them together (again, like you did the ears). These are the front legs.

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As you took one piece to make the neck, you will also take another four inch piece, and this will be the body.

While holding one body link, make a three-inch link and then make a second. Join the two three-inch joints as you did for the front legs.

* I make my back legs shorter than the front, but then the beauty of folding is that you can do it in different ways and it still turns out like a dog! So, if you want your front and back legs to be the same length, do it.

Once you fold the back legs, you will notice that there is a small abdomen left. This is the tail! You may need to move it so that it stays on the back legs.

How To Make A Simple Balloon Flower

Quick tip: It’s common in balloon knitting to move around a lot so that each shape and part sits perfectly in the finished product. Change as much as you need!

Next, we’ll show you how to make a simple balloon sword. For this balloon twist, use the same instructions leaving six inches at the end of the balloon that are not filled with air.

After tying the knot at the other end of the balloon, twist the balloon slightly. A bubble is a small circle, about an inch.

How To Make A Balloon Flower

Immediately after the bubble, fold the bottom twelve inches in half and six on one side and six on the other. It will look like a round circle, and the sword will come out at the end of this process.

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You’ll see the rest of the sword begin to appear, just as you’ve just created the handle.

Now you will pop five more bubbles in a row. These bubbles will follow the first bubble you popped earlier. Remember to hold the balloons with your left hand as you drop down on the balloons to rotate with your hand.

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