How To Keep Cats Out Of My Flower Beds

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How To Keep Cats Out Of My Flower Beds – As gardeners, it’s sometimes challenging to balance our love of plants, the wildlife we ​​encourage, and our entertaining feline friends.

Cats rule and sleep where they want. They crush or dig up favorite plants and catch them anywhere.

How To Keep Cats Out Of My Flower Beds

How To Keep Cats Out Of My Flower Beds

They leave their root on their condition. Which is harmful to the health of plants, soil and is no fun for the gardener either.

How To Keep Your Pets From Destroying Your Plants

In the Pro column, cats help prevent and reduce populations of small rodents. Especially rats, voles, moles and rats. These are also harmful to flower gardens, vegetable crops and can harbor diseases unwanted by humans.

Of course, we want to be as kind as possible to the cats. Especially when it’s your own fuzzy bestie you want to keep out of the flower bed!

So the challenge is to keep our much-loved cats safe, make other cats unwanted, all while protecting wildlife.

4 friendly ways to keep cats away from flower and vegetable beds 1. Make the cat less comfortable.

How To Keep Cats Out Of The Garden

Point stone mulch. Thorny leaves. Spiked pine cones. Thorny, pointed branches. Try to create surfaces throughout the garden that cats will not walk or spread on.

Cats cannot tolerate certain smells. Lemon peel, cinnamon or old coffee grounds can be sprinkled around areas to deter cats.

Cayenne pepper and black pepper are also unpleasant odors for cats, but be gentle as too much can harm sensitive noses, mouths and airways.

How To Keep Cats Out Of My Flower Beds

I have had excellent success keeping my cats out of flower beds by growing Lemon Gem marigolds.

How To Keep Stray Cats Out Of Your Yard

Avoid using plants, cats, generally love. Plants that are loved by many cats are of course catnip or catnip (Nepeta sp.), Jacob’s ladder, valerian and flax.

Sunny places to warm up and shady places to relax in the afternoon. Oh, to be a cat!

In good weather, these cats may be too desperate to get outside. For them, you might consider building an outdoor cat house.

An outdoor cat enclosure protects your blooming flower beds. In addition, it protects your kitten’s health. Wildlife, including songbirds, is also kept out of reach.

Scat Mat Cat Repellent For Gardens 78

Bird feeders, birdbaths and hummingbird nectar feeders all add beauty and drama to the landscape and our flower beds.

Migratory birds travel countless miles during each migration. Weary travelers, migratory birds are at greater risk of predators.

Keeping pet cats generally well-fed, well-rested, pampered and in optimal health is our goal as pet owners.

How To Keep Cats Out Of My Flower Beds

At the same time, it is important to protect small birds, songbirds and migratory birds from our mighty feline predators.

How To: Keep Cats Out Of Your Yard

Gardening for wildlife is a magnificent and honorable endeavor. To this end, be sure to keep bird feeders, bird baths, and hummingbird nectar feeders out of reach of cats.

Bird-friendly landscaping should include cat deterrents such as strong odors, sharp-edged mulch, and areas considered less comfortable for cats.

Finding friendly ways to keep cats out of flower beds not only helps protect our beautiful blooming backyards, but helps protect wildlife at the same time! It can be disappointing to see cat poop next to your flowers and vegetables, but you don’t have to catch or move the kitty. There are safe, natural and humane ways to keep cats out of your yard and I’m going to share 9 of my favorite ways to deter unwanted cats for good.

There is a friendly little cat who likes to visit my garden. She is wild and lived in the neighborhood (and on my property) before I came here. On sunny days she can be found lurking in the grass and sometimes I see her running around the garden and under an old tire where I suspect she has made herself at home.

Techniques To Keep Cats Away From Plants

None of this would be a problem, except that this cat has decided that my newly made bed is now her personal litter box. Recently I’ve noticed kittens in the yard and their inconsistent toilet habits are no substitute for being cute, so I’ll have to do something before my vegetable crops are ruined.

I didn’t want to completely remove them from the yard (after all, they help keep the mouse population in check), but I had to keep them (and that pesky cat poo) out of my garden beds. .

If you are in the same situation, here are some ways to prevent cats from using your garden as a bathroom. They are safe and humane and will keep cats away without harming them (or damaging your plants).

How To Keep Cats Out Of My Flower Beds

At first, building a cat litter box may seem like the opposite of what you want to do. Surely that would only encourage more cats in the garden?

Ways To Keep Cats Out Of Flower Beds

But instead of an open house, the idea is to create an enclosed area where cats will do their business without disturbing your plants. Choose a secluded spot in your yard, fill it with oh-so-tempting catnip, and add a sandbox-style litter box.

Does it work? It depends on your definition of “work”. Yes, this should deter cats from treating the whole garden as an extended litter box. But you still have to clean up the mess, which means you’re now responsible for a pet you never wanted in the first place.

For a large garden, a single litter box probably won’t do. Still, it can work for a small space and is a good first step.

Cats are thought to be repelled by the pungent smell of the peels of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruits. Throw the peels around your raised beds and plantings and let a cat’s strong sense of smell do the work.

Ways To Keep Cats Out Of A Garden

Does it work? It’s a natural deterrent that keeps cats back, but it only works if you stay on top of it. Citrus peels rot and lose their strength quite quickly, so they must be replaced frequently for continued resistance.

It’s also not the most attractive option if your garden is kept neat and tidy, and you could end up with more creatures in your garden that are attracted to fruit peels.

The idea behind it is similar to the peel of citrus fruits. Cats’ noses are very sensitive, and they hate being overwhelmed by pungent smells.

How To Keep Cats Out Of My Flower Beds

You can plant wild-smelling herbs around your raised beds and most prized plants, or grow them in containers so they’re portable and easy to move when you have a new cat problem.

Seven Ways To Protect Your Outdoor Cat

Effective herbs to try include rosemary, thyme, peppermint and lavender. So don’t be afraid to expand your herb garden (and while you’re at it, you’ll also be helping pollinators—bees and butterflies love to feed on the mint family).

Does it work? Yes, and these herbs will be a bonus crop for you. While we humans revel in their scent, cats are repelled by them, so it’s a win-win.

In many climates, you can grow these herbs as perennials (even those that die back in winter can come back the following spring), so most of the work is done in the beginning. , requiring minimal maintenance each year as the herbs become more established and drought tolerant.

) It is believed that it smells so bad that it keeps all cats away. This unusual but attractive flower (an herb in the mint family) happens to smell like a skunk, and it only smells bad when brushed against. So any cats on their way to the toilet may decide to walk away.

How Do I Keep Cats Out Of My Yard And Off Of My Property?

Does it work? Whether it really keeps cats away is up for debate, but if you’re desperate, it’s a viable option. Just be aware that it can repel dogs and even other people (so it’s probably not wise to plant near a deck or other area that you often congregate).

Cats prefer a nice and flat ground when they go to the toilet, so cones and branches are off. Located in and around your garden beds, cats can’t scratch the surface of the soil and get uncomfortable poking. It is a nicer, natural alternative to scat mats.

Does it work? Yes, although it takes some effort if you don’t have a lot of natural vegetation (such as pines, shrubs and other woody plants) to work with.

How To Keep Cats Out Of My Flower Beds

But if you have access to these materials, in addition to being effective cat repellants, they make an excellent, long-lasting mulch for your garden beds. In fact, one of my favorite ways to recycle an old Christmas wreath or Christmas tree is to cut the branches over the winter and cover your bed with them.

Displaying Cat Safe Bouquets

In addition to the ground, cats love bathrooms with firm, smooth surfaces. Plastic fencing or chicken wire around your garden beds creates an awkward and uncomfortable surface that cats will avoid because they don’t like the feel of netting under their feet. They try to stay away from gravel and areas covered with stones and pebbles.

The type of plastic fence I like to use is a UV resistant hex mesh like this or a square fence like this. Flexible material is easy to cut and move around. With any excess fencing, you can use it to create an effective barrier around plants, seedlings and delicate plants

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