How To Decorate Flower Vases

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How To Decorate Flower Vases – 20 DIY Vases to Decorate Your Home on a Budget Find new ways to enhance your DIY decor with these flower pot ideas. Are you looking for mugs or a new DIY idea?

Looking for new ways to add a creative touch to your decor? These DIY vases are full of inspiration for bed decor. If you’re like me, you somehow end up with a collection of empty glass vases over time. Who knows where these come from? They should be thrown into the cabinet and ignored. Get your creative juices flowing with one of these cute DIY ideas and make a unique DIY vase.

How To Decorate Flower Vases

How To Decorate Flower Vases

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How To Arrange Flowers In 9 Easy Steps

I will admit that I have a few odd vases to hold all my fake flowers for arrangement. You can find my advice on that here: (

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Check out unique DIY style mugs but want to do the work? Find a variety of mugs for sale online (here).

Stay tuned! For more tips and tricks sign up here: Email address: Leave this field blank if you are a person: Sharing ideas for decorating your home with vases and collection of beautiful vases and cheap to decorate. These are perfect to add to your collection and go with any style on a budget.

Easy Flower Arrangement Ideas

Looking for simple decorative items to add spice to your space? Try two mugs! They’re simple, effortless things to change the look or add color and texture. It’s fun and playful to decorate your favorite places in your home – table, countertop, dresser, you name it!

Here are some of my favorite ideas on where to place decorative vases and how to decorate plain vases.

I wanted to show you a quick video on how I pick flowers and place them in my vases. I shared this on Instagram a while back and thought it would be really helpful to know what flowers to choose and how to put them in your vase when you’re at the store.

How To Decorate Flower Vases

After choosing the right flowers and bouquets, it’s time to choose the perfect vase.

Unique Bud Vase Ideas

I’ve been doing a lot of home decor shopping and looking for new pieces for spring (and even summer and beyond!). So I want to share with you all some cute, affordable things I’ve found.

If you’re looking for a new pot, you’ll find one or two you’ll love here! These also make great housewarming gifts. Happy shopping!

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1. Tall Colorblock Mug: Under $50, this mug is so cool, unique, and beautiful! I love the simplicity of it.

Creative Diy Vases For Decorating Your Home On A Budget

2. Blue and White Mug: The fun and hand-painted look on this mug immediately drew me in! It is unique and will make a beautiful statement in your home full of flowers.

3. Ceramic White Vase: Sometimes a simple, white vase is all you need to spice up your decor! It’s simple and goes with any style, making it a great gift idea. I would love to have this on an entry table full of flowers!

4. White and Gold Honeycomb Vase: Hope this is a great vase to sit on your nightstand or bed! It is the perfect size and looks beautiful with decorations or flowers on it.

How To Decorate Flower Vases

5. Gray Vase: This gray vase is the perfect neutral piece and I love that the gray vase has blue accents! It also comes in small and large sizes.

Buy Glass Vases Online At Overstock

6. Contemporary Colorblock Vase: If you are a budding flower lover these color block vases are a must! They are very cute and come in two sizes. Keep one (or two!) of these on your desk, dresser, or even in the guest room.

7. Abstract Indigo Vases: Although these three vases have beautiful shapes, I can’t imagine displaying them in any other way than together! The values ​​complement each other well and these are good conversations because of how different they are. I love them so much I might put these somewhere in my house! They are handcrafted in Thailand and are the perfect addition if you are looking for one of these plates.

8. White Ceramic Basket Weave Mug: You won’t believe it, but this mug is $28. $28!! I love the plot details – weird and simple without being overblown or incomplete. It’s perfect for any home!

9. Criss Cross Table Vase: This is a great simple vase that would look great on your dresser or even your kitchen counter. It’s neutral enough to match all color palettes and styles, but not too much. And it’s under $50! Grey Smoke Glass Flower Vase,smokey Gray Tall Large Glass Vase For Flowers,10 Inch Smoked Big Decorative Grey Flower Vase Glass For Centerpieces Living Room Kitchen Office Home Decor Lwxpaiyy(grey)

10. Medium Stone Vases: I absolutely love the look of the medium placed in these vases! The entire collection is beautiful and will look amazing in any room. There are five different sizes that you can find below, you can’t go wrong with any size you choose!

11. Soft Printed Mug: Under $100, this one has a great floral design that’s soft and fuss-free, and it’s beautiful. It comes in small and large sizes and is made of ceramic.

12. Bamboo & Glass Mug: Isn’t this a great mug that’s different and fun?! I love how woven bamboo adds to a simple glass vase. It also comes in two sizes, which look like a joint.

How To Decorate Flower Vases

13. Color chart: How sweet is this pot? It’s so unique and under $100!

How To Make Cute Upcycled Mini Bud Vases

14. Blue Floral Antique Vases: I think these are full of big white flowers! They are truly transparent and the shapes in each pot complement each other perfectly.

15. Woven Grass Vase: Under $30 this vase is the perfect addition to your spring and summer decor! I love the scale and the rattan bed is so unique and beautiful!

16. Recycled Glass Mug: These cute mugs come in two sizes and are both under $50! They’re especially perfect for coastal homes, but you can use any style for these projects because they make such a subtle statement.

17. Weathered White Stone Vase: This is another vase that comes in two sizes and looks really cute! It’s simple but adds a lot to the weathered beauty of the stone. I love the idea of ​​using one of these for floral arrangements this spring and summer!

Patriotic Blue Metal Vase With 15 Inch Red White And Blue Flower Arran

18. Black Ceramic Mug: This black, ceramic mug comes in three sizes and looks great paired together! It looks great as a decoration with flowers, greenery or nothing.

19. Blue Geometric Patterned Vase: I’ve been eyeing this vase for a while now…it’s so big and I love how it’s hand painted! Whether you use it as an accent piece or add flowers, you can’t go wrong with this piece.

If you’re looking for new decor for your home, I hope these vases have given you some inspiration to complete your water decor!

How To Decorate Flower Vases

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Ideas For Decorating With Vases + Beautiful Affordable Vases For Any Design Style

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