How To Decorate Bed With Pillows

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How To Decorate Bed With Pillows – Of all the design furniture in the room, the pillows leave the most room for creativity. These cozy rugs are not only essential for quality sleep, but they instantly add texture, pattern and personality to any room.

But of course, arranging the beautiful pillows is more complicated than meets the eye. Not only are there about seven different pillow arrangements to choose from (more on that below), each one matches a different aspect of the design style. For example, a layered and balanced combination of layers and flex could sound like a “luxury ensemble,” while elaborate cushion ties for distressed clothing might read more like “minimalist fervor.”

How To Decorate Bed With Pillows

How To Decorate Bed With Pillows

To clear the air once and for all, chief designer Heather Goerzen answers the age-old question: What is the best way to arrange pillows on the bed?

Where To Put Decorative Pillows When Sleeping: 7 Smart Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect master bedroom look, you can’t go wrong with this sleek, matching pillow combination. While it takes about nine pillows to give or take, it is time-consuming and allows for a variety of color and pattern combinations.

There is something very relaxed and fused about the situation of a double or triple friend. It’s pure and simple, but the sauce is still appealing. You can play with solids or patterns, but we love something with texture—good polka dots or subtle fringe.

If you’re looking for a no club, aesthetic alternative, skip the shampoos and go for well-made clothes for your pillows. This look is subtle and understated for an effortlessly cool vibe.

This theme is inspired by the bed you read in your hotel web site. These “bed themes” almost always feature white linen bedding with a more playful pattern or luxury silk pillows. The look is crisp, luxurious and undeniably classic – especially when you give each pillow a world of pain.

How To Arrange Pillows On A King Sized Bed

If you want a more contemporary vibe that includes color and pattern, this is the look for you. Even a traditional look, but full of warmth, wit and laughter. Work within a consistent color palette, but feel free to mix and match textures, patterns, and colors.

For those who truly embrace an eclectic and safe approach, forget about symmetry and mix and match pillows in different sizes, colors and patterns. Do some sort of cohesive palette or cohesive style to bring the look to life.

Need an expert eye when decorating your living room? Take the style quiz and match it with the interior design of your dreams, style and decor naturally for some, but not for most. I definitely don’t consider myself “natural” – if you see what my house looked like 15 years ago, I promise you’ll agree :). It was only through years of trial and error that I developed a style that was truly “my own” and made a decision with confidence. When I was newly married and trying to decorate our house, I remember being frustrated that the decorating ideas were vague and not very useful. With that in mind, I’ve created a series of posts to help everyone out there feeling the same makeup frustrations by sharing easy-to-follow makeup tricks that worked a few months ago! My first post was about simple formulas for decorating shelves and cabinets (if you want, you can find them) and today I’m back with another “formula” post, five simple formulas for making pillows on a queen bed.

How To Decorate Bed With Pillows

Formula (back to front): Two bed pillows + two 26-inch pillows + two 22-20-inch pillows + one small center pillow.

How To Style A Bed Like A Pro

This is my tried and true pillow formula that I return to time and time again on my queen bed (remember from my room 101 post?).

Hospital Sources: Mirror | Nightstand (same) | Ascent Wingback Bed (Fabric is Zuma White) | Blanket (like) | Cushion & Cat Cover – No Longer Available | White Bedside USB Lights | Round Wooden Bean Tray | an hour

The key to this classic look is to gradually bring back the decorations from the back to the front. My classic formula starts with two sleeping pillows raised above the head, then two 26-inch pillows, then two 20-22-inch pillows, and finally one smaller standing pillow in front.

Here are two different variations of this formula with only the front of the pillow changed, including a change to the navy 20-inch phalarica leaf weave.

Ways To Style Your Pillows On A King Size Bed — Old Brand New

Blue inch and white pillows and 20 inch linen pillow skirts are consistent throughout the look.

Formula (back to front): two bed pillows + two euro pillows + two standard pillows + two lumbar pillows

This pillow formula uses five formulas to give you a completely pillowy look! However, it’s best for beds like mine with the headboard on the long side so you can see at least a few inches of headboard above the Euro Shams.

How To Decorate Bed With Pillows

It begins with two sleeping pillows standing upright above the head, then two single Euros, two standard singles, and two lumbar ones. Six pillows are enough (or more!) for most people, but if you want to add one to the mix, a small square forehead or back pillow works well.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas On A Budget For The Best Sleep Ever

Or you can go the other way and match five pillows – this is a really cute arrangement, especially if you’re looking for white.

Formula (back to front): Two bed pillows + two regular pillows + two 26-20 inch pillows + one small pillow

Here is the smallest look that starts with two pillows standing up on the bed, then two plain flags, and then three decorative pillows. You can adjust the size of the decorative pillows to best fit the size of your headboard – if you have a tall headboard like mine, you can go with two 26 inch decorative pillows with a small front pillow.

If you have a lower headboard or prefer a smaller look, you can go smaller with a 20-inch decorative pillow with a third pillow in front.

Ways To Style Your Bed Shams Like A Design Pro

Patterns (back to front): two-inch pillows + two 26-inch pillows + three pillows of mixed styles and sizes.

For a more eclectic look, start with two bed pillows and two 26-inch pillows, and then layer three headboards in three different styles and sizes in front of you. My “eclectic” look is probably a little more structured than it should be (what can I say about symmetry…I love it!) but the key to this look is having all three pillows stacked side by side. Start with the largest of the three pillows in the back, then add the next size in front with a small linen, and add the smallest pillow that cuts both pillows in the back.

For those with a love of color and pattern, this one will be waiting for you as it offers the opportunity to mix things up!

How To Decorate Bed With Pillows

And last but not least the practical aspect! Some people like to sleep with two pillows, so I always keep four sleeping pillows in our room. Instead of having only two on the bed (and two stored elsewhere in the room), the most useful arrangement is on the queen bed, two decorative pillows in front of the headboard.

Haven Fabric Upholstered Platform Bed

I often use white linens on my bed (my guest bed is the one I’m really happy with), I think it’s best to use the patterned pillowcases and the patterned top sheet for this look.

So what is your favorite pillow combo? Like I said, my #1 formula is tried and true, but I’m really buzzing in my new blue floral pillows and flat sheets, and I’m going for a more functional look! There are many, many different ways you can arrange pillows on a queen bed, so some of these formulas can be a jumping off point for you to create your own perfect mix.

If you missed it and want more on the bedding basics that I have on my bed, check out my Blankets 101 article that walks you through each blanket in detail. I hope you all found this post useful! Some other ideas to add to this series of posts are how to arrange king pillows in a king bed and how to decorate your fireplace mantel – other ideas? Everyone should enjoy it!

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