Fondant Flowers How To Make

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Fondant Flowers How To Make – You know those cakes covered in beautiful, realistic sugar flowers? Yes they are amazing. Here’s the good news: The techniques needed to create those real flowers aren’t that difficult.

In fact, you can make a delicate curly flower very easily using nothing more than a cookie cutter, simple styling and a little patience. Bloom!

Fondant Flowers How To Make

Fondant Flowers How To Make

Mix your fondant with some CMC or Tylo powder and roll it out until it is about 2mm thick.

How To Make An Easy Fondant Flowers

Cut two circles of fondant with each circle cutter. You should have six fondant circles in three different sizes.

Creating ruffles is easy: First, place a circle of fondant in front of you on a foam pad. Take your ball tool and carefully drag it around the edges of the circle. Be sure to work slowly so you don’t break the fondant. Repeat this step for each round cutout.

Cover the cup, saucer, or teacup you use to shape the flowers with plastic wrap or paper towels. Place your first large piece of ruffled fondant in the cup, adding pieces of plastic wrap or paper towels around the edges to keep it formable.

Add some edible glue to the top of the circle and attach your second large piece, making ruffles and adding plastic wrap or paper towels to hold the shape. Continue adding your fondant moving from the largest circle to the smallest circle.

Modern Fondant Flowers |

If you can see the center of your sugar flower and you like a little extra flavor, add some sugar pearls with edible glue.

Now just let your flowers settle. This can take several hours depending on how humid and hot your climate is. Check your flower every now and then to see if it’s firm by gently (gently!) touching it.

Once your flowers are ready, carefully remove the plastic wrap or paper towels. Attach your flower to a cake or cupcake with some royal icing or melted white chocolate and voila – you’ve created a masterpiece. Earlier this week, I shared some delicious red velvet cupcakes decorated with fondant roses. As promised, I’m back to show you how to make these cute accents perfect for a cake or cupcake.

Fondant Flowers How To Make

This post is a bit sentimental for me… four years ago I was in the early stages of my fancy baking craze… I devoured every book, website and blog I could find on the topic of cake decorating and biscuits. I recently discovered a sweet blog called Bakerella and I always make sure to check out her new posts every Monday. Monday came and I found the cutest pink cupcakes I have ever seen! That same day I got out my tray of fondant and followed her instructions as closely as possible. I made a whole batch of cupcakes and took them to church that night. I was so proud of them! I was so happy with my cupcake photos that I made one of them my Flickr icon. It is still my icon today. I like to remember the joy of successfully creating something new and something I was proud of. Bakerella gave me that gift four years ago (and many times since), and I hope she’s given it to you through some of my posts.

Quick Recipe: How To Make Flowers Out Of Fondant

If you are familiar with working with fondant, please follow below. If you are new to working with fondant, I have a whole post called Fondant 101 to get you started.

To begin, color your fondant however you like. Red (from white) can be a difficult color to create, so I usually like to buy pre-colored red fondant if I want a nice true red. I didn’t have red, so this color was made with white. I used Americolor super red, a little burgundy, and a

It’s also a good idea to wear plastic gloves when working with slightly purple fondant (especially when coloring). As you can see below, I ran out of gloves!

2. Cut a strip about 1 1/2-2 inches wide (in this case I used the piece to the left of my cut).

How To Make Ruffled Fondant Flowers

8. When you have shaped the rose to the size you want (or have reached the end of the strip), pinch the base of the rose and remove the excess fondant.

9. Let the finished rose dry (at least 2 hours). I usually leave a cone shape at the end of the rose because it makes it easier to frost the cake or cupcakes, but you can cut it if you like.

As a bonus, Cake Journal (another great site I’ve long loved!) has a perfect video showing how to make a ribbon rose quickly.

Fondant Flowers How To Make

2. Press the ball of fondant onto the work surface. Use your fingers to press it into a basic leaf shape (resembling a teardrop).

How To Make Sugar Flowers Archives

4.-6. Use a fondant marble tool (or the tip of a small paintbrush) to draw veins on the leaves. Allow the sheet to dry.

You will see a variety of sizes and shapes of roses and leaves (above). Some of them are what I wanted to fondant, some are my choice. Sometimes I like a nice, bold pink with a “perfect” look, other times I like a looser, more frilly look.

Once dry, use your roses and leaves to decorate a cupcake or cake (I’ll share more photos later this week, a view of a cake below). It’s no secret that I love to decorate with sweet flowers, especially these easily raised flowers.

I love making them in this teal color, they add such a lovely pop of color, and the best part is you can make them weeks in advance and have them ready to go, making it easy to decorate. 6set Gumpaste Flower Silicone Veining Mold

Step-by-step photo instructions are below, and I even made a super quick YouTube tutorial for you to check me out.

If necessary, dust the work table again and roll out the teal fondant until it is about 16″ (1 mm) thick. You can lift the fondant and twist it a bit.

Place the cutout shapes on one side of the embossed/marbled flower. Place the other side of the printer on top and gently press around the edges. Remember that if you press too hard you will press through the fondant.

Fondant Flowers How To Make

Dust flower formers (paint palettes) with a small amount of cornflour (cornstarch) and place the shaped fondant flowers on them or let them dry.

How To Make Edible Glue For Next Level Cake Designs

Roll 3 white fondant balls for each flower and glue 3 fondant balls to the center of each flower with a very small amount of water.

Once dried, the flowers can be used immediately or stored for several weeks until needed. I store mine in airtight containers. Some people like to put food grade silica gel in small packet containers.

Linda Vandermeer is a blogger, baker, creator and author of the cookbook ‘Sweet on a Stick’: over 150 kid-friendly recipes for cakes, candies, cookies and pastries! Published in the United States, this book is available at many online bookstores. When it comes to curly flowers, there are endless styles and variations. You can’t go wrong making one of these because there’s no right way to do it! You can use any kind of cutter available, the same size or different sizes: round, round flute, lace cutter, etc. I’m using fondant here, but you can also make these with gum paste or modeling chocolate. I’ve seen a lot of curly flower cakes lately, so I really wanted to try making some too. For my first try I think they look nice, what do you think :)?

You can find cutters or tools on Amazon, or you can google the names and I’m sure you can find other places you can buy them.

Marshmallow Fondant Flowers And Butterflies Recipe

Sprinkle some cornstarch on your work surface and roll out the fondant until it’s quite thin, so the fondant doesn’t stick. I used my pasta machine and refused to set #1. #3, but you can roll it thinner. If you don’t have a pasta maker, don’t worry, you can continue to use your rolling pin to roll the fondant until paper thin.

Using circle cutters, cut 5 circles per flower. Note that for the smaller circle I rolled some yellow-orange marbled fondant into the center of the flower to give it a nice look.

After you cut out the circles, place all but the largest one in a Ziploc bag or cover them with plastic wrap to keep them from drying out.

Fondant Flowers How To Make

Place the fondant circle on your fondant shaper foam mat – I didn’t use one and placing it directly on the counter was able to create the ruffles the same way, but you need to use the right cornstarch to avoid tearing/sticking. To work on the surface … the mat makes it easy for you to do without ruffles

How To Make Simple Fondant Roses: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

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