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A 24-hour market is easily found around us to fill our hungry and urgent needs. Well, have you ever thought that you can buy flowers whenever you need until late at night when all florists are closed?

Flower Vending

Flower Vending

Various vending machines selling food and drinks, daily necessities, mystery boxes and more have become commonplace among the locals. However, the newly introduced Flower slot refreshed the public’s perception of slot machines. With advances in technology, you can now sell almost anything you can imagine in a smart vending machine.

This Flower Vending Machine In Taiwan

Floversary, one of our customers in Malaysia, aims to deliver the freshest flower products to every important corner of Malaysia, and finally expands its business model with Vendron smart vending machine. The advanced flower vending machine accepts cashless payments and has an interactive sales user interface that can play a video ad for better marketing and promotion of products and brands.

There are bouquets of different themes in the transparent window of the cabinet machine. The vending machine supports a cooling system to keep the flowers fresh and is changed daily by the vendor to ensure the flowers in the vending machine are always fresh. Flower bouquet vending machines work 24 hours a day to deliver the freshest flower products to the customer anytime, anywhere. The purchasing process is as simple as choosing your favorite bouquet on the locker number screen, making the payment, unlocking the locker and you can receive the bouquet.

Having an unattended smart vending machine to run your business provides additional revenue for your business. A smart vending machine powered by the Vendron platform offers more options for the machine owner, operator and consumer. Some of the interesting features that can be applied to the Flower slot machine include promo code feature, code redeem feature, interactive games and so on. Additionally, Vendron’s interactive user interface (UI) enables various types of interactive content, including video advertising and product image display, to attract the public’s attention to visit the vending machine. The Multiple Product Detail Image feature allows multiple images to be displayed in the product details, allowing users to get a better overview of general product information.

Smart Vending Machine is a vending machine that includes the application and integration of new technology to improve user experience and operational efficiency.

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Consumers today expect a certain level of convenience and efficiency when shopping. Retail vending solutions offer customers an essential feature that is appreciated in today’s busy and hectic world.

Machine-independent and hardware-independent, Vendron® software gives operators the freedom to choose the vending machines that suit their needs.

Inventory management has never been easier with smart vending machines. The Internet of Things allows operators to access all event information anytime, anywhere!

Flower Vending

There are 4 main types of Vendron devices: Vendron Box, Vendron Box Core 4C, Vendroid Box and Vendroid All-in-One Screen.

Like A Food Truck But For Flowers: A Third Generation Florist Takes Her Bouquets On The Road

Using employee points to shop at workplace sales doesn’t require employees to spend a dime. It can be used as an allowance for employees and social security.

Select, scan, pick up and go. Have you ever thought about how easy the process of purchasing products from a vending machine can be?

Our partners Optimal Station and CAV showcased their Automated Verification solutions at NAMA 2022, held April 6-8, 2022 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Visit us at booth F09 in pavilion 3 at Fieramilanocity (hall 3 – 4) from 11 to 14 May 2022.

Midsummer Days — Flower Vending Machine Seen At Shinjuku Station,

Vendron’s smart vending platform provides different user interfaces (UIs) to meet the different needs of customers from different retail businesses and industries.

Vendron supports cashless payments from various countries including Malaysia, China, United States, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Switzerland, India, South America and more.

Vendron Go is a mobile sales application that allows users to purchase items from Vendron powered vending machines without actually operating the machine.

Flower Vending

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