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Flower Shop Parramatta – At Go People, we love hearing the positive feedback we receive from our regular business customers, such as Dot’s Flower Shoppe in Parramatta, NSW. In this series of blog posts, we’ll feature one of our amazing business account holders to see how Go People has impacted their day-to-day logistics.

Like many of Go People’s business customers, Dot’s Flower Shoppe started using Go People because of issues with their previous delivery service. Tina from Dot’s said: “We found out that our courier was collecting the flowers from us in the morning but the delivery wasn’t due until much later, meaning our arrangement sat in the van all day. This can damage our arrangements, especially in hot weather. We had a problem with courier delivery to some areas.

Flower Shop Parramatta

Flower Shop Parramatta

Frustrated with the unsatisfactory level of service she was receiving, Tina decided to try Go People. “We love using Go People for our flower deliveries. We can deliver anytime in Sydney with fast delivery to your destination. They are very close to people and they always take care of flowers. The driver takes a picture or signature to confirm delivery, so we know exactly how quickly the customer will receive their order. We definitely recommend you try Go People, you’ll be surprised how much easier and more efficient it is than using a standard courier!

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Is your business experiencing problems with your current courier service? Try Go People and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed like Tina at Dot’s Flower Shoppe. Twenty Interior and Rose & Co have created four stores this year in Parramatta, Macquarie, Marrickville and East Village. Based on the uniform style, we understood the design and renovation details layer by layer, constantly innovating and reinventing, striving for perfection, so every store has a different appeal.

Whether it’s the fashion of the Parramatta store, the poetic romance of the Macquarie store, or the mysterious and cozy atmosphere of the Marrickville cafe, the East Village store is more refined and simple.

We use the most expensive reclaimed wood available in decking. A sliding storage door is also hidden inside this wooden cabinet. The natural texture of the wood matches the exquisite light box from ROSE & Co, which is simple and strong and matches the whole mall.

Shelves are essential facilities for displaying and selling flowers. They are designed to contain and store flowers and make it easy to pick and place flowers. Therefore, in the design of the model, there is a large storage space on the ground floor to display the flowers. Freely adjustable height wooden shelves can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of the storage which is practically strong.

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The clean grill and elegant golden logo are refined. The black wall and the interlaced light add to the mystery of the flower and bring out the beauty of the flower.

The reception height is about 900 meters, which is very convenient for the flower shop, but less so for the guests at home.

Using deck wood to create a step height cleverly solves this problem. The discreet black logo also highlights the decorative welcome texture. On the other hand, the design of the stainless steel table is easy to clean and the black mirror waterproof baffle reflects the flower clusters to enlarge the space.

Flower Shop Parramatta

Logo The floral wall still uses the ROSE&Co logo with a metallic textured logo. Various designers design organ slides here, push the wall with flowers in the purchase, design the refrigerator and behind the wall with direct access from the door to the agricultural room and the floor. The wardrobe adds a lot of space and enlarges the area.

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The beautiful suspended ceiling uses a mesh panel, which allows you to fish in the air from above and below, filling the three-dimensional space and swinging. Air drying prevents wastage. Using industrial wind lamps as decoration makes the whole room bright and harmless.

Repair is for functional stereotypes that many people believe to be the first choice. But as a professional interior design and renovation company, the harmony of “beauty” and functionality is our pursuit. In our view of restoration, beauty is a function and essential component of a visually pleasing experience.

If you have a vision or project and want to make it a reality, Twenty Interior Design and Renovation can help make your dreams come true. For any questions or inquiries, please get in touch today to discuss your ambitious plans!

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