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Flower Shop In Cebu – Here’s where to find flowers in Cebu City for Valentine’s Day Check out the city’s flower market, flower delivery services and a flower farm open to tourists By Aliana May Juson | 01 February 2021

Looking for a place in Cebu to buy flowers for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day? Here are some of the most reliable flower markets in Cebu City that we have prepared for you. Enjoy!

Flower Shop In Cebu

Flower Shop In Cebu

If you’ve heard of Dangwa, the biggest flower market in Manila, this must be Cebu’s version. Located on Calle Magallanes, a stone’s throw from Mercat del Carboni and just a 5-10 minute walk from Santo Niño Church, the flower stalls at the University of San Jose-Recoletos are hard to miss.

Deliver Flowers In Cebu Philippines By Cebu Florist

There are many flower vendors at the Freedom Park Market offering a wide variety of local and imported flowers. Flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day range from PhP 500 to PhP 9,000 depending on the variety and number of flowers. The best part about buying flowers is that you can haggle with the sellers.

If you want to go to Freedom Park Market, take a ride in a jeepney marked 04B, 04C, 17B or 17C. Jeepneys in Cebu City have alphanumeric route codes that indicate specific areas of their route. Its route is usually displayed on the top of the jeepney’s pole.

To the north is Sirao Flower Farm, also known as Mini Amsterdam, where you can not only get flowers, but also imaginative and relaxing selfie backgrounds thanks to the beautiful scenery. The farm itself is a tourist destination; you can even take your partner here on a date!

If you care about fresh flowers, you can go to this family farm and buy flowers from field to table, meaning you can be sure of their freshness. Their most popular flower is celosia, which costs Php 25 for six stems. The flower comes in gold, pink, purple, orange, red, and sometimes bicolor. They also have gerberas and chrysanthemums. Prices start at PhP 40 for a dozen of these flowers.

S0550: White And Pink Assorted Spray With Thai Leaves

Sirao Flower Farm is 17 kilometers from JY Square Mall and can be reached by private car or car.

(Motorcycle for rent) which can cost around P200 per person round trip. The entrance fee is PhP 20.

If you don’t have time for the luxury of buying and picking flowers by hand, online florists allow you to quickly and easily choose a flower arrangement and send it to the recipient of your choice.

Flower Shop In Cebu

If you love unique arrangements and want to give flowers that last longer than fresh ones, you can check out Cebu Snowy Flower’s online store at Osmeña Boulevard to make your own floral arrangements with snow flowers and other craft items. Snow flowers are a type of chrysanthemum that have undergone freezing technology to keep them for ten years.

Fabulous Flower Attractions In Cebu

Meanwhile, Kalidades House of Flowers is another florist that has a unique offer. In addition to the usual bouquets in their physical stores, they have boxes of canned roses sold online that come in a variety of colors, including sky blue, Tiffany blue, denim blue, black, fuschia, peach, white, yellow and even. colors of the rainbow. Prices for preserved flowers range from PhP 1,600 to PhP 2,200.

Whether you’re looking for roses, spring-blooming tulips, gladioli, daisies, gerberas, chrysanthemums or fiery celosias, all you need is time and you’re sure to find the perfect variety of flowers in Cebu City. Just remember to place your orders in advance, especially during blooming periods!

Aliana May Juson is a former television station reporter in Manila in her twenties. Try to avoid single-use plastic straws as a contribution to saving Mother Earth. In her spare time, she volunteers in communities where there are happy and loving children.

Disclaimer: All articles in Consumers Magazine are for informational and entertainment purposes only. Although careful research has gone into the writing of these articles, the completeness and accuracy of all information presented in our articles is not guaranteed. Our content is not intended as a substitute for legal, medical or professional advice of any kind. I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of Cebu’s biggest farmers market, Freedom Park. Better known locally as Carbon, this place is full of sights, sounds and aromas that can cause sensory overload.

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Sunday, no work, kids napping, it suddenly occurred to me that I wanted to go to Carbon. I had no particular reason for going there, except that I wanted to share this place with the world. So, in the heat of the sun at 2:00 p.m., I dragged my husband under the pretense that we needed new laundry baskets. We could buy them cheaper at Carbon.

After 30 minutes of walking and taking pictures, I was sure my husband understood my real reason for coming, but I knew it was better not to argue with the blogger about the plot. He joined and even let me use his phone because I have a crappy camera on my phone.

Freedom Park is a housewife’s paradise. Although my husband will be the first to disagree that I am a great homemaker. There’s always something missing in our house, and yes, I realize I’m rambling. In any case, Carbon offers a lot to enjoy. However, if you have been living under a rock all these years and have never visited Carbon once, let me teach you and give you some tips on how to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Flower Shop In Cebu

1. Stop and smell the flowers. Come on, they smell heavenly. It doesn’t matter that right next to the fresh flower sellers are funeral flower sellers. Don’t they remind you of something? He was talking about first dates and Valentine’s Day, in case you were thinking about dying.

Cebu Flower Shop (flowers Cafe Cebu)

2. Touch and smell Bulad. Imagine them freshly fried and golden in combination with yesterday’s rice bathed in spicy vinegar. Does the thought of eating Bulad make your mouth water? All the time, right? Of course I’m right, now shut up and read on.

5. Balut sellers are plentiful. From 2:00 p.m. you can find them everywhere. You don’t have to wait for sunset to satisfy your Balut cravings. Don’t be a wimp, enjoy one or two. I know a woman who can do five years in one sitting, and no, I won’t say who.

6. Barbaco, Isaw, Atay, Taba and Puso! We only live once, enjoy life. In moderation of course, a little bit of everything to satisfy your Pinoy palate.

7. Fruits, vegetables and roots! All this from Carbon at a much lower price compared to the malls. Buying vegetables from the market for PhP 300 is enough to feed a family of 4 for a week (unless you have fried vegetables with every meal). If you can buy more vegetables at the mall for the same amount, I will go shopping with you.

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8. Fresh fish. However, I have to say that the photo capture feels alien to me. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it sure looks interesting!

10. Kikay Quixos, casual sneakers and ukay-ukay! Who knows, you might even run into your favorite office fashionista on one of your travels.

11. Bags, native lanterns, lamps, piggy banks and a coconut shell bag. Perfect for apasalubong if you visit Cebu. They are much cheaper here than buying them at pasalubong centers in the mall. Quick Tip: Dress in your home clothes and you’ll be able to negotiate more effectively.

Flower Shop In Cebu

12. Lots of random stuff. If you wander around, you might even see silver jewelry, grandma’s snuff, a coal stove (if you run out of LPG) and heart-shaped spoons.

Online Flower Delivery In Cebu Institute Of Medicine By Local Expert Florist In Cebu

It’s much more than dirt and dust – a vibrant little community that offers more than just the ingredients for your favorite Binignit recipe. Carbon is the living stamp of Cebu.

And of course, we didn’t go home empty-handed. We got those new laundry baskets I was talking about. 😉

A familiar shade of purple paints the sky. Against the background of the sunset, silhouettes float with boards sticking out of the water. Relax, but surfers know better. It’s only a matter of time before the next set comes out. Just another perfect wave to keep us energized all the way home. I can’t stop…

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