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Flower Knows Cosmetics – I tried some Chinese beauty brands recently and I saw the Flower Knows brand that was created. By two popular beauticians, Hana and Baozi. I do not know much about anime or cosplay, but both seem to be very popular in China and internationally.

I first met Flower Knows from some Chinese beauty bloggers on Weibo, this brand has a lovely look and a woman that fits my style perfectly.

Flower Knows Cosmetics

Flower Knows Cosmetics

This is the third time I have bought from this brand, I have always had a good shopping experience from them and today I am sharing with you some new products that I bought from their new unicorn collection. They.

Your Guide To Choose For Flower Knows Strawberry Rococo SeriesπŸ“

So far, Flower Knows has released two Unicorn collections, Original and 2.0, and the one I am sharing with you is the original. From what I have collected, the Unicorn collection is a collaboration between Flower Knows and Pretty Rock Baby (Lolita clothing brand) and the collection includes loose powder, 4 eye shadow palettes, six lip balms, six lip balms. Mirrors and neckties. .

There are four eye shadow palettes in the original collection and I bought two, one a neutral brown and the other a pretty peachy shade. The packaging is made of cardboard and durable plastic, the design looks really nice on the outside but the whole material feels very cheap. There is a mirror inside and the texture of the eyelids is smooth and soft, most shades are multi-colored, except there is a glow in the center, it is almost identical to the ColourPop light, it is very difficult to choose the color. Or glitters.

There are six blushes in this collection and I bought only two Pursuit of Rose is a plum-ish pink shade with flecks of gold glitter and Ms. Peach is a peachy apricot shade. The texture is smooth and very soft, the pigment is not very opaque which I think is perfect for blushes. The packaging is exactly something I have not seen before, compact is made of plastic, but generally it feels higher quality than eye shadow. The hair blower has a unique design inside and out, and what I like most is the opal color, as the background above the skin compact color is different depending on the shade of the blushes.

I have seen many bloggers complain about how great the loose powder from this collection is, saying that the powder is very soft and the powder itself will instantly make the skin oily without looking like a cake, but I do not. Too busy about quality as I bought it for packaging only. Again, it is made of durable cardboard and the unicorn on top is made of plastic, the whole design is cute and feminine, it is magical and it looks good when it is placed On the table.

Pre Order 7 14 Days) Flower Knows 花ηŸ₯ζ™“ Unicorn Embossed Pattern Blush Palette (5g/.17oz.)

There are six lipsticks in this collection and I bought three: Little Rose in pink, Little Milk Bottle in nude and Little Honey in orange and red. When I see the packaging, it immediately reminds me of Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer, maybe but not sure. The packaging design is like a magic wand, it is magical and feminine. Again, it is made of plastic, it looks nice but feels cheap. I like the color I choose because three colors can be worn every day. I bought these unexpectedly, but they really surprised me, the texture is not too sticky, the lipstick is painted and it really lasts a long time. What I do not like is the aroma is too strong, it smells like a mixture of flowers and candy and it is too strong for My favorite.

I finally received a glass as a gift to buy in excess of a certain amount. The mirror feels like Marie Antoinette (movie), it’s a hand mirror and it feels like a child’s toy haha By simply tapping on the clear coverage, these shades create the effect of a soft focus to accentuate fine lines and imperfections. Too good air brush can not be skipped.

πŸ’— Why love? Loose, weightless powder sets makeup for an all-day wear without freezing or burning.

Flower Knows Cosmetics

🌸 Why do you need it? A smooth, fragrant cream powder that allows skin to breathe into skin-like surface to brighten skin Lively.

New Makeup From Flower Knows

Can promise that we are a brand that is not cruel and that the product is not tested on any animal.

The packaging is lovely and the powder feels soft on the skin ~ It covers my pores well, but what I want to know before buying the transparent powder is that it has light in it.

When I bought this product I was a little worried that it might not suit my skin color and for safety I bought a light brown color – fortunately my fears are not grounded because it mixes well with skin tones My plus it comes. Lovely round shape Overall, I’m happier with this product! Luxurious 3D embossed design makes you feel like a princess in a palace, let it realize your imagination! πŸ’–

Yes! My comment is that I am very sorry that this order has not arrived yet. Can you help me?

Cute Lipstick Velvet Matte Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Stick Women Beauty Cosmetic Lip Makeup Easy To Wear Natural Lip Gloss|lipstick|

3 weeks and I still have not received my product. It’s a Christmas present, so hopefully it will arrive before then β€” but I do not depend on it.

Buy it, you will not regret it. It is heavier and stronger than the body. It’s so beautiful. It can live a lifetime if you take care of it. I do not use it much, but it is luxurious and high quality, do not want to take it out of the house for fear of missing or damaged. It is made of a very strange metal, but clean and strong. It looks exactly as described and is much better in person. I bought some the day before and they sent me another solid heart-shaped plastic glass – plastic but still strong and quality. I’m going to buy a metal Unicorn mirror now because I have two so far and I love both of them so I thought, oh yes I will get another one while it is also available. Thank you

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