Flower Domes

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Flower Domes – Five times a year, the Floral Show Dome changes with special, themed floral displays. Visit year-round for the spring flowers, the annual train show, and the popular holiday show.

The Tropical, Desert and Show domes are great backdrops for wedding or engagement photos. Official photos are available for small groups during regular business hours. A photography permit is required to book a photo shoot in the Domes.

Flower Domes

Flower Domes

Every winter, the Show Dome is transformed into a miniature train exhibit, with 600 feet of train tracks surrounding the exhibit. New themes each year ensure that every show is different, with unique props to set the scene and over 4,000 plants to create a stunning display.

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The snow may still be on the ground outside, but inside, the Floral Show Dome comes alive with bright colors and fragrant blooms. Each year a new theme is created for the spring display, but you can expect a variety of spring flowers including tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, pansies and lilies.

The Domes are a must for Milwaukee visitors in the summer, and the annual summer display covers the dome color of the flower.

Before the Domes, the main attraction of Mitchell Park was the Victorian conservatory and the Autumn Chrysanthemum Show has been a regular event for over 120 years. Thousands of colorful mums, dozens of different ones, are used to create the autumn display.

No matter what the weather is like outside, the Domes are always toasty warm inside, and the annual holiday show is one of Milwaukee’s top winter attractions. A new theme brings a new look every year, but you can expect a display with poinsettias, chrysanthemums, amaryllis and other plants, and a decorated pine tree.

Bridal Bouquet Floral Dome

In addition to the ever-changing displays in the center of the Floral Dome, you’ll also find a permanent collection of plants and displays around the edge of the dome. Here’s what you can see at the Show Dome.

On the outer edge of the Floral Show Dome, you will find a collection of colorful and fragrant plants, including a strawberry bush, a Jaboticaba tree, geraniums, grape trees, fig trees, olive trees and a pomegranate tree.

The first Mitchell Park Horticultural Reserve, inspired by the Crystal Palace in London, England, was built in 1898 by Milwaukee architect Henry C. Koch. Koch designed other Milwaukee landmarks during his career, including Milwaukee City Hall, Turner Hall, Pfister and 700 other buildings.

Flower Domes

Blacksmith and ironworker Cyril Colnik created magnificent gates at the entrance to the conservatory, and when the building was demolished in 1955, the original gates were saved for display in the Floral Show Dome.

Dome Velvet Roses

The Show Dome’s interior is lined with hundreds of LED lights that can be programmed to create spectacular light shows set to Lucy in The Beatles’ Sky With Diamonds and Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite.

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