Flower Delivery Officer

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Flower Delivery Officer – Each of us has a story that makes us special. Why not celebrate their lives with mutual respect? Whether your loved one is a fisherman or an aviator – whatever their passion – you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

At Marine Florists, we strive to create handcrafted pieces that will honor the life of your loved one in their own unique way. Our experienced sales staff and talented designers will work with you to create a truly memorable service for your loved ones.

Flower Delivery Officer

Flower Delivery Officer

Our memory is a link with the past. Let’s help them tell their story.

Alabama Man Arrested For Placing Flowers On Fiancee’s Grave: ‘love Is Forever’

Please call for an individual quote. Each piece is designed according to the preferences and requests of our customers. Call 718-338-3600 to speak with a representative who can discuss your design request.

In some cases, florist photography may reflect an overall theme or look and include a unique vase that cannot be replicated exactly. Although the actual bouquet may not match the photo, it will have the same temperature. The occasional replacement of flowers or containers is due to weather, seasonal and market conditions. If this is the case with your chosen gift, a local florist will ensure that your style, theme and color palette are maintained and substitute items of equal or greater value. *** Larger versions available *** *** CALL 718-338-3600 ASK ***

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