Flower Body Rub Cairns

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Flower Body Rub Cairns – Temazcal Oaxaca’s indigenous steam ritual opens your mind as well as your skin pores with herbal teas. Also, you won’t believe how they clear you of negative energy.

The Duke sits across from the Temezcal, a type of steam lodge used by the Aztecs, Mixtecs, and other indigenous peoples of Mexico.

Flower Body Rub Cairns

Flower Body Rub Cairns

I always wanted to start soul searching. Massage later, and it’s a no-brainer. I am.

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While researching which Temazcal to try, Duke was drawn to Temazcal Oaxaca thanks to its Insta page.

He came after me and started beating me gently with a vegetable pack. temazcalera does this to cleanse you of negativity. It transfers bad energy to plants and then burns. .

Wally is ready to begin his search for his Temazcal spirit—part of the ancient tradition of Mexico’s indigenous people.

We had just finished a folk art tour with the amazing Linda Hanna, and when the time came, we found a car waiting outside our hotel, Casa Antonita, to take us to the village of Santa Maria Coyotec for our Temescal experience. was ready be taken The driver turned out to be Nathan Dawson, the young man who designed, built and operated Temazcal Oaxaca with his girlfriend Orosei Acevedo.

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The name translates to “House of Hot Stones”. These brick structures—think of a Native American sweat lodge in the form of an igloo—are a tradition used by many of Mexico’s indigenous peoples for a variety of purposes. Sure, they were part of spiritual ceremonies, Nathan told us, but the Aztecs used them to train soldiers for war, the highland Mixtecs used them to induce labor, and more recently, they were used for routine bathing— Villagers can save. It smells like precious water and fresh herbs.

Traditionally, a woman called a temazcalra guides you through the process. Sometimes this role is referred to as shaman or kurandra (folk healer). Nathan told us that every pueblo has a midwife and she serves as the Temezcala.

When we arrived, an expat couple from St. Louis had just finished their experience. He moved to Oaxaca a few years ago, and like every American we’ve met here, he has no plans to return to the United States.

Flower Body Rub Cairns

The guy encouraged us to have a shot of mezcal to loosen us up for the temazcal, so I squeezed orange slices into our thumb-sized cups and tossed them back. It is also recommended to drink a few glasses of water before taking a steam bath.

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When we sat down at the table, the liquid spray hit my hand. Someone else saw or felt something. I began to believe that I had been marked by an invisible spirit animal in preparation for Temazcal.

When I later asked Nathan what it could be, he said it was probably one of the giant tree cicadas – which certainly wasn’t as attractive as I’d hoped.

As the couple left, the man told us, “I’ve been everywhere in Temescals and this is the best. It’s not touristy, it’s the real deal.”

We bow and enter the dark brick structure and sit on wooden stools in front of the fire that heats the stones. Our Temezcalera, Narsedelia, was kneeling next to me, taking bunches of herbs, dipping them in a bucket of water, and then placing them on the hot stones. A fragrance filled the air and many herbs worked to open the lungs. We took deep breaths and went into meditation. My mind travels to a troubled relationship I have with a family member and that suggests I should try to fix it.

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A glimpse inside Temescal – before the door closes and you embark on a dark and steamy soul journey.

Every now and then, Narsdela blurted out something in Spanish, and we mostly got the gist of it. He explained that Temezcal was good for the head, the heart, the stomach, his hand moving to every part of the body as he spoke.

As our faces sweated, Narsedelia took our handkerchiefs, wet them, and pressed them refreshingly. Every once in a while he sings a quiet song from his home called Atzumpa, which is known for pottery. It was wonderful to hear his soft, gentle voice fill the room like a lullaby.

Flower Body Rub Cairns

As I sat there in the dark, imagining that I was part of an ancient Mixtec group undergoing a ritual experience, Narsedelia walked up behind me and began gently beating with a bunch of herbs. temazcalera does this to cleanse you of negativity. It transfers bad energy to plants and then burns.

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As Nathan later explained, today’s grandmothers carry on the tradition. If something bad happens or the child is scared, Ebola rubs an egg on the person and declares that there is now evil in the egg and he buries it. Alternatively, he might lightly whip you with herbs to get rid of your fear – just like they do in Temescal.

“You’re transferring negativity to the plant,” Nathan said. “So you leave it figuratively by burning it to stone.”

After about 20 minutes or so (can’t be sure, as the experience seems to be winding down), we took Nathan’s advice and sat down on the floor to cool off. Then, after some more time, Temezkala put some pillows on the floor and we lay there comfortably.

At one point Narsdelia said something as if she wanted us to open our towels. So we made our private public, hoping that’s what he was saying.

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And when he poured water on us in the ghusl or ghusl, I breathed a sigh of relief and was relieved that we had fixed him. He was very kind, like a mother bathing her child. And in fact, Temazcal is round in shape to mimic a pregnant belly.

Don’t be surprised if your experience is somewhat different. Nathan and Urosi are always looking to enhance the experience, adding a sensory element here, a spa treatment there. (They plan to use a natural clay mask on clients after the temazcal, once the pores are nice and open.)

After cleaning, we left the cold and went to the adjacent building and changed our clothes. Now we are ready for our massage. There are a lot of goodies, including blindfolds and aromatic herbs – both of which are tied to the Temazcal experience.

Flower Body Rub Cairns

Nathan hires Narsdalia and her two sisters to work as mezcalivers and enrolls them in massage school. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more relaxed after a fight. We had turned into a pile of gopas. After a cup of tea, the Duke and I slowly got up, put our clothes back on and literally went out.

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We sat in the yard and talked with Nathan, who grew up splitting his time between this village and Texas. He took us around and showed us the different herbs used in Temazcal. This type can include: boldo (most common), basil, rosemary, rum, fennel, aloe vera, vixen herb, herba maestra, and herba buena.

Nathan and Urosi grow most of their herbs to open your lungs, pores, and maybe even your soul.

Nathan, the owner of Temazcal Oaxaca, showed us the different plants grown in the yard and used in Temazcal.

While his family has been running Temzcall for decades, the site opened in October 2021. Nathan is a brilliant entrepreneur – he has a vision, and the experience he’s created is unmatched.

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We recommend adding Temazcal Oaxaca to your itinerary. Better to do this at the end of your trip – a wonderful way to refresh after a day of walking in the heat and driving through charming villages in the countryside. –

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Flower Body Rub Cairns

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The best thing about Palm Cove is that it is the gateway to some of the most popular destinations in tropical North Queensland.

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