Dried Flower Resin Kit

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Dried Flower Resin Kit – Learn how to preserve dried flowers in resin! You can create all kinds of projects with epoxy resin, including jewelry, coasters, and more.

Interested in preserving flowers in resin? I’m excited to share it with you today! I recently learned how to use resin and I have to admit it has been a life changing product. I’ve used resin the last few times, but it was a long time ago and I think it was on a plate. Obviously I don’t remember.

Dried Flower Resin Kit

Dried Flower Resin Kit

Mod Podge Resin was recently released and started me back down the epoxy resin path. I started with resin roller coasters and then geode coasters. . . So I decided it was time to dab in dried flowers in resin. Have you seen the beautiful jewelry and pendants that people make? I wanted to try it too.

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I started by securing the flowers in flat glass holders. . . Let me show you what I did. The method is the same if you use a different surface or silicone molds.

Get ready to create unique memories with this simple tutorial. This spring craft would make a wonderful gift idea.

Before starting the project, I would like to share with you some frequently asked questions. These questions are often asked about dried flowers in resin and I hope they help you. Otherwise, you can skip them in the instruction manual.

If you’re going to attempt to preserve dried flowers in resin, you’ll need a few supplies in addition to the flowers. Here’s what you need to be prepared:

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There are many ways to dry (and press) flowers. If you use the following methods, you’ll want to use fresh flowers whenever possible. Wear them and let them dry for 3-4 weeks. They don’t need to be flat, but for things like jewelry and coasters, you need to be flat.

Now. . . These methods take longer because you let nature dry in its course. But my favorite method of drying flowers? Silica gel. Drying crystals allow flowers to dry in 3-7 days. And the crystals are reusable. So that’s what I use!

Absolutely! You can use cast iron with dried flowers. Obviously, you need to dry (and possibly press) the flowers before using them.

Dried Flower Resin Kit

With great care. Dried flowers are very fragile, so I recommend planning your layout first and making sure you have some tweezers ready to hold them. If needed.

How To Casting Dried Flowers In Epoxy Resin

No, you don’t have to seal them. If you place dried flowers in sealed resin, make sure they are completely dry before doing so; Otherwise they will turn brown.

Yes, if they are not properly dried. That’s why I always dry them with silica gel. If you don’t dry them properly, they can rot inside the resin if your project is beyond repair.

To mix Mod Podge resin, start by measuring equal amounts of resin and hardener (measured by volume, not weight). Use a separate measuring file for each part. Once equal amounts of the two parts have been measured, pour them into a mixing glass. Mix the two parts gently for 3 minutes. When you start stirring, cloudy swirls will appear.

While mixing, scrape down the sides and bottom of the mixing bowl to completely combine the two parts. Continue mixing until no cloudy swirls appear and the mixture is clear. Note: For each project, it is advisable to attend only the required amount per project at a time.

How To Make Colorful Resin Coasters With Dried Flowers

Arrange the dried flowers as desired in the glass candle. Dried flowers are very fragile, so use tweezers to help.

Slowly pour clear resin over the flowers. Fill the candles as much as possible without overflowing. If the dried flowers start to float, push them down using a toothpick. I sprinkle gold flakes over the clear resin.

Remove bubbles using a butane torch. Leave for five minutes and repeat if necessary to remove additional bubbles. Allow the adhesive to fully cure according to the package instructions (probably 24 hours).

Dried Flower Resin Kit

You can watch the whole process if you like the video in this post! Also get the printable tutorial below.

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I collected some beautiful fall leaves and would like to use them in adhesive paperweights. Can the silica be dried with the compound and not turn brown before applying it to the resin? Is there any way to prevent them from turning brown?

Hello! See this post for more info: https:///diy-pressed-flowers-with-mod-podge/ Some flowers dry with more color than others.

Hi Janet! No, it is not difficult to remove the product when it is completely dry. You can only take it out because the product is hard and the mold is flexible. If the mold is not flexible, you will need to cut it.

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