Cannatrek T20 Daylesford Flower

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Cannatrek T20 Daylesford Flower – Cannatrek T20® Flower (Relax Daylesford) is an indica dominant hybrid dry medicinal cannabis flower. Each gram of dried flower contains 20% (w/w) THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

After many years of trying various remedies for my symptoms, this flower is amazing for relaxing mind body and spirit.

Cannatrek T20 Daylesford Flower

Cannatrek T20 Daylesford Flower

I must emphasize that I have been vaping cannabis for many years now street witch is grown and the dry douche full of chemicals itself has a bad effect on anxiety symptoms and bad mood, , it is old time and not fast enough that we can do now. Really benefit from this flower’s clean production witch with CBD oils.

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This was the first flower prescribed for my pain and anxiety, over 18 months ago. I have been using it for a while and find it very effective. I use it in combination with other flowers and CBD and THC oils. The T20 vaporizes very well and gets my symptoms under control without leaving me too foggy. I mostly use it at the end of the day, however, sometimes I need to use it in the morning and I can still work and work well.

The consistency isn’t always the same sometimes the buds are really big, sometimes they’re a little small, but I’m very happy with it in terms of vapor production and effectiveness.