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Print Your Own Sticky Notes – One of these days I’ll stop with the planner DIY…then again, maybe I won’t. I was inspired to do this after finding a free planner DIY on Pinterest. So I turned to my favorite online photo editor, PicMonkey, to help me create awesome square images to print on my sticky notes. I’m always looking for affordable/cheap/free ways to personalize my Flofix, as stationery can be expensive. Even if you’re a Target Dollar Spot saver, you’re probably still looking for the perfect bill. You probably already have some simple sticky notes in your collection, so here’s how to make personalized notes. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make your own, or you can scroll to the bottom of the post to print out a pre-made template.

First, go to the PicMonkey website and select a square canvas from the design options. You don’t need to choose a custom canvas with a custom size, as we will scale them later when they are added to the word document.

Print Your Own Sticky Notes

Print Your Own Sticky Notes

One of my favorite things about PicMonkey is the variety of boxes they offer for clip art – found in the clip art section of Scrapbook. I like that you can add boxes if you use the free version of PicMonkey. You can also add geometric shapes and text to create a custom graphic for your sticky notes.

Custom Post It® Notes Personalized Printed Sticky Notes

Once you have the design you want, save it to your computer. Make 6-8 designs so you have a variety of prints. You can find your designs getting better and better so you can design more. If you want access to even more design elements, sign up for PicMonkey’s Royale feature for $4.99/month or $33/year here.

Next, we move on to the word. If you don’t have Word, you can use any similar word processor – OpenOffice is also a good alternative. I set all margins in my document to 0.5″, then inserted a 3 column x 5 row table.

Since I’m working from a Mac, I have a toolbar on the right side of my screen where all the custom options are. You may need to find specific table options in your word processor. Set the height of the first, third and fourth row to 3″, set the height of the second and fourth row to 0.18″, then set the width of the first column to 3″, the width of the middle column to 0.19″, and the width of the third column to peak If there is space at the bottom of the template, write the word BOTTOM so you know which way to place the stickers and feed them into the printer. (You can just download my template here.) Save it. Separate Templates Print a few copies of this page.

Now it’s time to add the schedule. Select the cell you want to add the sticky note graphic to, and from the Insert tab, select Picture, then File. Select your photo and insert it. Or you can open the folder where the images are stored and drag and drop them into your Word document.

The Innovative Sticky Notes Printer

You may find it too big, but don’t worry! Under the Image tab, select the aspect ratio if it is selected and set the size to 3″x3″. Continue adding images to the 3×3 cells, resizing them until the page is full.

It may appear that your cells are larger than the 3″ x 3″ you set in the first step. My solution was to move the graphic behind the text and then use the arrow keys to align them by eye to the center of the cell. Since there was a toolbar on the side, I found Arrange and selected text behind. To do this, you will need to access the image toolbar at the top on the Windows version. This is important because the adhesive sheets are aligned with the empty template, which may not be the case with the filled template. You can always print out both templates, place them on top of each other and hold them up to the light to see if anything has changed.

I also changed my images to publish view to align more accurately with the arrow keys, as seen above. Sometimes my arrow keys move the image too far to the left or right, so I always have more control when I switch to publishing the scene. I then set the table borders to white or transparent. Save this as your second file, the file you will be reprinting on your sticky notes.

Print Your Own Sticky Notes

Take the printed blank template and line the adhesive sheet. Notice how the paper is fed into the printer. That’s why the word BOTTOM is useful! When the adhesive sheet is aligned, feed the paper back into the output tray. For my printer, I turn the page upside down, with the writing on the bottom facing me. You should experiment to find the best way to print with your particular printer. Print a page full of sticky note designs. It should print the design on customized sticky notes! Repeat as needed.

Sticky Notes Hacks For Your Classroom

And here are the personalized sticky notes! Attach them wherever you want. I think they would be great for lunch, correspondence, home or anywhere to personalize and stick. This post contains affiliate links. Clicking and buying earns me a commission at no extra cost! Thank you! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full description here.

I recently learned a great thing! I learned how to print custom sticky notes at home! It’s so easy to do and this organization was ridiculously exciting to my loving heart.

So of course that meant I had to share my discovery with you. And I just couldn’t share this awesomeness without making it a freebie!

If you want to get started with your freebie, you can download the free custom sticky note templates in the printable library. (These are part of the organization’s printed materials.)

How To Print On Sticky Notes

While you’re at it, you might want to go ahead and download the manual as well, because you’re going to need it.

For this particular tutorial, I’ll be using a 3×3 notebook, but the same rules apply whether you’re printing a small notebook template or a large sticky note template.

Just remember that the guide you use must be designed for the specific size of adhesive you’re printing on, or nothing will go right.

Print Your Own Sticky Notes

The first thing you’ll want to do is print out the manual if you haven’t already. (You can find it in the Free Printable Library. If you don’t have the password, you can get it here.)

How To Create Your Own Sticky Notes For You Or… Setting Up The Powerpoint 1. Open Powerpoint

Once the manual is downloaded and printed, it’s time to insert the sticky notes. Make sure you insert the paper so that the part that says “This is the top” is at the top! (The arrows indicate the direction in which the guide sheet passes through the printer.)

Place the notes on the page in black squares so that the alignment is correct when printing. Also, make sure the “sticky” part is on top of each black square and is securely pressed against the guide sheet.

This will ensure that they are consistent throughout the printing process. And more importantly, it will ensure that you don’t get stuck on the printer when you copy the message on it.

Now it’s time to actually put the guide sheet into the printer. If you have a manual feed tray like I do, just put the page in.

How To Print On Sticky Notes + Printable Template!

If it is not, simply place the guide sheet in the paper tray. However, I would recommend removing any paper that is already in the paper tray before printing to prevent jams.

Some printers require you to place the page face down to print correctly! My old printer was like this and it took trial and error to figure out how to insert the document so it would come out right.

Place the star on the blank sheet of paper you will print on. Then print the instruction page. If the star is on the same side as the black box, you’re good to go.

Print Your Own Sticky Notes

If not, you will need to flip the guide over and place it in the paper tray when you are ready to print the memo template. This will ensure that your beautiful custom stickers are printed correctly.

Chinese Manufacturers Korean Sticky Notes Personalised Sticky Notes Heart Style Sticky Notes

Once you determine how to load the paper in the paper tray, you are ready to print. However, remember that you don’t want to reprint the manual.

This time you just want to print the template. Make sure you have downloaded your template

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