How To Make Paracord Whip

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How To Make Paracord Whip – This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I’ve never had enough Paracord to do it at any given time. That changed, however, when I received a spool of Paracord from a relative who was at our house on Thanksgiving. So there I am on Christmas break, doing nothing but staying at home, with no other projects to work on………and 1200 feet of parachute cord wire 7 thousand olive green parachutes sitting on my desk . There was never really a choice in the matter.

Now, considering it wasn’t the prettiest thing, I was in too much of a hurry to finish it to pay close attention to the directions I was following. The braid is loose in many places, and I’ve made more mistakes in it than I care to admit; but it certainly works, and on my first try, I don’t think it’s too bad.

How To Make Paracord Whip

How To Make Paracord Whip

The handle is a PVC section with a piece of rebar stuck in the middle to give it some weight. The whip core is attached to it and is made of different lengths of P cable wrapped in electrical tape. The outer braid is made with paracord that has been pulled from its inner strands, allowing it to lie flat. (I hope you’re not studying my presence too carefully) My whip doesn’t have a bang like most whips, just a small piece of paracord tied at the end and let it fray a bit. I also tied several decorative knots in the handle to finish it off, and added a loop to hang on the wall.

Plait, Sport Series Nylon Bullwhips

Oh my! Who am I kidding? The thing looks terrible. Yes. I did everything wrong. I even have electrical tape holding the braid loose in several places. Oh well, first try you know. I’ll do another one someday.

For those interested in making one of these harnesses, this is a very good tutorial that I followed: I have been enjoying this site for a long time and finally found enough time to write a first Instructable by myself.

It shouldn’t be that difficult for those who know their way through ropes, knots and braids.

It involves careful, regular braiding of up to 12 strands that are just over 12 feet long, which can be a little confusing or frustrating if you are not used to handling such lengths of cord.

The Glow Whip A Glow In The Dark Paracord Bullwhip

You’ll also need to know (or be willing to learn) some ‘advanced’ knots to make it look good, and I won’t cover that point in detail in this Instructable, as there are plenty of resources on the this topic is already on the Internet.

However, I plan to do a bit more around this topic if people are interested in it.

We will make a 2.50 m (~ 8.2 ft) whip from the end of the cable to the drop, excluding the cracker.

How To Make Paracord Whip

The result was worth it, this thing seems loud and easy as expected and a worthwhile project. Coreless / Gutted 550 Paracord

I would like to thank “Bullwhipcracker” for his great knowledge on making whips which was the inspiration for this project and saved me the headache of figuring out the right length for the different steps.

I can’t find a homepage or anything that links directly to his work to give him proper credit.

Paracord (a lot) I started with 60m (196 feet) and had maybe 15m to go when I finished.

2 m (6.5 ft) of some light current, the kind you see in light bulbs or hooking up a sink outlet.

A 4 Foot, 12 Plait Paracord Stock Whip With A 16 Plait Aluminum Handle. Improvised Patterns With A Focus On Line Work And Accents Loosely Based On Birdseye.

A Zippo is a good choice, it will give you a nice flame and stand alone on the table while you use both hands to melt/cut the paracord over the flame.

A place to tie the whip while you braid (holding it between my knees worked well for me), you can also use a slightly tight vise.

Also, this project works mostly with gutted paracord, so you’ll end up with a lot of unused inner wire.

How To Make Paracord Whip

Let me know if you think making a hammock, hammock or bag with them would make an interesting Instructable 🙂

My First Paracord Whip (and Tutorial) By Jacob Jensen — Kickstarter

As I said in the introduction, this project will also require you to know and master some knots, for both practical and decorative purposes.

I assume you know them or can learn them, so I won’t cover them here. There are many great resources about this on the Internet.

Any type of multi-strand knot that you are familiar with and would like to use as a decoration on the cable (crown knot wraps, half hook covers, various round braids…)

Only the first three on the list are essential if all you need is a harness that works.

Nylon Paracord Whip Holder, Handmade Bullwhips Belt Strap Accessories Holder

The first layer will be an 8 strand round braid (4 strands folded in half will make it neater)

There was a little left over after that, but it’s still better than losing some length after hours of knitting, right? 🇧🇷

The exact amount of yarn you use depends on many factors (how tight you braid, how thick your core is…)

How To Make Paracord Whip

You don’t need to cut all this mess beforehand, especially since you’re going to be gutting most of those wires.

Paracord Whip Whip Riding Whip Training Quirt Barrel

I also suggest thinking ahead of time of a way to store leftover inner threads for later use if you don’t want to end up with 7 times as much spaghetti of inner threads as you started with 🙂

For this first step you will need the first 4 strands of paracord and the corresponding 3 pieces of lamp chain:

You will have to fit the corresponding pieces of chain onto the corresponding wires and this can be a real headache without the right technique.

Make a wire needle to pull the chain through the wire, pass the hand cm by cm, first pass a whole wire through it and pull back with the chain attached to it…

Domco Introduces

Carefully remove 6 of the 7 inner strings being very careful not to let the last one slip out with your friends (you can tie it around a finger, a pen, or anything that sticks out of r paracord sheath).

Then tie one end of the last inner wire 1-3 balls away from the end of the lamp chain using the smallest possible knot. internal wiring tends to be a bit slippery)

Then pull the inner wire out of the cord to get the chain in place and cut the cord.

How To Make Paracord Whip

If, by mistake, your last inner string escapes the sheath early or on its own, you can try to feed it back through the string by tying it to a long piece of stiff wire (longer than the string).

Whip Terminology & Physics Of A Whip

This way you will be able to tie the threads efficiently here and you will only get a very small change in thickness.

Secure them where the groove is using a constrictor knot (or two) and using one of the inner strings you just took from the cords.

Being paranoid, I also taped mine once above and twice below the main whip to make sure it didn’t come undone.

Cut the cords close to the harnesses (do not close so as not to let them open)

Snake Whip Signal In Whipmaker Cord Or Paracord

To ensure that your harness behaves consistently when bent in all directions, you must twist the wires together.

Basically, you twist each strand slightly in one direction and then place it against the others, curling it in the opposite direction.

Lay the tape 45° across the strands and wrap it to the end of the 3rd strand in one even layer.

How To Make Paracord Whip

I used a thin masking tape I had at the time and the result looked too soft for me at this point.

Belmont Bullwhip A Paracord Bullwhip Inspired By Trevor

You may or may not want to add this second layer depending on what you have on hand and how your lash behaves at this point.

Try to make it neater than in the first picture, I hurriedly took it on a new nail after the project was finished to illustrate this step.

You can run it once or twice around a soft rounded spot to make it even if you like. (a metal bar or some type of tube)

You can also run it through your fingers like I did, but do it carefully so you don’t burn your fingers, you’ll need them later 😉

Paracord Motorcycle Biker Whip Get Back Whip 1

Using first pair (again, which strings don’t matter), cross them in front of the strap as shown.

(For simplicity, I’m not showing the actual lash here, but a “template” of it using 2 different colors.

Pull the working yarn under the first two and over the last two (no reversal in this step)

How To Make Paracord Whip

Instead, I suggest that you first

I Recently Had An Opportunity To Work With The Finer 275 Paracord For This Pair Of Signature Nylon Stock Whips In Neon Green And Yellow, Which Was A Slow But Very Gratifying

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