How To Make Flower Essence

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How To Make Flower Essence – In The Bloom Book, author Heidi Smith explains the power of flower essence on her journey of self-discovery.

Flowers can be more meaningful than ever. It lifts the spirits or becomes a message of love and comfort to friends and family in these uncertain times. But in herbalist Heidi Smith’s new title, The Bloom Book: A Flower Essence Guide to Cosmic Balance (Sounds True, $24), the authors explain the multifaceted powers of flowers. including its use as spiritual medicine

How To Make Flower Essence

How To Make Flower Essence

For those struggling with issues such as anxiety, grief, relationship challenges, trauma, or for those who are simply interested in their own spiritual growth. Smith uncovers the healing benefits of flower essences and how they can enhance practices of self-discovery, such as deciphering our deepest dreams.

Flower Essence: Aquilegia (columbine)

HEIDI SMITH Psychiatrist, herbalist, florist and author of The Bloom Book: A Flower Essence Guide to Cosmic Balance Photo by Frances F. Denny.

“This book fulfills the mission I received from the universe to lead people to flower and serve as a guide to greater alignment and heart awareness,” Smith wrote in the book’s introduction. Her path to self-discovery began in 2007 after suffering the loss of her brother. Realizing that she was struggling with fear and anxiety. So a friend offered her a Bach flower: “I don’t know what it is or how it works. But when I started taking these drops three times a day. I know it helps me move forward,” Smith wrote.

Smith was eventually inspired to stimulate the growing interest in the subject. She sought out mentors such as renowned spiritual teacher Jane Bell and herbalist, nutritionist and flower expert Claudia Kiel. She also holds a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. and completed a three-year course in clinical herbal medicine at ArborVitae Traditional Herbalism School. Along the way, she has developed a long list of trusted sources and manufacturers, including Flower Essences Services, which produces formulas artisan herbal in a 27 acre cottage. Terra Flora Gardens and Wildlife Sanctuary in Nevada City California

In July 2014, Smith opened the Moon & Bloom Sanctuary in New York. This allows him to formally share his knowledge with others. And now, with the publication of The Bloom Book, she has taken her information to a wider audience. Talk about everything from Goddess Vibrating Pills Ritual of the Moon Quantum Healing and many more Consider it a more comprehensive guide to using flower essences to trigger healing and transformation.

What Are Flower Essences?

“Flowers are a branch of plant medicine that relates specifically to our consciousness and evolution,” Smith shares on the Moon & Bloom website. Take Our Own Spiritual Journey.

In this excerpt from The Bloom Book, Smith introduces the uninitiated to the essence of flowers and explains how to use them to unravel the mysteries encoded in our dreams.

These are tumultuous times. But the laws of nature keep all life in balance. Plant medicine and vibrational medicine are the oldest forms of healing in the world. which is related to many ancient wisdoms that are important for us to remember now

How To Make Flower Essence

Determining the essence of a flower requires imagination because there is no universal definition. Not exactly stuff, but more process. The word flower is actually derived from the word flow. By explaining what the essence of flowers is – how and why they work. How did they arrive? Understand their importance and their application — it is possible to group their concepts into two therapeutic subsets: herbal medicine and vibrational medicine. Flower essence is a physical remedy that you take orally. This is done by harnessing the delicate energy of the flower. They are a miraculous combination of vibrational herbs and potions that can bring about changes beyond what your current consciousness might believe possible.

Geranium Flower Essence

The essence of the flower is created from the flowers picked from the blooming shoots. immersed in sun-soaked water and preserved in a small amount of alcohol Their special relationship with light is part of their unique healing properties. Each essence contains a powerful archetype of that plant. This will be superimposed on our crystalline matrix to let in more light.

Flower essences are different from essential oils and are odorless. The signature or the whole essence of the flower is captured in the pill. Flower essence tincture can be taken orally. Apply directly to the skin. Or can be made into aerosols, safe, non-toxic and without side effects. Suitable for use with adults, children, animals and plants.

A ritual is any practice you do on purpose. Like the symbol of the rainbow The ritual connects the physical world with the non-physical plane. and give us more ways to express our dreams and our potential. Flower essence works powerfully with rituals as it works on a very fine and subtle level – on a spiritual level. Rituals occur with similar frequency. with the power of the will Prayers, confirmations and offerings, because the rituals are related to your spirituality or your level of enthusiasm for your practice. The floral elixir is therefore perfectly suited to this type of work.

A dream job can be a tool for potential self-discovery. Everyone Has a Dream Although some people remember their dreams more than others, Dreamtime is fertile ground for archetypal exploration. The ancients listened to messages and advice in their dreams. Just as we listen from a reliable source. From an active perspective Each night the astral body disconnects from the physical body and floats into the astral plane where our spirits can mingle with their collective inner influences and energies. No wonder children sometimes dread sleeping. It’s actually pretty crazy to think about the journey we take every night!

How To Make & Use Flower Essences

Sleep is extremely important to our health and well-being. in our modern world Sleep and dreams are replaced by overwork and work. Theta waves are the frequency of the brain while we sleep. and involves flashes of understanding. creative light and deep relaxation Delta waves are the slowest waves emitted by the brain during dreaming. They are essential for the regenerative functions of our system.

Therapeutic A dream job can be a way out when there are no exits or signs. Appearing in your waking life, Lucid Dreaming is the practice of co-creating your dreamscape with your subconscious. This is especially useful in recurring dreams. your subconscious is trying to tell you something There is no limit of time or space to working on your dreams. It is possible to signal to oneself that one is dreaming. and control your dreams as you wish.

Conflict resolution Exploring time or place Reconnecting with someone, finding happiness, stealing, all of these are possible in our dreams and can be deeply rewarding on many levels. I have the opportunity to resolve deep, long-standing conflicts that cannot be resolved in waking life. The skeleton in my closet appeared. And we can reach a place of thanksgiving and forgiveness. I have no doubt that these dream encounters are purgatory in the physical world.

How To Make Flower Essence

I have had success with using flower essences in my bedtime dreamwork. set intention Tell me if I’m dreaming and write down dreams as soon as they wake up I then choose how to incorporate the meaning of the dream by writing or drawing a picture of that dream. Bringing dream ideas into your waking life lets your subconscious know that you got the message.

Snapdragon Flower Essence

Making your own perfume oil can be a wonderful and fun experience. Making your own potion makes it more powerful. And that opens up another dimension of plant kingdom consciousness and therapy. This deeply rewarding ritual is quite affordable and accessible to anyone who has access to nature for a few hours.

As well as choosing Your vibrational signature affects the quality of the treatment you prescribe. This doesn’t mean you have to be a monk to concoct pills. This means you have to be smart about your energy. For example, I usually don’t cook anyone up if I have mood swings. All tools used must be clean. The water should be of the highest quality. The idea is to imitate morning dew.

Get out into nature early in the morning. If you’re creating a traditional essence it’s good to work fast enough that the dew stays on the plants. Sunny weather is best. But doing the main thing in other weather conditions is quite acceptable If you make Moonlight or Starlight essence choose at night But remember some flowers close at night. Choose the flower that calls you.

Connect with the spirit of nature The soul of your flower and so on.

Flower Essences: The Emotional Blockage Game Changer

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