How To Make Flower Crowns With Dandelions

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How To Make Flower Crowns With Dandelions – A simple wild flower crochet is a great memory from my childhood and I still like to do it.

Flower crowns are actually the traditional headdresses of ancient Greece and were worn on special occasions to honor the gods.

How To Make Flower Crowns With Dandelions

How To Make Flower Crowns With Dandelions

In the middle of summer in Sweden, many Swedes like to wear flower crowns and woven flower crowns placed on the Maypole.

Earth Mother Dandelion Crown

It’s such a simple and cute DIY, but it often requires tools like wire and scissors that you don’t usually take with you on a summer walk through the park.

The easiest way to make this adorable headband is with a hoop flower crown (what I like to call it).

Dandelions are often used for flower crowns, but you can use almost any flower as long as the stems are at least a few inches long.

Even herbs like lavender can be woven into a wreath and it will create a wonderful fragrant arrangement in your home.

Dandelion Easter Headband Flower Girl Yellow Crown Dandelion

After a little practice, you can even choose some flowers and herbs to use in the same wreath.

You can remove all stems longer than 3 inches to avoid crown size, but this step is optional.

Wrap the stem of the second flower behind and above the first flower and align the stems on top of each other.

How To Make Flower Crowns With Dandelions

Place it just below the second flower, folding the stem back and forth so that the three stems are even on top of each other.

How To Make A Dandelion Chain — Lady Hayes

To connect the end and the beginning of your flower crown, overlap the two ends and take another flower to place on top.

Using the exact same technique as before, wrap the stem around both ends a few times and tuck the end into the flower crown.

If your wreath has some awkward gaps, you can use hoops to hold extra flowers and simply tie the stems around the wreath.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to use different types of flowers to make the crown more interesting and colorful.

Benefits Of Dandelion Plus How To Use Greens, Seeds, Roots & Flowers

Flower crowns can also be braided just like a standard three-layer braid you would use in your hair.

Choose three flowers and braid them, placing the right flower in the middle, then the left flower and repeat this until you have created a braid about an inch long.

Add the fourth flower to the center stem and continue weaving until there is room for another flower head.

How To Make Flower Crowns With Dandelions

If you have floral wire or ribbon on hand, you can use this to secure different parts of the braid along the way. This easy tulle flower tutorial teaches you how to make yarn dandelions with a pipe cleaner stem. It’s a perfect craft for Mother’s Day, a Girl Scout meeting, or a birthday.

How To Make Fresh Dandelion Blossom Oil

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Dandelions are widely considered a weed, but there’s something classic all-American about a mason jar full of freshly picked dandelions. I love it when my children give me a bouquet of flowers.

You may not want dandelions growing in your yard, but these pretty yellow and green daisies make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays and country weddings. (You can even make them into Easy Tassel Flower Crowns.)

I love crafting with supplies I already have and didn’t want to buy a special quilt maker for this project. After a bit of brainstorming, I realized that a fork was the perfect tool for this craft.

Fresh Dandelion Flower Tea

*Tip: Use different sized forks (ie table fork, serving fork, etc.) to make different sized flowers.

My adorable yarn dandelions are made from cheap, synthetic yarn and pipe cleaners. (You can also make the flowers from wool or cotton yarn.)

If your yarn is thicker, you may need to wind it a few times, if it is thinner, wind it a little more to make the dandelions fluffy.

How To Make Flower Crowns With Dandelions

*Tip: Change the look of the flowers by using different colors and types of yarn and pipe cleaners.

Making Flower Crown Stock Photos

After a little practice, yarn flowers only take a few minutes. Soon you will have fields and fields of these iconic summer flowers.

Scallops are easy to do with a fork, but it might take a little practice to get the hang of the technique. Don’t despair, you’ll soon be a veil-making expert.

Hint. Make some dandelions with white yarn to look like seeded dandelions. (Wap the white yarn 35-40 times in step 3 to make them fluffier.)

I hope you will try to make flowers. Your mum might appreciate a bouquet that reminds her of your childhood.

Dandelion Floral Hair Comb Yellow Dandelion Headpiece

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