How To Make Flower Candy

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We made these cute flowers for my daughter’s teacher for Valentine’s Day! But they are also perfect for Mother’s Day or a birthday or just because… chocolate is a universal gift!

How To Make Flower Candy

How To Make Flower Candy

You can use any candy you want….but you’ll want something round and colorful to coordinate with your flowers! (and you can use any color crepe paper)

Flower Candy Cup

I wrap the fabric around the tube and hot glue the area. Then I hot glue the grass and put it on the bottom. (The video will show you what I mean!)

Fold over the crepe paper – each flower can have 5 petals…or as many as 25 if you want a large flower!

Girl and glue gun is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate marketing program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to “This website uses Google cookies to provide its services and analyze traffic. Your IP address and proxy are shared with Google along with performance and security measures to ensure quality of service , to generate usage statistics and to detect and deal with abuse.” DIY projects are one of the best ways to use your creativity. I have been creative for as long as I can remember. Since then, I have this habit of doing things with whatever I have, in this case, candy. Starburst candies were my childhood favorite because they are chewy and sweet. They are perfect for creating whatever my mind takes up, and one of my favorite images is flowers, especially roses.

Here I can show you a DIY article on how to make your own beautiful flowers from Starbursts. Not only will they smell good, but they will make a sweet and delicious treat.

Candy Flower Bouquet

I chose only two red ones to keep it simple. I thought the color would be perfect to make a rose.

Take a knife and cut each of the Starburst candies into pieces. Cut through the middle vertically and horizontally.

Take one of the leaves and roll it up. This will be the central part of the flower.

How To Make Flower Candy

Take another petal, and wrap it around the first petal. Repeat this step and arrange the petals around the center until it looks like a flower.

How To Make Spring Flower Lollipops

Once you have finished adding all the petals, your beautiful rose is complete. This is what the final product should look like.

Now that you know about these beautiful roses, you can start using different colors and do more to create beautiful bouquets of flowers. The possibilities are endless when you use Starbursts. Carving fun! Edible flowers bring the beauty of spring to this dish. Use pesticide-free plants from pastures and meadows that provide naturally grown flowers. You can also pick flowers from the garden of a trusted friend or your own.

1. If using a cookie cutter (recommended), coat it lightly with cooking spray. If you are not using a mold, pour 2 cups of powdered sugar into a rimmed baking dish. Make indentations in the bottom of the glass or other flat object. Set aside

2. Combine the sugar, corn syrup and water in a small bowl and attach a candy thermometer to the side of the pan.

How To Make A Layered Candy Filled Vase With Flowers

3. Bring the mixture to a boil over high heat. Continue heating without stirring until the mixture reaches a hard point (302°F). Remove the pan from the heat.

4. Stir in the essential oil and a small amount of gel food coloring. Be extra careful as the mixture will run and curdle with these additions.

5. When the mixture stops flowing, drop it into the mold (or powdered sugar indentations) with a spoon using a metal spoon.

How To Make Flower Candy

6. Carefully place the viola flower head or petal face down on the hot candy. Use the end of the lollipop to press it lightly into the candy (Figure 1).

M&m Spring Flower Cookie Bites

7. Quickly pour enough hot candy on the head of the flower or petal to cover the back, trapping it completely with candy. Place the lollipop stick inside the candy and make a half (Image 2). Allow the candy to harden, then remove from the mold.

8. If you use powdered sugar to create, you may choose to wash off the excess sugar under warm water. Either way, the flower will be more visible after the lollipop is enjoyed (Figure 3).

Bring spring indoors with a decorative bird’s nest that you can set up while watching your favorite show. Fill a beautiful looking nest with painted robin eggs, dyed eggs or Easter treats.

Give your front door a cheery spring makeover with this easy-to-make wreath featuring a homemade bird’s nest filled with hand-painted robin’s eggs.

Purple Hues And Me: Candy Flower Bouquet

Ditch the harsh synthetic chemicals and celebrate Easter naturally by dyeing Easter eggs using tea, vinegar and a little patience. Bonus: Learn how to remove an egg yolk so your treasures can be preserved for years.

This “breakfast casserole” can be eaten anytime and makes a delicious dessert, but it’s perfect for an Easter brunch. The crispy bread crust, soft berries and ricotta make every bite delicious and delicious.

Turn this classic spring cake into a batch of cupcakes. You can spread cream cheese on the finished carrot cookies or make a sandwich cookie.

How To Make Flower Candy

Brighten up your front door for spring with this easy wreath to make with dogwood branches and – branches! – fake birds sitting in the nest.

Today’s Fabulous Finds: Soft Sugar Cookies And Candy Melt Flowers

Make this easy DIY wreath from paper mache eggs and green Spanish moss for a seasonal look.

Use simple materials, such as colorful cards, quilted cords and ribbon, to create a unique floral wreath perfect for welcoming spring into your home. Looking for a cute yet creative Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone? A bouquet of candy flowers is beautiful and fun to give or receive. They are also very easy to make – especially using your own!

All you need is a glass vase, fake flowers, candy, decorated cardboard, glue dots, ribbon, wire and a stick. And the best part, you can get more creative by adding your special touch by using these things to make your bouquet. The possibilities are endless!

Take a small piece of cardboard or decorative paper (paper made of silver metal made of zinc), measure the length below the container and fold it into a tube shape, cut off the excess and close edges with glue dots.

The Original Candy Bouquet Onalaska Florist

Place the tube in a glass container. This will hide the wire flower stems and add a decorative touch to the container.

After arranging the flowers in the vase, add a dot of glue to the back of the blown candy. . .

Since the ribbon pattern is only on one side, we need to make a bone and twist the bow. Fold the ribbon to make a loop and twist the ribbon 180 degrees and press down on the .

How To Make Flower Candy

For this, I made three loops of graduated size on one side and used a stick to pull the ribbon down.

Valentine’s Day Diy Candy Bouquet

With the bow still in the wire, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the bow on the other end. Pull the bow tight while the bow is still in the .

Splitting calls and tying back. Fur the bow and cut off the excess wire. Attach the finished bow to the top of the vase with dots of glue, insert a heart-shaped candy in the middle of the bow and down the front of the vase.

The candy/flower set is perfect not only for valentines but also for other holidays, birthdays, get well and thank you and graduation gifts,

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How To Make Flower Candy

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