How To Make A Sticky Note Flower

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How To Make A Sticky Note Flower – For: While I love all art in general, some of my favorites are drawing, making things out of duct tape, and sewing up a storm. Before buying something, I think twice about it, then usually … More About Jessie Marie ยป

This is a very easy task to do! Have you made anything out of sticky notes before? Well, maybe this is your first time doing something like this. Everyone has an important message somewhere, so it’s a very simple task.

How To Make A Sticky Note Flower

How To Make A Sticky Note Flower

First, make the petals sticky notes 4. Do this by taking 1 red wooden sheet and please it by folding it in two ways and the shape of the button inside (just look in the pictures if it is confusing). Then cut to get the round, familliar shape of the petal.

Lotus Paper Flower

Put the four petals together, then take a small piece of paper and put one in the middle of them in the front, and one in the middle in the back. There’s your flower!

Roll up a piece of green wood, and place a small piece of ribbon on top of it. Then, glue it to the center back of the flower.

You’re done with your message arrow! Display it on your desk, around your house, or give it to a friend! Since the cosplay is simple, I decided to add something “new” to it. I did this by creating the flower that Chihiro is seen holding at the beginning of the movie.

I learned this flower making technique from the annual Japanese shop I help. This was taught in an origami workshop for young children to learn origami, so it’s an easy way to get started!

Super Easy Paper Flowers For $2!

I bought wire in a 3-pack for $1 at my local thrift store, and a bag of Post-its for another buck. These flowers are very inexpensive, and you can make about 70 flowers for just $2!

You are done with two petals! We’ll call these “sections”. Each side of the piece is a petal of a flower. You need three pieces to complete a flower. So, fold it in half again.

Once folded, make sure the page with the color you want to display is on. In the case of Post-its, this means an external contact page. Your lashes will cover unwanted colors.

How To Make A Sticky Note Flower

Make sure your skin is clean and fresh. Different folds lead to beautiful petal edges and your flower can be shaped.

Made This Bouquet Of Paper Roses With Sticky Notes And A Drinking Straw

Do not twist the cable too tight or loose. If it is not stable, the petals may fall or move. If the wire is too tight, it can easily tear the paper and damage the flower. So, you want to make a snug (but not tight) fit on the wire.

Once everything is connected, you can cut the wire. I chose 8 inches for the length of my base, but you can choose any length you like.

Take your thumb and forefinger and pinch the petals. By doing this, you open the edges of three pieces, making six petals in total. You can give the petals a little curl by punching them out and down. Some parts may be too far to one side; Here you can adjust the length of a section. Just pull the short end to straighten.

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