How To Design Your Flower Bed

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How To Design Your Flower Bed – If you’ve ever drooled over a glossy magazine article, stunning Instagram feed, or garden-curated Pinterest board and wondered “how did they do that?”, you’ll love the horizontal layer.

Horizontal layering involves the use of multiple plants arranged in a complex foreground, middle and background. to create a comfortable environment and mixed cultivation

How To Design Your Flower Bed

How To Design Your Flower Bed

When Gardening in Layers Design principles such as repetition, scale, flow and depth are used to create purposeful and dynamic garden designs by layering plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, vines and mulch in multiple rows using design principles. Guidelines are what define a journal. worthy garden in addition to the average home garden.

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But if you’ve ever tried to do it yourself. I’m sure you already know that it’s not easy to get. I have been struggling to create beautiful gardens for over 6 years trying to understand gardening books, articles and videos. before I knew it

First of all, grab your free Master the Mixed Border Guide & Checklist to follow along with this post. You will receive 8 illustrated step-by-step instructions. printable planting pyramid AND a checklist you can use to make sure you don’t forget any steps!

I squinted trying to see him. Why do I have dozens of amazing plants? But my garden doesn’t look like a magazine picture.

The soothing backdrop is contrasted with towering perennials and mounded thorns and small grasses (by BHG).

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What I always thought was that there was no such thing in my garden… Actually, it’s a lack of class. and when you learn this You are 50 steps ahead of others.

To begin to understand more about layering, let’s first look at the convenient garden pyramid for planting.

The horizontal layering is easy to understand when you look at this garden pyramid. Start at the top and work your way down. Add each category as you go.

How To Design Your Flower Bed

Following this garden pyramid will change your garden from looking really amateurish. Make it a garden worthy of a magazine. trust me This is a great guide to help you create a lush and beautiful layered landscape.

The Ultimate Guide To Designing A Beautiful Backyard

However, there is a list of links to articles on each level of the planting pyramid at the bottom of this post. so you can read more

Is your garden missing a category of the pyramid? or is there a lack of balance (such as an evergreen tree There are not too many flowering shrubs. and no cover crops)? This pyramid will help you figure out how much you need.

If you start at the top of a low tree with 1 tree and 3 evergreen shrubs, how many deciduous shrubs do you need? Surely more than 3, right? As you move up the pyramid, you must increase each type of plantation further.

Often, messy edges or the feeling that there is no “stuff” in your garden is caused by the lack of layers of this pyramid. (Additional tip: It’s usually green year-round.)

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Once you have all the layers and the correct aspect ratio. You need to make sure you mix them properly. creating layers A variety of plants in your garden will make your garden look like a ‘magazine’. This is how landscape layers work!

There are many principles in landscape design. And this is a topic I can talk about for hours and hours. You might also want to pick up an eBook I wrote on horizontal layer design. There are many great examples and more details than this post.

Consistency in tiered landscaping is very important Reproduction can be created by duplicating a particular plant, a particular color or a particular feature of a particular tree. When you repeat plants, colors or features, it gives your garden a more cohesive feel.

How To Design Your Flower Bed

Think about how the plants would look if they were planted in bulk (eg a group of 3, 5 or 7 from the same tree). Planting “changeable” plants has a bigger impact than seeing a single tree here and there.

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Double plants (Spherical Evergreen Shrubs) unite the garden and make you want to walk around it.

You can see in the photo above how this round evergreen shrub will catch your eye along the walkway.

You can also replicate by choosing different plants from the same color family, such as light green, yellow or even pink. reusing the same color (albeit different textures and sizes) produces similar results to a single plant repeatedly. Let your eyes see the landscape and make everything more connected!

Consider spiky plants or other plant surfaces or choose shrubs with horizontal branching structures. You are creating reproduction by imitating the appearance of the plant.

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Quick Tip: Repeated use when arranging plants in your landscape can create unity and flow. By using specific plants throughout the landscape you can control how someone’s eyes flow through your landscape. Using the scale to layer horizontally

Scaling is a very important gardening technique for planting plants in your landscape. Determine how many plants you will use and what size plants you will need. This means using a scale to determine the proper plant size, using different plant sizes, and using enough plants to fit the size of your landscape.

Make sure your plants fit in the space as they mature. It’s important to use plants that are large enough (or small enough) for the space you’re placing them in. Don’t put stuff in every crack like I did. You will end up in a mess. But don’t space the plants too far! Your plants should touch to create a lush border.

How To Design Your Flower Bed

T Parham House & Gardens, West Sussex A mixed border of blue and purple flowers of different sizes and shapes creates a flowing design. Mark Wordy (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

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Variations in the size of each plant create visual interest. Using wide, low shrubs alongside tall, narrow plants will help accentuate the character of each plant.

My free plant combination guide is all about plant combinations that will bring out the best qualities of a single plant.

Be sure to fill the area with enough plants for the size of your home and yard. If you don’t use enough trees your landscape will look dull and disconnected. I doubt you’ll have a problem filling the space…but I’d like to throw this out there.

When placing plants horizontally You will want your plants to flow and you will also want your garden beds to flow from one to another. Creating the right landscape involves setting up garden beds. Extend the bed from the base. and put your house in the landscape

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You should think about your landscape as a whole, and… yes, that means you’ll need to plan ahead.

Quick tip: If you’re having trouble with streams Read my article on drive and stream for more information. Stop “deleting” your assets.

This is a landscape that embraces common ground with paternal glances scattered throughout. These people had to spend a lot of time mowing the grass around the small island they had built.

How To Design Your Flower Bed

Instead of building a small space or hugging your base like your long lost grandfather. Incorporate landscaping elements into garden beds.

Basic Elements Of Garden Design

This example has a much better flow and the scale from the garden to the rest of the property is more balanced. There is also a lawn for children to run and play on.

Place your house on the trees you have placed around it. I know this can be a difficult concept to grasp. Anchoring the corners of your home with large plants that make it look “on” the grounds will help create better flow.

Quick Tip: Here are 5 more ways to create better flow in your landscape. Specialized depth in horizontal layers.

Finally, I think the most important part of horizontal layering is where the word “layer” comes from.

How To Build A Better Looking Garden Bed

We know there are many plants you can use. Arranging plants forward and backward is what will make your landscape feel cohesive and lush. This involves creating large garden beds. (Larger than you might be used to) so you can combine foreground, middle and background layers.

Most garden beds, especially foundation plantings, are not deep enough. An easy way to improve your landscape is to simply move your garden bed at least 5-6 feet away from the foundation of your house.

If you have space Make it deeper! I have a 10-12 foot bed. The better you are. And you have more options when choosing plants.

How To Design Your Flower Bed

If you’re short on space Creating layers can be difficult

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