How To Clean Out Flower Beds In Spring

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How To Clean Out Flower Beds In Spring – Oh my goodness, you guys, spring garden cleanup is amazing! Yes, I know I’m crazy, but I love him so much. After being indoors all winter, working and working outside is literally a breath of fresh air and a fun time of year. The chirping of birds and the feeling of waking up after a long winter sleep is just music to my ears. I was so excited to see all my little plants coming out of the ground and all the new growth. It’s magical and I don’t even care what goes with it. Come on, I’m not alone – how about you, do you also enjoy cleaning up your summer garden?

This year, the summer solstice (the first day of summer) occurs on March 20. I’m in gardening zone 4b, most of you are in different gardening zones and spring weather doesn’t always follow the calendar. It is best to determine when spring will arrive in your area by looking at the long-term local weather forecast. I always try to wait until the nights are consistently in the 50s (F) and the daytime temps are in the high 50s and 60s. It’s important that the weather is in the 50s as well.

How To Clean Out Flower Beds In Spring

How To Clean Out Flower Beds In Spring

Don’t dive in too soon though! Leftover leaves and grass from last fall help protect growing plants and can expose plants to frost or freeze damage if removed too soon. Perennials usually recover from cold or hard freeze damage, just don’t get too jealous. Also, you don’t want to be walking around your garden beds and picking up soft soil.

Spring Garden Clean Up & Raised Bed Prep

It is important to note that native bees, beneficial insects and pollinators penetrate garden residues and root residues, and it is better not to wake them up too soon. Even if you see pollinators outside on warm days, they still need hiding places for cold nights. It varies from one gardening area to another, so you have to be the judge of when to start spring cleaning your gardens.

There is a lot that can be done in the late winter and early spring before we can start working in our garden.

If you can’t stand the wait and need to get out, here are some ideas of things you can do to keep you busy:

The best way to stay focused is to go through each flower bed or garden area one by one:

Chicago Landscaping: Ideas For Front Yards, Gardens, Spring Plants

Early spring is a good time to clean out your garden shed before you can get into your garden. Clean up and upgrade the gear you didn’t get last time. Are there tools that need to be replaced? Also go through your gardening tools and make a list of what you need.

If you haven’t already taken the time to plan new gardening projects, now is a good time to do so. If you are new to gardening, be sure to read the posts on Flower Gardening 101 and Vegetable Gardening 101. I think these two articles will be useful for you. If you need spring garden ideas, or just some flower garden eye candy, check out the best spring flowers and tips for growing them.

I have so many gardening ideas running through my head that now is the time to slow down and reign in them. You can’t do everything in one season – gardening is a process. I use a garden to-do list that helps me focus on what I want to do in my garden. Free gardening tools are available at the Resource Library.

How To Clean Out Flower Beds In Spring

Once the garden beds are cleared, the plants are starting to emerge, and the weather is cooperating, it’s time to go plant shopping. First of all, do the math. I’ll admit that I’m not always the most organized when it comes to buying plants and I tend to go a little crazy. Here it is good to remember the budget as well. And this is coming from a girl who spends her last dollar on flowers. When I go to spend my money, I don’t carry a bag in the forest. Actually I just carry the amount of money they give me in my pocket and it keeps me from going crazy.

File:garden Before Spring Cleaning 001.jpg

A good tip to remember when buying flowers (both annuals and perennials) is to look for budding garden plants, not flowers. If you buy plants that are full of flowers without buds, they will bloom within a week or so and you will have to wait for a new round of flowers. We have a whole article with great tips on buying plants.

Spring garden cleaning is one of the best things we can do to ensure a successful gardening season. So, dig (pun intended) and do some spring garden cleaning. Once the weather gets warmer and the growing season is over, it will work and you’ll be glad you took the time to make them.

Have you finished cleaning up your Mediterranean garden yet? Or are you waiting for summer like me? I am constantly planning, planting seeds indoors, growing bulbs indoors and dreaming of warmer, brighter days.

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How To Clean Out Flower Beds In Spring

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Questions To Help Plan Raised Garden Beds For Spring During Fall

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Ask The Gardener: Why You Should Clean Up Less And Later

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How To Clean Out Flower Beds In Spring

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I passed through the polar vortex and I am glad that spring has come. I look forward to longer days, warmer weather, spring flowers and enjoying the outdoors. I know it’s been a long winter so I’m looking forward to working in the yard! My newfound optimism made me realize that spring cleaning isn’t all bad. He just needs to break it down into a series of tasks and get the right tools for the job. I’ve broken the process down into a series of simple steps that you can do in a weekend (or several weekends in my case) and before you know it your yarn will be looking amazing and you’ll really have summer!

Winter storms usually leave a nasty trail of branches and logs. Start collecting large garbage first. This makes it easy to rake. Pull out any potted plants that didn’t make it through the winter or that you forgot to remove in the fall. If you haven’t already, remove any holiday decorations that may still be hidden. The last two are entirely my fault, I have a few dead decorations and vases that are waiting.

Dig up your garden and lawn beds. Either compost or dispose of your leaves according to your city’s guidelines. Also, make sure you have a good rake that won’t lose any rubber. Your lawn will thank you when it’s free of weeds. It will turn green in no time and your buried organs will begin to grow.

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