Balloon Flower How To Make

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Balloon Flower How To Make

Balloon Flower How To Make

Turning balloons into flowers is a simple yet original way to create decorations for the perfect little princess party or garden themed afternoon tea. Or maybe you want to find a way to brighten up your bestie’s day with a little token of appreciation — a balloon bouquet will make her smile! If you want to know how to make beautiful balloon flowers that are sure to be the highlight of your party or day, follow these steps.

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“Wiki” is the equivalent of Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written by multiple authors. To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 239,688 times.

To make beautiful balloon flowers, first cut two holes in a piece of cardboard that is 4 and 6 inches in diameter. Then blow up five balloons of the same color to fit the bigger hole and two different colors to fit the smaller hole. Then tie the ends of the five balloons together with twine or craft wire. Finally, tie the two smaller balloons together and slide the ends between the two larger balloons to finish. Read on for more tips, such as how to display your balloon flower! My specialty as a crafter is balloon twisting. Children and adults alike are fascinated by the balloon twisting process and end product. But how do you get a sword out of a balloon?! Through a series of easy step-by-step instructions, we’ll show you how to make three cute balloon animals!

Balloon spinning is a fun way for kids to work on hand-eye coordination and muscle memory. Of course, they won’t realize this because they’ll have too much fun spinning and sneezing balloons. And if you’re looking for more fun activities to keep your kids busy, check out this awesome Easter wreath craft.

There is no one way to make a balloon animal. You will notice that one mill makes a different animal than the other. Have fun using your creativity to put your own spin on each animal. No pun intended!

How To Grow And Care For Balloon Flowers

If you have a taste for fun, like using your hands and aren’t afraid to pop a few balloons (it happens), then balloon spinning is a fun activity for you! I can also assure you that it won’t be a big mess to clean up afterwards.

One-Balloons are the perfect way to start learning and practicing balloon animals. A dog balloon is one of the most common balloon animals for beginners. It contains no pinching twists or awkward turns. Let’s start!

Open the balloon over the pump nozzle. Hold it there while you pump so the balloon doesn’t pop. Give three or four good pumps. You want to leave a little more than arm’s width apart without pumping over the balloon.

Balloon Flower How To Make

A mistake that beginners make is to inflate the balloon completely. You don’t want to do this because the air has to go somewhere when you turn. So you leave about six inches at the end of the balloon that isn’t inflated with air.

How To Make A Balloon Flower

Start at the end where you tied the knot and make a link of about four inches. Oh what’s a link?! It’s called sausage links. I use the word “link” when you take part of the balloon and twist it to look like a sausage link.

Side note: When spinning, don’t be afraid to be aggressive with the balloon. They are latex and stretchy so have fun with the twist!

Once you have your three-inch link, grab it with your left hand. When spinning, one of your hands is your “holder,” while the other hand spins the rest of the balloon and holds a supply balloon.

Make a six-inch link next to the first three-inch link, then run a second six-inch link parallel to the first.

Unique Handmade Balloon Flowers Pink

Place the two six-inch links together. Because they are the same size, you can easily turn the two six-inch links with the three-inch link. The ears seem to pop when you roll the six inches by three inches, making the balloon the dog’s nose and ears. .

Make the neck from the ears. It can be as long or as short as you want. In my example, I kept it on the short side of about two inches. Hold that link, then twist two four-inch links. This will be similar to the nose and ears, except it’s not as long.

Take the two four-inch links and twist them together (again, as you did the ears). These are the front legs.

Balloon Flower How To Make

Just like you took a link to make the neck, you take another link about four inches, this is the body. Tinabless Balloon Arch Kit Balloon Decorating Strip Kit For Garland, 32ft Balloon Tape Strip,1 Tying Tool,100 Dot Glue, 15 Balloon Flower Clips, 60 Balloon Clips For Party Wedding Birthday Baby Shower :

While holding the body link, make a 3 inch link and then a second. Twist the two three-inch links together as you did with the front legs.

*I make my back legs shorter than the front legs, but again, the beauty of turning is that you can do it differently and still turn like a dog! So if you want your front and back legs to be the same length, feel free to do that.

After turning the hind legs, you will notice that there is a small link left. This is the tail! You may want to shift it so that it sits on its back legs.

Quick Tip: It’s normal for balloon molding to involve a lot of shifting so that each shape and part fits directly onto the final product. Switch as much as you want!

Basket Of Balloon Flowers

Next, we’ll show you how to make a simple balloon sword. For this balloon sword, use the same guidelines, leaving six inches at the end of the deflated balloon.

After tying a knot at the other end of the balloon, twist a small bubble. The bubble is a small circle, about 2.5 cm.

Immediately after the bubble, fold the next twelve inches in half with six on one side and six on the other. This will look like a rounded ellipse and the sword will come out at the end of this process.

Balloon Flower How To Make

Now as you have made the hilt you will see the rest of the sword start to pop out.

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You are now going to grind five bubbles in a row. These bubbles follow the first bubble you previously spun. Remember to hold the bubbles with your left hand as you move the balloon down to spin with your right hand.

You guessed it, leave six inches at the end of this balloon without air. You already remember a very important step!

After removing the knot, tie a double knot at the ends of the balloon. Balloons are made of latex, so don’t be afraid to stretch it to tie the knot. When both ends are tied, your balloon will resemble a horse-drawn carriage.

Bring the sides of the horseshoe together and squeeze. This fills the empty space of the balloon with air. You can squeeze around the entire balloon to flatten the air.

How To Make A Simple Balloon Flower

You now have an oval shape. From the unknotted end you are going to make a small oval.

Then make a second oval and a third. The three ovals must be identical. Then you put them on top of each other. You have to be able to see through the whole.

After placing the ovals on top of each other, you are going to twist all three ovals together. When you hold the elliptical together, use a twisting motion similar to wringing out a wet T-shirt or towel. This twist requires you to use all the strength in your forearms.

Balloon Flower How To Make

Get another balloon for the trunk. Once you’ve pumped it up, tie the knot. Spin a small bubble.

How To Create Decorative Balloon Flowers: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Push this air bubble between two petals. Don’t be afraid to push it to the center. This step involves manipulating two balloons. You are already making progress in your ballooning skills!

Let’s add some leaves to our stem. Halfway through the stem, turn a portion of the balloon over and fold it 8 inches long. (This is similar to the handle of the sword balloon) This will become one leaf. Twist the tip of the leaf into the stem.

Look how similar it is

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